Shanghai Snow Stops after 4 days

On the fifth morning, no new snow.  After 4 days of continuous light snow Shanghai has about an inch and a two to four inches (5 to 8 cm) of snow collected in places that were not swept over the past 4 days.  I have pictures posted showing all 4 days from places along the way to work and back.  It is not too cold, just cold enough to keep all the snow from melting away each day; it just melts a bit and then freezes at night. 


How has the snow affected Shanghai?  Well, the panic and mayhem I have seen in news reports isn’t visible here, except at the train station.  Supplies are still flowing in, we are not running out of fuel, water, food, etc. just yet.  There are problems in China with all the snow, no doubt.  Traffic is messed up going out of the city and I have seen photos showing some bad traffic accidents.  At the main railway station here the underground subway area is packed with migrant workers who can’t afford a hotel, homeless, and typical poor people all trying to get out of the ice and cold.  The police are trying to keep things from getting out of hand, but the closer to Chinese New Year the more issues will arise.


Chinese New Year begins next Wednesday, the 6th, and there will be hundreds of millions of people traveling during this week, the holiday is a 6 day event ending on the 12th.  This snow storm has shut down many northern and western train services.  With the snow stopping it allows the government to clear the tracks and hopefully get some of these people moved before the holiday rush.  When you live in the world’s most populated country just a small percentage of stranded travelers can easily reach tens of millions in a very short time.

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2 Responses to Shanghai Snow Stops after 4 days

  1. Sarah says:

    I look forward to seeing any pictures you pot of the Chinese New Year!!

  2. Kevin says:

    hey!~! how is it going

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