Kid is here

Just a quick note for those checking, Sophia was born February 4th, 4:39 PM.  She weightd 2.9 Kg and measured in at 52 cm in lenght.  Coco spent 10 hours trying to get her into the world, then the doctors decided an emergency c-section was needed.  I made it from Shanghai to Guangzhou just in time to see Sophia when the nurses brought her by. 
Both Coco and Sophia are doing well, despite some issues and problems things are ok and progressing well.  Coco is up and walking and extracting milk for the baby.  Sophia is passing all the advanced tests they are giving her so she should be out of the incubator and with Coco soon.  I will see them both next time for Chiese New Year!  I will add much more later, its late and my 3 days of leave are over.  I will do much more on the weeked!
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2 Responses to Kid is here

  1. Francis' Familiar says:

    Welcome Back Sophia!  My little one, you\’re beautiful!  Grow strong, Grand daughter.

  2. Tony says:

    Congratulations Johnny Bravo:
    Enjoy your baby. They sure grow up fast.

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