Happy Halloween ’07

As is tradition for Halloween we have a pumpin, a small one, and I even got some candy… just in case.  We are carving the pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern and roasting pumpkin seeds, something I have done every year, except for my Navy years, since I was 5.  I love Halloween, not in the decorating and costume wearing kind of way, but more for the traditional meaning of the holiday.  Two years ago I wrote about the commercialization of Halloween, some day soon I will write about the tradition of it.  Now most people mistakingly associate Halloween with devil worshiping, when it is actually older then Christanity in Europe and is actually an old Pegan harvest festival and time of rememberance. 
The seasons have changed, the big and bright harvest moons are gone and as the nights cool and all the hard work of the summer is now over and its time to hunker in and enjoy the fruits of that labor during the shorter days and longer and colder nights.  As I know there will be knocks on my door, Chinese on the main land still don’t know what or why Halloween or its traditions exist, here it is more of a young adult excuse to go out to bars on theme nights dressed up in costume and drink as much as they can afford.  As Sophia is not even 9 months yet, and in Guangzhou, we are having a low key Halloween.  Jack-o-lantern, roasted pumpkin seeds, scarry movies, and some candy I picked up to top off the evening.
So to all those out there in the festive spirit, Happy Halloween and ‘trick or treat’! 
PS – I am over the limit for pictures this month so I will post many pictures in November.
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