Continuing to destroy America’s image internationally

And the hits just keep on rolling!


I seem to remember some top Democrats in mid-term elections complaining about America’s image abroad and how the current administration has damaged the reputation and alienated America by isolating us away from our alleys and supporters.  How the Bush policies were breeding extreme hatred evidenced by demonstrations against our embassies, countries cutting diplomatic support, refusing to go along with our policies and recommendations.  How trade and interests abroad were hurt by our inability to listen and diplomatically discuss differences of opinion in the correct and proper forum.  Yes I remember the newly elected House of Representatives pledge to stop the isolating policies of the past and begin to reach out to those countries we had offended to regain trust, reputation, cooperation, and good will with.  How they would heal the wounds of the war and stop the rhetoric of hate and condemnation that had garnered such hatred against the US across the globe. 


While I can not recall the exact time or location of these statements I am sure they are not more then just a Google search away.  So what is going on?  France is our alley now… again, and being tougher then they have in decades on foreign policy.  The coalition in the war is still here and support is shaky as before but holding.  Top commanders in the field are now saying Al Qadea in Iraq is now paralyzed and nearly impotent.  And despite the anti-war sentiment we are seen as we always have been overseas.  Now Non-Stop Nancy is giving a key NATO alley a reason to have its citizens march on our embassy, burn our flag, chant anti-American slogans in the streets, recall its ambassador, make artillery strikes into a country we are fighting in, flying up to the border in their fighter air-craft, and their top generals and politicians have all decried the Speaker’s actions as an attack on their national pride and sovereignty.  Promises of base closure, port closure, and air space restrictions have been made.  Thanks to the Democrats decision to have the House Foreign Affairs committee pass this ‘non-binding’ resolution declaring the 1915 Armenian deaths as genocide when the Turks don’t know what a non-binding resolution is or what it means.  Turkey is trying to get into the EU, let them deal with it.  Turkey is a key alley and supporter in our war on terror, why "shoot ourselves in the foot" as the top Turkish commander stated in the Turkish press this morning?  Why are the Democrats so hell bent on ending this war they have to resort to back room deals and sneaky end-a-round maneuvers to accomplish their tasks?  Did not Nancy Pelosi promise a more responsible and transparent Congress?  Did she not promise a more mature and bi-partisanship effort to heal the wounds of polarized politics since 2000?  Was I dreaming when she stated this 110th Congress would pass the legislation that mattered to the people and would improve our lives?  Well, here it is.


Democrats are now demonstrating they are not trying to improve our image abroad, but hamper it for their own political gains at home.  Slap Turkey in the face when we need their help.  Focus on a 1915 incident where 1.5 million people died instead of a 2007 crisis in Sudan where in the Dufar region estimates in late 2004 had the body count around 70,000, nearly half of the Armenian total and that was 3 years ago with continuing suffering, famine, warfare, and such all with active UN resolutions and actions ongoing.  Why isn’t the House committee of Foreign Affairs labeling Sudan as responsible for genocide for failing to stop the Dufar crisis?  What about Rwanda?  Why not charge the 7th Calvary with genocide for their military campaigns and tactics or the BIA for their systematic and deliberate campaigns of extermination of a peoples within their control and trust?  Why, because it does not serve the selfish agenda of the Democrats in ending the war at any cost.  While they continue to try to bog it down in the legislature the same way Vietnam was they are resorting to newer and dirtier tricks then before.  We have enough people in the world burning the flag I defended with my life, we have enough people hating us so much they want to kill us, why add fuel and mass to this number?  Why are we selling out our international image for a domestic power play similar to a kids squabble on the playground at recess?  Why is the leader of the party who promised to clean up Washington and restore America’s image overseas deliberately tarnishing our image with a know alley and Muslim country?  Why do we keep believing the lies these people speak every 2 years and keep voting them back into office again and again and again and again and again?

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