Sports jinxes and news update

People in sports believe in jinxes, it was just this week or so that some news organization found 40% of baseball fans believed in them.  Now I can’t remember the outlet or the date but I do remember hearing it.  Any sports fan will fear a jinx, and will try to avoid them at all costs.  Well, I have been living on the not so safe side of the tracks for most of my life so here it goes…


After just over 1/3 of the NFL season and I am batting .667 in my Lions picks, and batting a smoking 1.00 for the record of wins vs. losses thus far.  Now I have been out of the US for 2 football seasons, and missed 2 drafts, and have not been exposed to the flapping heads at ESPN or ESPN radio, but a little common sense and knowledge can go a long way.


I got a pig-skin my last trip to Chicago and have been teaching Coco how to pass and catch.  She is doing pretty good I must add, much better at catching after just 2 lessons then most jr. high kids I have seen or played with when I played at that age.  Her passing is about where it should be, and it is improving, she can even throw decent spirals now and up to 20 yards!


On to other things, the mortgage mess is continuing to snowball, most peoples stingers, kickers, or whatever they are called kicked in this month and will continue for the next 6 months, doubling many peoples mortgages and causing this housing problem to grow.  The real problem is this.  So many of peoples mortgages are no longer held at the banks but have been sold, resold, repackaged and sold, and then finally resold yet again so there is no one to talk to talk to to try to get keep your head above water and your house off the auction block.  I hate it for all those folks, but lets not forget, who signed the sub-prime mortgage in the first place and the reason so many had to use them was because the bank would not finance them because of their credit.  There was a reason for that and just because you found a lender does not mean you deserved the house at that moment of your life.


Beijing was hit by record breaking smog today, airports closed, old people and kids told to stay inside, fog and smog so thick visibility was down to 40 yards all over the city.  Not a good thing to have happen 10 months before a ‘green and clean’ Olympics.  Long time readers will notice I quite blogging about air quality here in Shanghai.  The beginning of the year was pretty bad, the air quality here the first 4 months of the year was really bad, some days spiked above 3 times the highest limits of the highest threshold.  In the remaining 6 months however, the air quality has dramatically improved.  The number of green days, low air pollution, have far exceeded the yellow days, moderate air pollution, and the there have been no orange days, heavy air pollution or red days… don’t ask.


Space shuttle Discovery has passed her preliminary heat shield check and is working on getting Harmony installed and moving one of the solar arrays from its temporary position to its permanent location on the outboard truss.  This will make way for further expansion with the EU Columbus and Japanese Kibo scientific modules.  China joined in the big show by launching a lunar explorer satellite just as Japan’s began orbiting the moon and surveying the surface.


People like to live in nature, beautiful views and peaceful surroundings.  Unfortunately these views come with a price.  In Florida there are lightning strikes and hurricanes, in northern California its earthquakes.  In the Midwest its tornadoes and seasonal flooding.  In southern California its wildfires.  Years of drought and stopping the practice of controlled burns due to housing developments being placed in areas where the danger was the most.  Urban sprawl is biting back, and in a very costly and tragic manner.  The moment we lose respect for anything is the moment it will bite us in the butt.

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