Medvedev announces CHECK to the West by Recognizing South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Well, I hate being right on some issues, and this is one of them! Russian President Dmitry Medvedev went ahead and did it, he followed the Russian Parliament and announced late Tuesday that Russia was formally recognizing South Ossetia and Abkhazia.  I am sure Putin is smiling and nodding his head in some dark bunker somewhere in Moscow.  Not only did he not blink, he spit in the eye of every sovereign nation to spite the rights of a country to work out its differences itself.  Before I get too far down the path I am acknowledging the clear and undisputed facts that Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili authorized and sent the Georgian military to put down anti-government militia operations going on in South Ossetia.  I will concede that most likely some ethnic tensions and oppression was going on.  I will even go so far as to give the other side the argument that they were justified in bombing campaigns to repel the Georgian military from engaging South Ossetia rebels.  But, when Russia sent in tanks, armored personnel carriers, troops, and expanded the operation beyond the disputed border regions and into the country itself (right up to the capital), their ports, and Abkhazia and also included preemptive and offensive military strikes that continued well beyond the scope of protecting non-military personnel well, the Russians not only overstepped their authority, but violated more international laws in just 8 days then the US did in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 8 years!
As I stated in my last article, Russia is expanding and looking to rebuild the former Soviet Union.  Their blatant disregard for diplomacy, international law, and conflict resolution shows their real intent better then if they had told the world what their intent was before they acted.  I had stated Russia was tipping its hand, and now it seems they have done so intentionally and with indifference to any consequences that may come out of this.  Medvedev, Russian U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, and the Kremlin have all just announced, with actions, words, and threats, they do not care what consequences occur and they are not scared by any that can occur.  G-8, or group of eight membership… who cares!  World Trade Organization membership, bah its for suckers!  NATO and EU scansions… let me see them try!  UN resolutions, fffft, we have a veto so nana booboo!  Oh, but they are pissed we are using a guided missile destroyer and Coast Guard cutter to ferry relief supplies into Georgian ports as well as place a missile shield battery in Poland to fend off the now RESURGENT North Korean nuclear program (Yes the North Koreans have seen what is going on and are taking advantage of it to once again restart their nuclear weapons program) and any possible Chinese, Iranian, or yes even Russian attacks.
See diplomatic consequences are poo pooed by Russia, but American military assets are drawing strong criticism by them, I wonder why that is?  I remember an episode of the Simpson’s where a Russian parade of spring time floats transformed into the old military parades of the 1960’s.  Flower floats of cute animals were peeled back to reveal mobile ICBM launchers, tanks, and balloons had Migs fly out of them as goose stepping soldiers transformed Red Square into a familiar old sight.  Yes Virginia, the Soviets are on the march again.  They only thing they fear is a direct confrontation with the United Stated before they can fully rebuild their military and consolidate their infrastructure to make money and weapons again.  Any doubts of these intentions were washed away when two territories were formally recognized as independent countries with no diplomatic measures or precedents being followed.  They have just signaled the only thing they respect is force and the use of military assets against them, diplomacy is impotent, but throw in a DDG and they begin to cry foul.  If force is all they can hear and see, then I saw we deliver.
"We are not afraid of anything, including the prospect of a Cold War," President Dmitry Medvedev said hours after announcing the Kremlin’s decision and one day after Parliament had supported the recognition. – AP wire.  "Saakashvili chose genocide to fulfill his political plans," Medvedev said.  "Georgia chose the least human way to achieve its goal — to absorb South Ossetia by eliminating a whole nation." – AP wire.  Vitaly Churkin stated "Their use of force against South Ossetia clearly dashed all of those previous resolutions and created a completely new reality." – AP wire.  I am not exaggerating here folks. Medvedev also vowed that US missile shield assets in Europe would result in Russian military response, as reported by the AP.  All diplomatic responses were received with rejection by Russia, but 1 missile shield battery and 2 war ships delivering humanitarian aid upsets them, hmmmm.
Russia is heading down a path I think they really don’t want to go, hence the allusion to them being desperate in my last article.  If they stand firm on the Georgia matter they set a precedent for the same thing to happen to them in a few of their internal states who no longer want to be part of Russia, not to mention erase 60 years worth of international laws and rules to prevent a country from taking territories that they feel belong to them or should belong to them.  Russia want to better position themselves as an oil mogul in Europe, and seeing the pipeline runs through Georgia, it is vital they control that country, by any means necessary.  Russia also wants to regain lost influence in world affairs and their large nuclear arsenal allows that, a US missile shield will negate that and therefore they want to intimidate all its neighbors to not allow these facilities onto their soil, beating up on Georgia goes a long way into doing this.
