Back to 90%

I did my follow-up to my weekend emergency room visit today (Monday) and everything checked out fine.  Sunday was a return for another IV of 5% glucose and 2 vials of the cephradine.  It was an afternoon event.  Got to see another doctor, I think Coco’s mother scared my original doctor to death with her constant calling and complaining, from 1,000 miles away!  This doctor prescribed the injection IV treatment (a very popular treatment in Shanghai, there is a whole ward of people getting pumped full of odd colored and various bottles or stuff) and a follow-up today with a sonogram to see how bad the blockage was.  He basically said I was too fatigued, stressed, and the sour and spicy Thailand soup pushed it over the edge.  I don’t really buy it, but hey I have no real explanation myself for the cause.  My wife’s friend Stella again came along and made sure I got the right treatment and was taken care of.  In return I bought her a nice Italian dinner, her boy friend is Italian and she does enjoy the food.  She also showed me a really nice shopping complex, complete with movie theater and many western style restaurants which is very close by and I know Coco will love it.

The hospital trip today was a bit more chaotic, mainly because I was flying solo.  I got up to the doctor’s office but they were gone for an early and long lunch, but I was in and out quick after they came back.  The sonogram was positive, but the blockage was small and the swelling is almost gone so they said unless I had a relapse I was good to go for work and did not require another injection.  Today the hospital was much cleaner and more orderly, I heard the weekend is when many people from outside the city come here to get treated, so that kind of explains the over crowding and mess the ER was is this weekend, and how nice the hospital was today.

All in all the treatment worked, I am feeling better, and the price was a total of about $50, or 400 RMB, for all 3 days of doctors visits and tests and treatments.  Try doing all that in the US for less then $500!  2 ER visits, 2 IV injections, 1 blood test, 1 antihistamine shot, 1 oxygen treatment, 1 sonogram, and 1 visit to the ear, nose, throat specialists.  To top it all off I am mostly cured, but now the slight soar throat I was getting to begin with is creeping back in, just on the opposite side of the issue this weekend.

I did go back to work this afternoon, at 3 PM… right after getting out of the hospital.  I had to catch up on some email, meet with the global department executives, and attend a regional department dinner with the executives.  It was nice and due to the hospital stay and the meds I am on… no sake or spicy/sour foods for me.  No beer even.  I was good and look forward to my 8 hours of sleep tonight. 

On the baby front, Coco went in today to see the doctor, the baby still has not dropped, is 2 days over due, and well, just is happy to be where she is.  Estimated weight is 3.2 Kg or 7 Lbs still and everything is still ok, with inducing labor still scheduled but maybe a tad bit later.  Coco worried too much over my issues this weekend and I am worried the stress will translate into the baby, and I don’t want that.  Hopefully it will be a minor bump in the road as she has weathered much worse so far and as active as she is I think it will be ok.  Still many things to come on all fronts so we will see what happens next.

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