Official end to Chinese New Year events and stuff

This past weekend marked Sophia’s first month, and the lantern festival marking the last celebrations of the lunar new year celebrations. We had our dumplings, bought out fireworks, but due to windy cold air we stayed in. I was happily filming the fireworks all over the city when a firework hit our bay window and exploded. On film its pretty impressive because the whole room was shaking! I kept filming in case there was damage. Coco was a little scared and was saying the kitchen window may have cracked, when we checked we saw the glow of a fire. Our neighbors were saying there was a fire above us (we can view their bay window from our kitchen). We went to their apartment and I filmed the penthouse level on fire! A firework shell blew into an AC unit and exploded. Remember in China apartment buildings seldom have central air or heat but window units for separate rooms. One of these, outside a kitchen, was on fire, a big fire, and it caused the glass to break. Remember the high winds I was talking about earlier? Not only did they fan the flames, they helped the fire jump into the apartment and set the kitchen, bathroom, and living room on fire. We evacuated just as the fire department showed up. The reporters showed up and were very interested in my video, I did have enough battery life left to show it to them, but I was not about to give up my tape. Long story short, some of the video I shot was on the news the next day!

Work is going well, but the hours are getting crazy. Some days I will have 4 meetings between 11:00 PM and 8 AM! My functional leads and admin leads are very understanding though and have told me that on nights like that I don’t have to put in a full 8 hours in the office the next day, as I am not authorized to work overtime without approval first. I must admit though, I do like working on global projects. It is hard work with long hours, but when this is all said and done our company will have a new network allowing us to implement the newest communications technologies for years to come. It also allows me early morning time with my daughter, although she only gets up 2 times at night. She has slept for more then 5 hours straight 2 nights in a row now, almost 6 hours last night.  Speaking of this week, my god daughter Hope had a birthday Monday, 6 years old now, happy birthday kiddo… hope the order made it to you by your party this weekend.

Shanghai was having wonderful weather until this past weekend, then it went from low 60’s to low 30’s in 2 days! The news here is saying it was one of the warmest winters on record here, now this. I am hoping the strong winds blew away some of the brown soup they call air here as the API numbers are outrageous so far this year. Our lease is up in July, Coco returns to work from maternity leave in June, so hopefully we can find an apartment around then, one that is a good 1/2 mile from a freeway yet close to the metro and not too far outside the loop. I did spot some nice riverside apartments on the way to work but am afraid they will be twice what we pay now for rent. I don’t like the idea of moving, but with the little one growing and our clothes smelling like a bus after we dry them on the balcony and the noise it may be better to get out of the place we are in.

I see the Anna Nicole Smith thing appears to be over now, maybe we can get this all behind us now. Ann Coulter is sparking controversy (when Michael Moore defames big business or republicans it is free speech, when she open her pie hole its hate speech or politically incorrect… call it what you will, its still freedom of speech), the Oscars are over, Afghanistan is back in the news over its nearly forgotten war, the day light savings issue sounds like it will cause the free world to collapse, and Steven Hawking is going to experience weightlessness. Yep, sounds like a slow summer. Of course that means that the democratic candidates will be all the rage on the press’ plate. Obama and the Clintons were in Selma to walk over the Edmund Pettis bridge, I have been over that bridge hundreds of time, just days after attacking each other by proxy as neither wants to come out and slam the other in the media for obvious reasons on all fronts. There was an earthquake here, but it did not wreck havoc like the one a few months back, thank goodness. I am still awaiting Lost season 3 dvd’s to appear on the street corners here, so I can catch up. That is about that for now. I will hopefully get into a rhythm with the wife and kid and job here so I can find a more regular slot to get something up on here. Till then…

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