Bags are packed!

Well, its that time once again.  The suit cases have been dusted off, packed with clothes, gifts, and what not and we are nearly ready to try day one of our biological clock rests to US time.  Sophia has been stressed out and upset over the construction on the 34th floor (they are finally repairing the condo burned out by the fireworks fire I mentioned a few months back) and is not getting her regular sleep making for a very upset and cranky baby.  Coco is very excieted for her first visit to the US, and even to meet my mother and friends.  I of course am looking forward to this in the best of ways, after 8 STRAIGHT days of work, thanks to May Labour Day holiday here in ShanghHai, I really want to unwind and relax without the constant noise, air, people polution I have had in the past 14 months.  Clean air, blue skies, person density replaced by tree density, and mom’s cooking… just what the body and soul needs.
The itinerary has been sent out to those concerned, and of the 15 days off we are enjoying I hope we get a day or two to just relax.  Unfortunately because of the time difference the time we are spending in the US is only 9 days and of that 1.5 will be in airports and the coming and going to of them.  5 days in Alabama, 2 days in Virginia Beach, 2 days in Shanghai to relax, recoop, and readjust before work begins again.  For my readers, well these two weeks off will be marked by silence on the blogshpere.  I may get a bit of time to jot down something but I would bet against it, just not enough time.
Upon our return we will post pictures, adventure logs, observations along the way, as well as the whole adventure of taking a baby across the planet and keeping ones sanity at the same time.  Thanks for the well wishes.  We look forward to the next two weeks and all the new things to see along the way.
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