Super Bowl teams set!

My prediction was blown out of the water this year as the Bears beat New Orleans and Patton Manning and company finally made it over the hump and didn’t choke… at least in the second half.  My old time readers will remember last year I was talking about my fantasy football team and also about the playoffs every week.  Well, this year is obviously different but I can’t let at least this final 4 teams go with out mention.  The Bears had better bring their A-game and best defense if they hope to even score half of what the Colts are capable, just ask the Patriots who jumped out to a large first half lead only to see the Colts, now dominating, defense stop their late rally cold.  No I have not seen the game but I hope to this weekend, so I can see how it all unfolded.

Speaking of Chicago in February… I will be back in Chi town for 3 days only in mid February for work related training and then heading back here for Chinese New Year, and to bring the wife and little one (no, still not here!) home.  My wife is very excited for me, more then I am, as I will only be there for 3 days and will most likely not get a chance to get up to Milwaukee to visit my friends… if anyone wants to head south let me know.  It will be cold, and I will get a hot dog and slice of deep dish pizza which are long over due.

Coco is walking and going up and down steps hoping the next phase will happen, so far no dice.  My Native American ancestors have a saying about children, they will do things when ready, not before.  Simple yet so true to all of nature.  Only us humans have the audacity to believe we can rush nature into doing things on our schedules.  The kid will come when it is ready and the time is right, for her… not for us of course.  Talking, walking, potty training, eating solids, will all be done on her schedule and not anyone else’s.  If the doctors are accurate her middle name will be very fitting and profound.

I have taken 15 or so minutes from evening tea to get this small update out, unfortunately I have a conference call at 8:00 AM local time and have seriously eaten into sleep time.  I am cherishing the sleep I can get now, because after I return from Chicago those days will be gone for a couple of years.  I will let everyone know once the big day happens, of course my mom and close friends will be notified immediately then the posting with pictures will be here. 

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One Response to Super Bowl teams set!

  1. Sarah says:

    You\’ve not posted the baby name here, have you? /I don\’t think I missed it? :sI\’m glad Coco is doing better, and I can only imagine that she is anxious to be able to walk a little easier and move around some without carrying around those extra pounds. My neighboor told me her husband had to pull her up stairs when she was in her last month, because she was so big and couldn\’t see the stairs to make it on her own.

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