Florida will not re-vote, Michigan still unsure

It is wonderful how time works sometimes, murky water clears up and issues there were foggy before have the light of reason and intellect shown upon them.  Now for the contradiction of the week, the DNC, Democratic National Committee, has won a small battle when the Florida Democratic Chair, Karen Thurman, stated Florida will not hold a re-vote.  Now this is only a small battle, as stated before, because there is still Michigan’s primary results issue, what to do with these delegates now.  Will the DNC cave and provide a compromise, something akin to the RNC decision to seat only ½ the delegates, or none as their own rules state, or some harebrained scheme cooked up by some special interest group within the party?  Time will only tell.  The crontradiction is, the Democrats want to have unity, strenght, fairness, but are unsure how to acheive this, and it looks less and less likely every day.


Again I am astonished by the utter ignorance and profound stupidity of the average American voter and how little they know about their own election process.  I thought most Americans HAD to attend a civics class in high school, that’s right a whole year to teach citizenship.  Was this class cut out since the 1980’s?  Is it not required anymore?  Did they not teach the class in the 1950’s to 1970’s?  Why is it nearly 80% of Americans, especially those in Florida and Michigan, has no clue about what a primary is, who holds and runs it, and what rules, laws, and rights are associated with a primary verses a general election (reflected by the numbers of people on message boards, blogs, and opinion sites decrying voter fraud)?  Most importantly, why are people not worried, concerned, or outraged by the blatant call for violation of the rules and negation of agreements or the obscene disregard for the truth, accurate information, or education of the public?  Why isn’t the main stream press educating the clearly confused and ignorant citizens of my fair nation to clear up this mess?  Isn’t the primary mission of the press to inform the public?


I stated it before and I will state it again, the primaries are not covered under US election laws as they are not a federal election.  They are a private vote, preformed by a private party, subject to the private rules and regulations set by the before mentioned private party to chose a single candidate to represent their collective interests in a general electing in NOVEMBER!  If there is disenfranchisement it is not a legal issue covered under the constitution or rights provided by our Constitution to anyone, it is the responsibility of the party holding the nomination vote, it is not an election!  If people have issues, contact your local party leadership, state ELECTED officials, or Howard Dean and complain to them, STOP screaming disenfranchisement, unconstitutional voting policies, un-American practices, unfair this or that bull crap you constantly light up the discussion boards with.


I just learned that the supposed "Republican conspiracy" (echos of Vast Right-Wing Conspiracies of the 1990’s) to sabotage the DNC process in Florida was passed by a vote of 118-0 to move the primary up to January.  Not one single, lonely, steadfast Democrat voiced opposition to moving the primary to an earlier date despite knowing all good and well what the rules, article 20, section C, stated and what the consequences of violating said rules would be.  Not only this, but the news media was reporting this since the votes in Florida and Michigan were announced AND BEFORE they were voted on by their respective state legislatures.  The citizens of these states had the access and opportunity to voice their concerns before this mess was created but, no they decided to play sheep, follow the leader like a bunch of lemmings and now that they are falling off the cliff they want to scream foul… hogwash!  And yes, if I were a Democrat I would be saying the same thing, fair is fair, right is right, and every decision/action you take has a consequence.  What lessons are we teaching our future generations by having such a public display of ignorance, misinformation, and justification to only follow the rules that make sense after the consequences have played out?  Where is the accountability?  Where is the leadership?  Where is the voice of reason telling people what the truth is?


At least I am not alone in my thoughts.  At the NY Times (as disturbing as this is I am referencing the liberally toned Times) I have found a great article with better comments airing out all this insanity.  To share a quick snippet of the 10% – 15% sensible and correct and not the 85% – 90% ignorant or misinformed quotes;

“Voters aren’t being disenfranchised. Constitutional rights apply only to the general election – political parties are free to set whatever rules desired in order to select its nominees, which is why the lawsuit got kicked in the lower court and will get kicked again by the appellate panel.

Florida and Michigan agreed to and signed off on the schedule months in advance, then chose to violate that schedule with full knowledge of the consequences. Michigan was controlled by a Democratic legislature. Florida was controlled by Republicans, but the Democrats in the Florida legislature voted unanimously for moving the primary up. Both state politicians have no one to blame but themselves, and they are who the voters should be angry with. Not the candidates, and not the DNC.

