Snow in Shanghai

Last weekend I heard of snow in Shanghai, didn’t see it and therefore did not take much stock in the report.  This morning on the way to work I actually saw it myself.  Too bad it was too light to catch on my cell phone’s camera.  The snow flakes were small and many were more like balls of frozen rain, not sleet, but small frozen white balls.  The snow did not accumulate or become enough to cause a drift I could find at work or around the office at lunch.  So, you have to take my word on it, it was snowing around West Nan Jing Road and Zhong Shan Park today, in the morning at least and only for a little bit.  Maybe we can get enough to get a pictures of this next week.
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One Response to Snow in Shanghai

  1. Lady Jz Leather says:

    Here in the central New York area they call that frapple or something like that.  sort of reminds me of tiny styrafoam balls.  We get it with the lake effect a lot of times.  Made me smile to read.,  Lady J

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