Now I know many people, with short memories, who will point out that Russia is doing nothing different then what the US did in ousting the Taliban in Afghanistan or Sadam Hussein in Iraq.  First lets look at the reasons and the outcomes.  For Afghanistan it was to strike back at the organization that orchestrated the September 11th attacks and had safe haven and support in a country run by radical fundamentalists who were oppressing and killing their citizens for normal human activities (girls going to school, women shopping alone, men watching sports or movies).  While we are still there engaged with militant religious fanatics, we are not expanding the US borders, creating a new country, or intimidating the local government into surrender.  Second with Iraq, well, there were numerous UN sanction violations, weapons violations, and WMD that was unaccounted for, yes chemical weapons are WMD and they were missing and after the fall of the government were recovered in the desert. While the case of nuclear devices were overstated and wrongly pursued, we again did not expand our national borders, create a new country, or intimidate the local government into surrender.  That is what Russia is exactly doing in Georgia.  When we invaded both of these countries everyone in the UN and our alleys knew we were doing it, even the enemy knew it.  When we invaded these countries we went heavy and hard and then we worked to stabilize the region, place a legitimate government elected and represented by its citizens in place, and have stuck around as long as we were asked to and until the local governments can take over for and protect themselves.  Russia is not doing this.  They invaded with no warning, pressed on past the boundaries of the disputed area, slaughtered the national military, intimidated the local government and have now created 2 new countries with the expectation to absorbed them into its borders shortly thereafter.
Russia’s argument is very weak at best, Georgia was not practicing genocide.  If they were there would have been complete slaughter and not just fighting against armed militias in the disputed territories.  If there would have been genocide there would be death squads and mass killings left behind in the disputed areas and Russia would have shown them to the world by know to legitimize their actions.  Genocide is what took place in Kosovo, Dufar, Rwanda, Cambodia, Germany, etc. What was going on in Georgia does not come close to these examples.  If this was the case then why did they continue beyond the protection phase of the operation? Why not call for UN and NATO peace keepers to intervene and provide an impartial and independent third party force in to maintain the peace?  Why not work harder to push through new rounds of sanctions and measures outlined in the UN charter to deal with these exact issues?  Why abandon the diplomatic approach and go in heavy and hard and stop just short of an action that would definitely spark war?  Russia is smart, the Kremlin and Putin lackies who long for the Soviet era are smart. They know they are not strong enough to act out just yet, they are playing a well crafted game of chess against the rest of the world.
What’s next?  We have to be firm, strong, and unyielding.  North Korea is paying close attention to this as they are in a similar situation with more to lose then Russia, for this reason we have to act and act decisively and fast.  The White House is correct in its strong and blunt replies.  The EU needs to step up more forcefully and guarantee scansions and penalties.  The WTO needs to rip up Russia’s application and burn it.  NATO needs to admit Georgia now and the rest of the former Soviet Union’s satellite countries in very short order.  The G-8 needs to hold meetings without Russia and draft up new measures to punish and isolate Russia.  Both presidential candidates need to get strong and hawkish on this issue and sound identical in response to nip the problem in the bud, neither want to be the one to be in the Oval Office if a war with Russia breaks out.  The Secretary of Defense needs to dispatch a few more war ships to the region and push the Russians away from Georgian ports.  The UN and NATO need to send in peace keepers and insist the Russians go back to their international borders.  Western countries need to send aid and assistance to Georgia and their military to punish Russia for their arrogance and bullying behaviors.  Finally, the break-away regional leaders and representatives need to be brought into the diplomatic process to air their grievances and resolve their issues and formally resolve the situation.  If a new country is to be formed it has to be done so diplomatically and without military forces.  Then and only then should Russia then be allowed back into the process and back onto the world stage and have their privileges restored, sanctions lifted, and relations reestablished.  If we do not do this, we reward the behavior and give countries like North Korea and others a framework to follow when they want to expand.
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8 Responses to Medvedev announces CHECK to the West by Recognizing South Ossetia and Abkhazia

