Talking about Halloween Myths Quiz – MSN Encarta

  Another Halloween, another quiz


Halloween Myths Quiz – MSN Encarta

I got a 9/10 on this one, (Results here

Some things about this quiz… (Spoilers so don’t read below until AFTER you take the quiz!)

I enjoy taking these quizes, testing usless information is a hobby of mine.  Besides trival pursuit there is little else this welth of usless information comes in handy for!


  1. I was in Detroit when this was going on in the mid 1970’s, and yes the emergency rooms were flooded with parents x-raying candy the following years, the media picked it up and it went national for many many years following that
  2. This is just silly
  3. Classic ghost story covering a morality theme to discourage kids from ‘parking’
  4. I guessed and got it right, America is too full of idiots
  5. Urban legend
  6. Anyone from the 1970’s and 1980’s knows this
  7. Very tricky, technically can’t happen, however medical advances over the years have lessoned this, as well as embalming!
  8. Urban legend
  9. Well, publicized every year
  10. See #4 (I got it wrong because with 2 of the same I spilt the difference so to get at least 1 right, tricks on me!)

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