If the two states wish to have their delegates seated, they should figure out a way to hold new primaries in June and pay for it themselves. The constituents would be rightfully outraged at having their tax dollars pay for the do-overs, and should voice their displeasure the next time their representatives are up for re-election”.  – Posted by bb

““The Republicans in Florida moved the date up.”
The same Lie Spewed Again and Again by members of the Clinton Cult hoping if they sat it enough it will be true.
A reminder of the Florida vote again to move up the Primary and loose their delegate.
Vote: 118 – 0 to move up and loose delegates.
118 – 0
read again the elected representatives of the Florida people both Republican and Democrat
118 – 0
118 – 0 to move up primary and loose delegates.
Why is the lie that it was the Republican who moved the date up still being spewed?……
Now theses are the ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES of the people of Florida speaking on their behalf.
This is Democracy.
What is the problem here.
The Rules stand as they are Delegates are not seated as per the existing rules.
What is going on?” – Posted by Louise

The notion that the issue of the Michigan and Florida delegations is something that must be adjudicated is ludicrous on its face. This issue is not about disenfranchising voters; it’s about a national party’s nomination process. There is no Constitutional guarantee of participation in a nomination process. The national parties make their own rules; the fact that both the Michigan and Florida state party organizations chose not to follow those rules may be unfortunate, but it is the state parties themselves with whom voters in Michigan and Florida should be angry, not the national party. And this argument fails to address the utter hypocrisy of the Clinton campaign’s flip-flop for political gain—disgusting! – Posted by Lawrence

“The bill moving the primary passed 118-0 because it was a classic example of logrolling…vote FOR the bill and get new voting machines, or vote AGAINST it and deal with touch screens, which no one wanted, for another year. The primary move as a tacked-on amendment that the Democrats tried and failed to stop.

There is NO constitutional right to vote in a party primary. Unless the 11th Circuit in Atlanta, which heard argument on a case challenging the Democrats, reverses all prior precedent, there will be no judicial intervention here. Political parties are not in the Constitution, and there are numerous court decisions that say the government has no legal role in prescribing methods used by parties to select nominees.

Obama ran no ads in Florida. National ads that aired on the cable news networks were seen by Florida viewers, but the networks can’t beam one satellite signal for Florida and another for the rest of the country. With ten days to go to Super Tuesday and significant name recognition issues, you’re telling me Obama can’t advertise to the other 48 states just because people in Florida or Michigan might see it?

Although I would hope not to see the misinformation on these matters again, I’m sure that’s not likely. After all political campaigns and candidates thrive on misinformation. And you sheeple just eat it up.” — Posted by K_Hussein

“Florida voters were only disenfranchised in a technical sense. The state party made the strategic decision that its voters would have more influence on the outcome of the national campaign by going early – even if the delegates wouldn’t be counted – than the ratification value of its delegates’ votes at the end of the process. It was a logical calculation, given the absurdly disproportionate influence that Iowa and New Hampshire have wielded for decades simply by virtue of the make-or-break momentum they give to the campaigns. And in fact the Florida outcome did have its impact — if not as much as it could have if the delegates had counted. But who could have known the race would go so long and be so close? (Actually, Florida of all states should have!) But that doesn’t mean Florida should get to have it both ways. A second vote in this case is tantamount to giving Floridians an extra vote, not an equal vote. BTW I am a Clinton supporter. But I’m a “democrat” with a small “d” first.” — Posted by Hilary

The above is owned and all rights and associated acknowledgement belong to the NY Times and its political blog page, the referenced article is by Kate Phillips.

I really wish the newspapers, talking heads on the national and local boob-tubes, and magazines (like Time, Newsweek, US News and World Reports, Life, Reader’s Digest, heck even TV Guide) would clear the collective air and publish the truth about the nomination process so more and more people are informed correctly and can voice intelligent opinions about this matter.  This firestorm, that really does threaten the cohesion of the national Democrat base, is allowed to spread by the absence of the press trying to quash all the misinformation out there about disenfranchisement, constitutionality, and laws concerning primaries as we obviously need refresher courses in civics.  If not the press then the cause or source of all this insanity should do something, the DNC should be informing its members and the people they represent about what is going on and what the real story is much better then they currently are.

If the DNC caves we will most likely start a leap frog contest that has the Democrat Party Nomination process being held in November or October the year ahead of the actual general election.  I for one hate to see all the money wasted on campaigns, see my previous posts regarding this, as well as all the pre-nomination crap we have to put up with as it is now, much less the thought of dealing with it for a full year apposed to the 10 months we have of it now, thanks to Florida and Michigan for kicking off things in January.  Why must it take more then 2 months in our modern electronic era to nominate a party candidate, then 1 to 2 months to select our president?  3 to 4 months is reasonable and enough time, we do not need to drag this out to 10 to 12 months.  Democrats, clean up your party and stop making such a mess just to get your name and issues in the press!  No wonder things are so convoluted.

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One Response to Florida will not re-vote, Michigan still unsure

  1. Cherry says:

    You Go Johnny Bravo, I am on the same page as you are. I went to my Cacaus meeting and voted on issue to be sent to state level for the republican party and voted in the straw poll for a presidental canidate. I have attended my county meeting level to vote on issues and canidates for state level Reps and Sentate for Colorado State Goverment.  I am delgate for the state convention and congressional dist.  So I am making my voice heard.

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