Just another update

One thing I would like to get out in the open right away.  The purpose and theme of this blog have not changed or been altered.  As life evolves so must those living it, for the alternative is not very appealing if you think about it.  With this being said, I would like to add the following post.  

This weekend the wife and I went to the doctor to get the little one her 1 month check-up and Coco to see the doctor as well.  Everything is fine and going well, and progressing perfectly.  It is amazing to see how quickly infants grow.  In a month our daughter has gained 2 kg (about 4 pounds) and 5 cm (about 2 inches)!  The only points of concern are her hands, which we have gloved to keep her from scratching her face up, but it seems this comes at the cost of finger dexterity development.  I have clipper her nails to minimize the damage as much as possible and she is gripping a soft rattle ok, so that is being addressed.  She seems to have an appetite almost twice that of kids her age, she is consuming right at 1 liter of milk a day, and we are minimizing the formula as much as possible.  She is not fat by any standard, rather very long and slim compared to some other babies we have seen here lately.

To celebrate a small work achievement the whole family went to the best Texas BBQ restaurant in Shanghai, well it is the only one I know of.  Bubba’s Texas BBQ is a little expensive, but the food is really good and is as authentic as you can get here.  It has been really surprising to see how well behaved Sophia is, even out in public.  My god daughter was a screamer at this age constantly crying unless she was asleep, Sophia is the exact opposite.  This is encouraging as Coco and I both like going places on the weekends and with spring on the way, it will be too nice to sit and home.

Soon the little one should have her passport, next week I hope, and then we can begin to plan a trip to the states in earnest.  Visiting the US is not going to be easy, mainly because of Coco’s visa.  We have to prove she has material and personal reasons for coming back to Shanghai.  Not that we both have really good jobs here(we are both under lengthy contracts), she has property investments here, we have more then enough finances for the trip and getting back, and her family is here and she did not stay in Australia after she got her MBA but came back to China to work.  I hope her interviewer will see all this stacked up against a 2 week trip to Alabama and Virginia Beach and realize there is more of a chance of her running back to China in less then 2 weeks then staying in either of these places. 

There are some interesting things I really want to discuss so hopefully I can find the time while they are still fresh.  Demands of fatherhood, job, my newsletter due this week, and day to day things make finding the time to get a good article out pretty tuff, let’s see if I can get it done!

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One Response to Just another update

  1. Sarah says:

    It took me a little by surprise hearing that there was a Texas BBQ place there… but I guess it makes sense, after all there\’s loads of Chinese restraunts in Texas!! Though, I imagine not nearly so authentic.

    Ya\’ll having a baby made me want one of our own, lol. I\’m due October if all goes well. Awfully nervous something might happen, but I guess everyone gets that way their first time.

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