SuZhou and NanJing day trips

November is a wonderful time to travel.  Autumn in one of my favorite times of the year.  Cool enough to wear a jacket but not too cold, the smell of leaves in the air, cool enough to really enjoy soups and hot foods, and of course leafs changing colors.  Last weekend, the 10 to 11th, a small group of us planned 2 short day trips to SuZhou and NanJing, both old cities close to ShangHai. 

This was a perfect opportunity to try out my new Nikon D40x with both lenses, standard 18mm to 55mm and 55mm to 200mm.  I still used my trusty Cannon A620 for quick snapshots as it has proved itself capable for a few years now.  I must admit I love digital photography.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my old Pentax K1000, but getting good quality prints back (developers save money by recycling the baths) and then getting them into the PC for sharing is a large hassle.  I am still learning with the Nikon, all the settings and differences between DSLR and SLR and the simple free software that is quite limited in its editing features.

We took a standard train, known locally as the "iron rooster" by many foreigners here, to SuZhou where we had a local style lunch, went to see the mountain and near by monastery/temple and then boarded the much better Chinese "bullet train" for a nighttime arrival to NanJing.  I uploaded as many pictures as I can, the monthly limit has been exceeded, for the second or third month in a row now… I will get the NanJing pictures up in December, and hopefully can catch up photo wise without backlogging any more photos.

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