  1. Bobbi says:

    I\’m waiting to see where things go next.  Are we going to be firm, strong, and unyielding, or, fold?  If South Ossedia and Abkhazia want to be independent then they should be allowed to work it out without outside interferrance; if they want help, let them ask for it.  If we do not push Russia back home now, it will become their home eventually.

  2. John says:

    I am very happy to hear that China is not backing Russia and will not ask fellow Asian nations to support Russia either.  Now Russia is almost begging not for sanctions to be placed on them, yet their troops remain in another country.  Russia is getting more and more isolated and the pressure is beginning to worry them.  This is the final test of this conflict, one we better not blink at.  Stay firm, keep the pressure up and insist the cease fire agreement terms are honored and the country of Georgia can work out the disputed areas on their own.  In the moder world we have to give diplomacy a chance, but we must never be afraid or scared to back up the issues with force if diplomacy breaks down or is violated by a 3rd party who will benefit from the dispute and influence it in a negative way to peace and stability.  I applaude China and thier hard decision and welcome their taking a leadership role in this crisis.  With luck, diplomacy, and a show of force and consequences the Russians will leave and allow Georgia to work through its problems on their own. 

  3. Bobbi says:

    I hear that Putin stated that the US started the Georgian conflict because the GOP needed the publicity.  Yep, we just can\’t keep from starting those foreign wars.  Good for China, things are looking up.

  4. John says:

    8/28/2008 9:34 PM

    You really are a Boy Scout. I didn\’t wade through all your blogs, but I wonder if you mention  a  particularly unwarrented invasion of a sovereign nation, and the murder of it\’s head of state? No, not Hitler and Poland…Bush and Iraq. You\’re so hung up on the Russians, I think you\’ve  failed to take a look at the unconstitutional manner in which our government is operating, and it\’s abuse of international agreements. Bravo, it\’s admitted by the administration that we torture suspected terrorists by executive order. Yet, the Constitution extends  protection to aliens on our soil or those being held by us. And it\’s generally frowned upon – as you are frowning upon the Russians – to invade foriegn territory  without a very compelling reason. The Iraq fiasco is one of four instances in my lifetime that we\’ve done so. In the first I remember, VN,  I was a ground attack pilot. I saw a lot of blood and lifeless, dismembered meat. And not one of us could explain what we were doing there – except dying and killing. Aside from the moral controversy of abrogating the soverignty of another nation, would you want your kid dying..for oil, and the suspicion – unconfirmed – of weapons of mass destruction. I thought that maybe, as a Swabbo, you\’d have a realistic take on Realpolitiks – and the horror of war. But you\’re just singing to a jingoistic choir, humming "Anchors Away" with a salute stapled to your forehead , and damning the "reds". Too bad, I\’d have thought a serviceman would have more than a geopolitical, star-spangled take on the snuffing out of human lives – by us. The Joint Chiefs certainly do – Bush just dismissed Mosley ( AF Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Air Force  – the first time such a radical, simultaneous beheading of a service leadership has been undertaken in US history ) on a pretext about nukes, but in fact because they were not very compliant with Bush\’s world hegemony agenda. Guys who\’ve been in uniform, who\’ve heard the dogs of war howling , see a war – any war – in progress and just shake their heads sadly, because, as you likely know, the greatest mortality and human suffering is among the civilian populace. Whether it\’s Iraq or Georgia, it\’s old men, women and children who die…wholesale. And in every war, atrocoities are committed by both sides. Apparently , you\’ve  never been taken under fire…it\’s very annoying when someone tries to kill you, and you tend to go blotto.  But you write like you\’re bucking for slot on the Foreign Affairs journal – in a dispassionate, disinterested manner, and cleave to the company line. Do warriors without an appreciation of the horror of war really help set this nation on a moral path? Do citizens who follow the party line, boasting of a Pax Americana ( which died years before you were born ) and ignore constitutional abuses at home really preserve our freedoms? I love and have fought for my country – as I would fight and die for my family. That doesn\’t mean I\’d let my child be raised without respect for others, empathy and self- discipline. Think about it, Bravo, without reflexing. Who are you helping by getting bent out of shape about internal Russian problems…while ignoring the damage being gone  to the prestige and freedoms of our own magnificent country, born of secular humanism – not militarism, not Imperialism, not the infliction of human suffering. Do you really feel like one of the good guys anymore, Bravo?  Col. C. Unger, USAF (Ret.)  

