Love those time zones

I’m here for a flash and flash only.  No I WILL NOT discuss the state of the union address, celebrity gaffs, NFL laments, etc.  Why???  I have conference calls at 2 AM and 6 AM in the morning, not to mention I had them at midnight and 4 AM yesterday (but they did not call me… and issue with their finger dialing in I guess).  I have ordered my Skype credits so I can be proactive and join the calls myself.  I really wish they could have them at a different time because I really love my sleep and hate waking up at the middle of the night for a conference call to go over who knows what!  On the subject the ‘official’ travel agency we have to use to book our flights are charging the company $350 USD more for my flight to Chicago then I can get it for directly from the airline, OK I am a member of and Miles member, but it does not get me a discount air fare, so why the price difference???
The baby is still hanging in there tight and secure and Coco is going to see the doctor tomorrow to see what options are open as the original delivery date is now just 3 days away!  I sure hope my kid has not inherrited my procrastination gene, although I was born early.  We both are just getting anxious for the kid to come so we can begin all the parenting things we have discussed the past 6 months.  Oh well, thats life.  Ok I have to go so I can get at least 5 or 6 hours of broken sleep here, have not done this since my Navy days when have a late watch or early evolution to perform.
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One Response to Love those time zones

  1. Sara says:

    Airline fares… one of the many things in the world that I can\’t make sense of. It\’s all done by random number generator, I swear.
    You poor thing not being able to catch up on your sleep while you can! Best of luck…

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