Hillary Clinton speaks her mind, sound like a ‘thief’!

Let me start out by giving an old adage and explanation that will illustrate a good point referring to this.  The old adage goes like this; "I don’t trust a man who will not drink with me."  Ok, Hilary is not a man, but the point holds.  The real meaning behind this saying is basically this.  A person who will not drink with you can only offer 3 explanations not doing this. 1) They are alcoholics and therefore if they drink it is bad, very bad. 2) They are religious or riotousness and therefore look down on you and your lifestyle and are therefore not really a friend, but some one who feels you are beneath them. 3) They have something to hide and know if they are drunk they just may let it slip and then the ‘cat is out of the bag’.

Guess which one I am referring to?  It seems Mrs. Clinton falls into #3.  Anyone with a solid memory of the Clinton years will remember White Water, National Health Care, etc. and Mrs. Clinton was right there at the fore front of those issues.  She is projected by the national media to be the one to beat for the Democratic National Convention nomination for president.  This last week she delivered a bomb shell that the country really needs to take notice.  In a political rally, History of Climate Change Debate on C-SPAN3, she delivered a nice speech, in it though was a particular word not associated with lawful or legal practices in any country.

"... the same, the same is true of energy independence. The Democrats know what needs to be done, again we are working to try to push this agenda forward. The other day the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the world. I want to TAKE those profits and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy alternatives and technologies that will begin to actually move us toward the direction of independence."

Did you hear what I heard?  Really?  "I want to TAKE those profits…"  Take profits?  As you all know I have no love for big oil and I always rail against them for keeping prices artificially high, that is another issue.  What is the point of this is Hillary Clinton, a senator in the United States Congress, a presidential candidate and front runner is saying she wants to TAKE profits!  In America the government is not allowed to take profits away from a company, unless they are found guilty of illegal activity (and in big oil this may be the cast, but let’s stay on the point shall we?).  A law maker, from an influential state New York, and a presidential candidate will state that she wants to take a company’s profits tells a lot about her character and integrity as a person. 

Mrs. Clinton was drunk on liberalism in a crowd of like minded people so she felt comfortable in letting the little secret of her intentions as a leader slip, whoops, there it goes for us all to see now!  Her platform seems to include robbing corporate America to pay for her pet/popular and hot button issues.  The principle of this speaks volumes to her real agenda and integrity.  What is to stop her from taking the profits from pharmaceuticals to fund her national health care system?  What is to stop her then from taking the profits from banks to pay for school breakfast programs?  If she can get away with this it demonstrates how left the main stream media is!  If a conservative says anything, it is dissected, analyzed, scrutinized, and debated for 2 weeks, if no body hears about this from the big 3 TV or big 5 news papers then it confirms the conservative talking heads right. 

I will not go into the political direction some are taking on this, as it is not conducive to my current living situation where I am located.  I will say this again because it is very important.  Hillary is not a straight forward candidate or person.  She has hidden agendas and platforms to which we really do not want to know.  She is a lawyer by profession, a politician by proxy, and a control junkie by her actions and attitudes.  I have found reports she has $10 Million in her election campaign fund… $10 Million!  This is just to get the Democratic nomination!  She is fresh off her Hollywood fund raising trip and will be playing to the current ‘hot issues’ for the next year and a half.  As I said earlier, I do not like big oil and I feel they are doing something wrong, but I don’t have proof, just speculation… and this is not evidence.  I will not sit by when a politician running for president states publicly they want to steal the profits of a company.  Conservative or Liberal, it does not matter.  Stealing is stealing and taking profits from a company owned by share holders is stealing!  In America we are a country of laws, these laws all have to be constitutional and no one person is above any law… in America.  Maybe she MEANT to say she was going to TAX big oil, but this is speculation.  Even if so, this would drive the only American oil companies away from the US and then all the oil we get would be from foreign owned, run, and operated oil companies where all the money generated from them is… well, never seen by Americans.  There is another old saying I will leave you all with, mean what you say and say what you mean.  Hillary said it, and she meant it!  Proof her character is equal to that of a thief, who will take what they did not earn or is theirs to use in any way they see fit.

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