  5. John says:

    9/1/2008 2:47 PM

    Your reasoning isprecisely what led to our involvement in Vietnam. Kennedy, and his Secretary of Defense, McNamara ( who has subsequently wrtten that the war – and the operational approach to geurilla  warfare  – were undertaken in error. The domino  theory, as we have seen,is blatant nonsense.
    While Indochina went radical red for awhile, that passed. The Vietnamese themselves are not hard-core Marxists – we were fighting an old ally, a Nationalist rather than an ideologist. Ho was a genuinely humble man who was convinced that the United States, which he admired greatly, would support his independence movement, as he had supported, with men and arms, our efforts to drive the Japanese from the penninsula. An OSS man was with him throughout the campaign, and came to know Ho very well. He knew that communism was an ideological cloak, which ( nominally) opposed colonial rule – beyond that, it seems that Ho cared little for the doctrine, and refused to be bullied by either Moscow or his somewhat more aggressive Chinese allies. He literally begged for recognition from the United States, promising to disavow communism,  and accept a democratic regime. He wrote the Constitution of Northern Vietnam: It was modeled, in some places word for word, on our Constitution.
     But this was the height of the cold war, and Kruschev, in keeping with the brinksmanship of the time, built the Berlin wall – a very provocative action when the four powers were supposed to share control of Berlin. In return, we supported the lying French, who fed us false intelligence regarding Ho, to the tune of millions of dollars, in attempting to reassert their colonial rule – which they had abdicated in a Geneva agreement.By 1956, to impress Kruschev with American will,we became directly involved in Vietnam – which turned into the longest and most pointless war in our history.
    The   Secretary of Defense just prior to MacNamara, Dulles, made a fortune colluding with the Nazis, as did his broither , Allen Dulles, who headed the European station of the OSS. Bill Donovan was a genuine patriot, but Dulles was a swine. He had a land-line to Canaris, head of German Militaqry intelligence. This was discovered, but Roosevelt had a very long list of those  who collaborated  – and, at wars end, bankers,businessmen, lawyers , and rank traitors such as Dulles were to face the music. Neither the FBI nor Truman knew of any of this. When Roosevelt died, the guilt of these men would diewith him.
    As an example of the future CIA director\’s (Allen Dulles ) duplicity: When Germany\’s defeat became imminent, Dulles arranged to stop the allied advance by colluding with a Nazi divisional commander in northern Italy; he stated he was negotiating a surrender, but in fact was asking him to hold his position, threatening the alled southern flank. Dulles needed more time  to transfer Nazi loot – and Nazis – out of Germany.
    Thus, the two Dulles brothers pressured Ike to aide the French in retaking Indochina. They were not ideologists – they believed in niether Capitalism, democracy, socialism, nor communism. They were opportunists. God only knows what bogus intell the French provided the Alles boys to present Ike – and what they were paid to lean on him. Kennedy nor MacNamara knew the place even existed, and Ike didn\’t fully brief them. He did, however, suspect something was amiss: He , a 5 star General of the Army warned us against the military-industrial complex. In short, the military required viable threats so as to get money from Congress, and the more the the military was given, the more it spent on often flawed or unnecessry systems.
    Kennedy and McNamara stumbled blindly into a war which we just didn\’t understand – to rattle swords for Moscows benefit. Moscow placed missles in Cuba. We halted and boarded Soviet transport vessels. And on it went. And children lived in dread of being incinerated by nuclear weapons. "Duck and Cover" means little to you. To me, it\’s a traumatizing phrase. It was a horrible time. 
