Yes, That’s Snow

We received quite a dusting today, its too warm for it to stick on the ground, but the roof tops are a little dusted and there is quite a lot of flakes flaotting around in the wind.  I have shot some video and stills of the snow.  For the most part it is not too crazy, it only snows here about every 10 years, no real accidents I have seen or people going outside to stare at the sky.  We noticed it at 10 this morning and it was comming down from light to heavy until about 3:45, now there are just a few flakes in the air.  Having lived in Milwaukee for 8 years, and growing up in Detroit until I was 10, snow is not a big deal to me (it even snowed a couple of times in Alabama while I was there).  Coco has seen snow before, but she has not lived in a place where it has snowed.  We enjoyed watching it fall, reminding me of a alternative movie I saw in college simply titled Snow Fall in a Field, which was a 30 mm grainy film of 1 hour of snow falling, no sound and in black and white, just watching snow fall and a couple of deer checking it out.  No deer in Shanghai, but watching the snow fall was fun and too bad it won’t last for long.  I’ll post the pics I took along with some shots from around the creek next to where we lived, its odd to see how much can change in the span of 20 days.
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2 Responses to Yes, That’s Snow

  1. Kevin says:

    it\’s cold here

  2. Cherry says:

    Hello  Bravo,
    Every year I can\’t wait for the First snow, to see the giant flakes drifiting slowly down, and how quite the mountian becomes.  I Enjoy the silence and the beauty. This year it has been snow, snow, and snow, at least the roads are clear. By the time Febuary rolls around I am getting cabin fever.  My husband stays in music studio listening and playing music for longer hours it seems. It does help break up the the longer eveings,  I look forward to March and longer daylight hours and Sunshine.
     You mention the Black and white film of snow and couple of deer checking it out. Well you are in lucky today, I  have a real good photos of a Big Mule Buck  With a full rack, in the deep snow,pushing his doe\’s. Dec 30th post.  The photos are taken in my back yard up the hill. Oh by the way I live in the mountians.
    If Coco would like to see some photos of Colorado and snow, I have a wonderful set of the Mountian passes. I was lucky, on my  last trip to cedaredge, Beautiful photos of Vail Pass, Mcclure Pass,  Rocky Mountian Big Horn Sheep Rams, Dominqez Valley and Peaks. Mt Sophis Jan 27th post. When it comes to wild life photos I have photos of Mule deer bucks and does, Elk, Bear,  From my backyard.  Also Mt Evans, Co.  Rocky Mtn. Sheep, Marmonts, Pikas. . I remember seeing all of your zoo photos from my last visit.  I would like to share my photos with you. Pictures in wildlife setting.  Some times my thought process is perfect and my writting skills above normal but I do bad days. please Visit and have a great day.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I have not read any more information about the freezing cold weather in Hunan,  Have the rail station opened up yet along with the highways?  I know the migrant workers were trying to get home to their family for new years eve.?
    Cherrye Kellogg
    I have sent a friends invite.

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