Melamine now in Chinese eggs

The story that just won’t go away.  Dog food, baby formula, milk products and powders, and now eggs.  What is going on here in China?  Greed!  The latest food scandal is now out and it seems eggs are now contaminated.  Reuters reports melamine in eggs found in Hong Kong, imported from northeastern city of Dalian.  The eggs had twice the allowable limit (it is scarry there is an allowable limit of this industrial chemical) of melamine of 4.7 parts per million.  Reports are suggesting the melamine got into the eggs by way of chicken feed.  So al that destroyed milk powder… well, it seems it was made into chicken feed or else NOW THE ANIMAL FEED INDUSTRY is now inflicted with rampant melamine doping.  The food supply in China is increasingly looking more and more scary.  The government is sitting on a potential powder keg of trouble if they don’t start regulating chemicals more closely then the food it is being used in.  If melamine is so cheap and easy to get no wonder some ignorant or greedy distrubutor is using it.  If you regulate it, tax it, make it available only to people with a licence and strictly control its use then the food MIGHT, just might get a little safer.
Now two of the main ingrediants for any baking, and most cooking is circumspence in China.  Bread, chocolate, cake, yogart, custards, anything but vegitables seems to be compromised.  If chicken feed is contaminated then it is a good bet that it is now in beef, pork, mutton, and other fowl feeds too.  China needs to find the handel and find it fast, with over a billion people at risk it could get ugly if not nipped in the bud rigt now and once and for all.  If melamine keeps popping up here and there it undermines the national food supply and is not good for anyone. 
I eat eggs everyday, now I don’t know what to do.  My daughter is not into eggs so much now so we will stick to her imported formula and vegitables.  Some things you can not gamble on, your health is one of those.  If the food here continues to spiral down into chemical soup then it just may be the time to go back home.  Oh, breaking news, this just in, the racoon dogs who were reported to have died suddenly in China, all 1500 of them, well guess what, they ate melamine according to AP Reports 1,500 Chinese racoon dogs die from tainted feed.  So now American AND Chinese dogs have fallen victums, as well as Chinese infants and Asia Pacific peoples to tainted milk and milk made products, and now we have to worry about the eggs too, and it keeps getting better.
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One Response to Melamine now in Chinese eggs

  1. Bobbi says:

    I just can\’t understand how all this melamine gets into everything and then on to the market. Is there no quality assurance going on in China? Or, is the government just turning a blind eye? I agree with you, Johhny, that someone needs to get a grip on things before it\’s way too late. Great blog!!!

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