    This is all well documented, and if you\’re going to be pedantic about it, at least read the history of the conflict.
    As for the support we enjoy regarding Iraq – most Europeans have pulled out of the conflict, and despise America and Americans. Thye blame us for inciting attacks on their people, and have responded rationally, withdrawing their troops. Look, was talking to an Army Recon Sniper – a tour in Afganistan, a tour in Iran. He told me of how the average soildier comes to respond to a peoplke whoi have been dehumanized, who look one just like another – but one of the two is planting a homemade explosive device on the roadside, or opens up on our troops with a snipers rifle – and you can\’t tell where the fire is coming from. It\’s a disaster,and democracy will never take seed there.
    No, we are not the world\’s policemen. The countries you mentioned, they might not be so hostile towards us if we didn\’t "kill \’em all, and let god sort \’em out". The world is afraid of us- we have a big gun, with a one pound pull, and, just like John Wayne,we\’re short on talk, quickto shoot from the hip. How the world perceives us is in a very hostile, frieghtened, wary and angry way. And you\’re worried about international perceptions if we don\’t provoke wars?
    Nobody wants to fight us. We\’ve proven our proclivity towards rapid and violent responses. It\’s gained us no respect, only damage to the prestige of,  and trust in,  what was to be the leading democracy in the world, an example to encourage democracy elsewhere. We\’ve reallyu screwed the pooch.
    By the way, a President can  invoke emergency war powers in the event iof an imminent threat to the nation or our military. You should know this. In a declared state of emergency, the entire nation is under martial law, if the President should so decide. How do you not know this as an ex-Navy man. Or are you?
    In any event, you\’ve been indoctrinated by someone – teachers, cub scouts, someone sold you a bill of goods about our history.
    So, okay Bravo: Honest Abe was honest, Washington chopped down a cherry tree and was truthful about it, there was a midnight ride of Paul Revere. I don\’t really care what you believe, because you\’re inflexible and intractable. They put a ninth grade history book in your noggin, and sewed it in there. But it\’s not the doctrinaire types like you who protect the Constitution. It\’s those who are vigilant about Constitutional abuses. And it\’s types like you who reflex to arms, rather than applying considered judgment to challenges, as well as diplomacy.
    BY the way, theRussian side isthat we were provoking the Geogians, and supplying them with weapons. Personally, I think both sides are full of crap. If you were an adult in the fifties and sixties, you could have run for office. But as time went on, moderates tendedto rule the roost. Bush was an anomaly. Nobodys rattling swords now, and since we can\’t just nuke China, Bush, great advocate of civil rights ( ecept for the more than four thousand youth dead in this war for…what was it, freedom for the Iraqis…nation building? But the Chinese area little too big forus to push around…and Bush accordingly skimmed over castigating them for their human rights abuses. Appartently, the invasion of Iraq did\’t make them quake with fear  at the thought of American military might and will.
    Last thing…you\’ve obviously never been taken under fire, never seen the aftermath of a battle, never experienced the simultaneous fear of and anger at an enemy you long to kill…suddenly realizing that you have the capacity to actually take another human life. I really doubt you saw service, or if you did, you were never on the front point of battle.  
    By the way,Bravo, what\’s Iron Hand, and what aircraftwere employed to execute it? C\’mon, you\’ve been through OCT ( or, these days, OCS ), they still teach history, no? 

