Still waiting….

Well, the old adage better late then never comes to mind.  So far the latest news on the baby front is a possible Tuesday if the check-up on Monday shows everything is good.  Coco still feels great, and is looking forward to getting past this last phase of the pregnancy.  The little one has made it to February and will come within just a few days of my mom’s birthday, which is very odd seeing Coco has the same birthday as my grandmother, if the baby were to have the same birthday as my mother that would be too much of a confidence! 

We are still awaiting the final word from the doctors and their decision, and one of the viable options now is a c-section, which neither of us really wants.  I have also been noticing way too many baby items in the news.  Growing up next to highways, brain hemorages, and the like.  Of course it goes with anything you are experiencing the first time.  You never notice people driving a convertible until you have one, then it seems everyone else has one too! 

I know I have delayed my newsletter for 2 weeks now, it really was not expected to be this long.  The only thing left to do is to sit back and let nature take its course at this point. 

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2 Responses to Still waiting….

  1. coco says:

    WAN   WAN   WAN

  2. Sarah says:

    I am so, so glad that you are feeling better. What a horrible thing to go through, and when you can\’t speak quite as fluently as you\’d like in an emergncy, that makes it even worse. I hope that never happens to you again.

    It looks like your hair is growing long again!! Didn\’t you have to cut it before you left? I do so like it longer on you, you\’ve such beautiful hair I\’m envious, lol. It suits you I think.

    Hope the baby comes soon!! Poor Coco!! And you too, for waiting and wondering and worrying. Don\’t worry though, its going to be just when it\’s supposed to be!

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