Russia going ALL IN, Soviets Playing International Texas Hold ’em with International Politics

Anyone who has watched the Texas Hold ‘em tournaments on ESPN or other channels know what this phrase means, “going all in”. In the high stakes Texas Hold ‘em world it is the equivalent of “going for broke”, “all or nothing”, or more simply, I am betting everything I have you don’t have the guts to follow me down this path. It would be the same thing as taunting the school yard bully in the harshest terms you could.
People who go all in are of two types, and one school of thought. Either you have an unbeatable hand and you know you can not lose, or your hand can’t beat anyone but you are counting on your opponents as being too scared to see if you have the hand they believe you have. Of course this takes careful planning, reading other’s reactions to all things going on in the game, and knowing how they perceive your play thus far. I am discounting the obvious fools who go all in because they are broke or hope to catch others off guard, or are forced because they are out of money, because these types as they do not apply to this situation.
Russian parliament has just unanimously voted to recognize the two disputed regions of Georgia, continuing the poker match of former Soviet states against the players of freedom and democracy of the West. The first move was for Russia to bait and take most of Georgia’s poker chips in a bold move. America responded by loaning Georgia a bit of money and raised the stakes by bringing in Poland by placing strategic defensive missile shield batteries in their borders. Russia did not even blink, and have called our bet and now raised the antae by taking the first step in splitting Georgia into 3 countries, two of which will be banana republics of the rebuilding Soviet Empire.
NATO and the UN are impotent, as usual, in being able to stop the actions and aren’t able to buy their way into our high-stakes poker match. Russia has the ability to call in the likes of China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and all their allies to recognize the new countries, leaving the US to lobby and gather support form the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and others who will have much more interest in not seeing the former Soviet Empire reemerge on the world stage. The situation continues to deteriorate and thanks to the Olympics, human rights, US political elections, the ambiguous War on Terror and world economic issues the Soviets have quietly solidified their domestic base and are beginning to re-solidify all the former shattered satellites, just like the T1000 did in Terminator 2 when the molten steel heated and thawed the nitrogen frozen liquid metal terminator.
Russia is playing and playing to win. They are desperate, hungry, and feel they are backed into a corner, playing all or nothing in a high stakes game where losing for any side could spell world war. No one is taking these actions as serious as they should. While we were distracted with puny Islamic militants and China’s economic sky rocket economy and our own petty self interests our though to be defeated foe has returned, the Soviet bear has been hibernating, not vanquished as we thought. Power is taken, never granted, issued, or assumed, but taken by blunt force and sheer will. The Soviets smell blood and they are betting the farm the rest of world does not have the will or power to prevent them from reclaiming their lost power. The Chinese don’t want it, the Islamic radicals can’t consolidate or agree amongst themselves long enough to grab it, and we in the West are too liberal and bleeding hearted to acknowledge the law of the jungle applies to countries as well.
Russia in not only testing the waters, they just signaled they are going all in, and next you will see how much their friends back their actions. Many long for the glory days of ruling by force and fear. Times were more simple then, the world made sense, there was focus and order to everything, unlike now. The Soviets are back and they are tipping their hand just enough for anyone with half a brain to see what is going on, but doing so in such a crafty way as to dare us to follow them down a road no one really want to travel. Maybe they are bluffing or not, its time to call their bluff, I hope our next president can play poker better then the last 3 who have allowed the bear to slumber in peace and ease to regain the strength to make such a power grab and bring us the closest to the brink of a real global war in well over 50 years. Do we go all in with them, or just call them and see if they will raise the stakes. Most of the cards have been laid down, its either going down the river of seeing how far the Soviets want to go, they have little to lose, and we the most. A very bad situation to be in, stay tuned, this may be a long cold winter indeed.
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One Response to Russia going ALL IN, Soviets Playing International Texas Hold ’em with International Politics

  1. Bobbi says:

    Johhny, Again, you are absolutely correct.  I was listening to public radio on the way to work last Friday and they were discussing the fact that Russia was very upset over Poland signing the agreement with the US to install the global defense system in Poland.  The radio announcer was saying that he didn\’t know why Russia was upset because it was a precautionary measure, the system was not ready for use yet and wouldn\’t be for several years to come.  And, the guest on the show, stated that Russia didn\’t believe that story, Russia feels that the system is operative now and is a threat to their security now.   When I left the Air Force Research Laboratory in 2001, the system was operative and ready for installation; so, perhaps Russia has reason to fear; however, I don\’t think the US has the guts to use it; they just want it as a deterant.  But as Eisenhower once said, if you\’re going to flash your wares and rub everyones noses in your stuff, you\’d better have the guts to use it.  Bobbi

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