  6. John says:

    Like it or not, we are the world\’s police.  Who is it if we aren\’t?  The UN?  NATO?  They did bang up jobs in Somalia, Rwanda, Kosovo, and the Middle East thus far.  China is not ready to take the job yet.  Russia sure isn\’t the cop on the beat.  Maybe the old world powers of England, France, Spain, um no they aren\’t doing it.  Maybe economic powerhouses like Japan, South Korea, Australia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, again not up to the task.  Who is keeping all the oppressive countries in check and making them stay within their borders according to international law?  Treaties?  Meaningless accords and agreements that only apply to the current sitting heads of state?  No, our defense budget is the largest in the world for a reason; we are the cop on the beat.  We have not been attacked by a foreign power on our soil since Pearl Harbor and that big gun we got is the reason why.  Is this right?  No, but we took the power and now we have the responsibility.  We can\’t just sit down and leave a power vacuum so large to not stop countries like Iran, North Korean, Russia, Burma, and most African nations from rewriting their borders at will.  No, we are the world’s police and I for one can\’t wait to pass it on to the Chinese.  Let them deal with all the pains it brings so we can focus on our domestic issues more.
    Yes, Iraq was a catastrophic failure.  The surge worked, more troops pushed the insurgents out of Iraq and into Afghanistan.  We handed over Anbar to the Iraqi forces and their democratic government is growing stronger every day.  These are signs of democracy not taking root all right.  If they dissolve the government and replace it with something else later, who cares, its there responsibility.  All we have to do is allow them to get back up and take pride in their own affairs.  Hell, China just signed a multi billion dollar oil deal with them this past week too!  Yep, they are failing over there so bad.  We messed them up, should have left old Sadam over there to kill Kurds and oppress Sunni majorities and bully the oil rich allies we have to their south.  Oh, yea, there is the oil thing, because as we just say, $140 a barrel oil is bad, that is what happens when a resource rich area is dominated by a hostile power, when we leave the price will come down, making all those 3rd world starving kids less hungry as fertilizer, diesel fuel, and petroleum products become cheaper again because Iraq is dumping millions of more barrels of oil into the market.  Global economic stability is a concern to us domestically.  That is one reason Russia is not being stood up to as they need to be.
    With regards to being liked overseas, who cares?  Do I care how Chinese people feel about me personally, no?  I live among them and work with them and if they can\’t see past my nationality and get to know me then little if any concern to me.  The Spanish are cowards for giving in when they got attacked, now their international and domestic policies are run by terrorists threats and not their citizens.  Many countries had specific time tables for support.  They were smart enough to not get stuck in a peace keeping mission, hell that is what the UN and NATO are for.  They pay their dues so let the NGO\’s do the heavy lifting.  Yes our support has waned and our popularity is nearly as low as it was in 1930 but that never stopped us before.  Last I checked our government was run by the people, no the world.  We act out of our own national self interests.  These will collide with many other nations’ views of right or wrong, but our policies need to be decided by us, not by what Germans, Italians, and Iranians want.  By standing up to Russia, we gain more supporters then we lose, any high school educated person can tell you that.  Russia is wrong now, that is what matters.  Without punishment what is the deterrent for North Korea from taking over Seoul?  What is the deterrent from Iran turning a portion of the Arab desert into a glass sheet?
    I know OCS teaches that zeros never admit their faults in front of enlisted pukes, but then again neither of us is still in.  You mentioned honesty; well honestly neither of us is right as both of our views are too extreme to be practical.  I can admit this, having seen how politics works at many levels over the years.  Just as the great reformer of Obama will not change as much as those drinking the kool aid believe, can you admit it?  Russia may respect us, but they do fear us and right now that is the best thing to keep them from reverting to their former ways of dealing with border disputes.  Powerful nations respect power, and power is never given, it is always taken.  Those afraid of using force will have force used against them.  Attacks on the US since Pearl Harbor and been small when compared to what other nations have seen.  There is a reason why those who wish us harm think twice before doing it, now more then ever.  The best offense is a strong defense and that is my position and I will always stick to it.

  7. John says:

    Thank you again from your insightful and stirring visit to my blog.  First thing first.  Blogs are meant for postings, replies, and debates guest books are for short comments and words of advice or constructive criticism.  As you have none I have to resort to this forum on your space, please follow the proper blog etiquette for my readers as well.  For this reason I will be moving your comments to the blog posting they belong to, I do have many readers who I have to consider of course.  Second, your history lesson is fascinating, as a person who was cognitively aware during the period and lived it your take and colored perspective are a good balance to what were in those 9th grade history books of the 1980\’s.
    Typical lefty tactic in not discussing the main topic, slinging personal attacks and cheap shots,  and leaving my weak interpretation of the Vietnam War as the main focus and not the main topic of what should we do about Russia\’s aggression and gross violation of international law.  Distracters in a debate are a sign of weakness, as any good student of Sun Tzu would know.  My argument is that Russian aggression needs to be challenged and they need to be led out of Georgia, by force if necessary, and then let the diplomacy work out the border issue with the break away regions.  Your challenge was not based on how to achieve better results by leveraging diplomacy but by attacking my disclosures of military service instead.  I would expect more from a PhD and psychology degree holder.  Of course focusing on cardiology will cause some personality complexity as you have to know you are correct and right in what you do the same goes for fighter pilots.  As I clearly stated, again for the record, I was lucky enough to never be in combat.  As an officer and a pilot you wouldn\’t understand the life of an enlisted man anyway.  Yes I was on a ship, but also in amphib assult.  So to answer your homework assignment the platform you are seeking is the F-100, followed by the F-105 (yes the very plane you flew), and the F-4G (the one my enlisted father worked on, oh and he was in the Navy for 20 years) but the NVM Russian supplied AS-2 were dated and our electronic countermeasures kept loses to them at a minimum.  Again, I was enlisted, as in not an officer, as in having stripes on my sleeves, as in no ward room meals and plush living quarters.  We do not have OCS; we have history, training, training, and more training on practical things, like fire fighting, swimming, and seamanship.  Our history was of naval history and lessons learned, like how not to blow up the ship ala USS Forrestal or Virginia minion’s depot.  As enlisted we are trained to be harsh, obedient, and crass to the enemy, perfect for my heathen and savage heritage.
    Therefore, I am wrong for not wishing full diplomacy in cases like these.  How has diplomacy worked in the Middle East?  Last I heard the Israel-Palestine issue was not resolved and after 40 years of diplomacy is nowhere closer then it was then.  How well has diplomacy worked in Dufar, Sudan, Burma, the DMZ between the Koreas, etc.?  Why would anyone with a PhD believe Russia would work through diplomatic channels to resolve this unless force was implied?  Did they pull out because of diplomacy or because we began shifting Naval assets into the region?  Did they pull out because of diplomacy or the signed treaty with Poland we did when they were still in a country illegally?  Are they stroking the diplomacy channels now or threatening the EU with violence over sanctions, a diplomatic way to punish a violator?  Didn\’t your professors at Beloit instruct you on early childhood development and sociology and how to deal with irrational behaviors?  Russia, like all countries including our own, acts like a spoiled 4 year old.  Time outs are appropriate for minor violations, corporal punishment for gross violations.  Countries only use diplomacy when the consequences are too grave to resolve them otherwise.  Totalitarian minded governments are notoriously stubborn this way, and Russia is going down that path again (I trust you heard how their police arrested, detained, and accidentally shot in the head an outspoken critic of their tactics and policies, and America is such a bad place to live these days).
    We all know you lefties will win the election in November, so the war powers act of 2007, the one allowing the calling of martial law, will only be employed by your savior Brack Obama, not the evil war mongering Bush.  In school and the Navy I learned of article 2 in the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution of 1973.  I left the military in 1999 to finish my college education in lefty heaven before W. took office and destroyed all our civil rights and personal freedoms in 2007.  And again, for the record, I am an Eagle Scout and Boy Scout.  I was never a cub scout as our family owned a farm and I worked there doing things lefties hate, like hunting and slaughtering livestock for food.  So the Constitution, as I learned it states "Article II Section 2 clause 1; The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment." and the War Powers Resolution of 1973 states "the Congress of The United States of America states that the President of The United States of America can send armed forces into action abroad only by authorization of Congress or if the United States of America is already under attack or serious threat. The War Powers Act requires that the president notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action and forbids armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days without an authorization of force or a declaration of war."  As to the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, H.R. 5112(2) signed October 2006, which allows for martial law to be implemented in times of attack, extreme civil distress, and quarantine during a pandemic, or NBC attack it was signed with only 1 year and 2 months for the sitting president to use.  And unless your leisure activities in retirement have prevented you from knowing, this is the first election in over 60 years with no sitting incumbent or qusi-incumbant running for the office.  How will Obama deal with this law?  I bet he doesn’t get rid of it or a majority of the rest of the powers W. enacted.  Again this has little to nothing to do with Georgia being invaded by Russia unprovoked and then being crushed up to their capital only stopping with US military assets showed up.

  8. Cherry says:

    What a strong article, your point of view is so accurate and to the point! I do appreciate your thoughts and opinions.  I have always been impressed with your knowledge and intelligence\’s. You are always aware of the issues here and abroad.  Keep up the good work! Don\’t stop! We need a voice!
    PS Pinhead lefty\’s, they are always spiteful, have wrong information, interpert the facts wrong to fit their belief\’s and like to sting like a pinprick. Their anger is the driving force along with their socalist belifs and the fact they are not in power.  The MSM has help supported and prop up the liberals by poorly reporting the facts and stating opinons as facts.  The Lion is waking up in america and is starting to roar. It is time for a real change to fight back against these liberal hacks, with the truth.
    Thumbs up !
    Cherrye Kellogg

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