Congradulations America, your voice is heard

The one great thing about America, no matter what is going on in the nation; we get a new government every 2 years, no matter what.  The people have spoken and the pendulum has swung.  History was made, in many ways, this past Tuesday and I, as an American, am very proud of my nation, its governmental process, its people, and its ability to change so rapidly within the civil constraints many nations can not fathom.  We have acheived what was once thought impossible and proved to the world our strength, power, and ability to respond to the will of the people.


A quick look at the numbers; 121.45 million Americans voted for a president!  That is over 40% of the country voting!  This is a good thing.  Of my friends whom I communicate with on my blog and grossly overdue newsletter the outlook was much less, of the 250 or so I was only able to get a confirmation of 25, but I do know more voted just not sure how many.  Before I go anywhere I want to lay something down for serious contemplation and consideration.  1) I detest hypocrites.  2) I detest racists and those who manipulate race for personal or ideological gains.  3) I am humble and proud enough to eat crow when necessary, but only if I need to.


Obama won 349 of the Electoral College votes of the 511 total and needing only 270 to seal the win.  This margin is a 68% win and something the media is quickly picking up on and running around preaching ‘mandate for change’.  Well, the 68% Electoral College win is far more then the popular vote reflected, where Obama won by a much smaller margin of only 6%, 52% to 46% of the total popular vote.  52% is not a landslide, a sweeping victory, or a mandate for anything.  Obama crafted a perfect campaign strategy and it seems his campaign advisors took a page out of the Karl Rowve playbook and applied it masterfully, my sincerest congratulations to them for an impressive application and execution of this.  Obama’s campaign executed the 2000 and 2004 strategy of taking Electoral College votes and not the popular votes all the way to the White House, well done.  When this strategy was employed successfully against Gore and Kerry the Democrats cried foul and demanded the Electoral College was defunct and antiquated and needed to be done away with, now they used it to their advantage, hmmmm… sounds a little hypocritical to me saying one thing and then doing another.  


I voted against Obama for 3 major reasons, 1) I do not trust any one side of our political system having total unchecked power over our entire government, we fought many wars to ensure we have a fair and balanced government and now is not the time to scrap it, and there will never be a time to do so either.  2) Obama’s stance on foreign policy is uninformed and inexperienced; he knows Chicago politics and opinions by leftist minded advisors surrounding him.  Obama has not served in the military where you get exposed to many cultures and see countries in a way you can’t as a public servant.  He has not traveled outside the US until recently and is basing his views and opinions on his very limited exposure and mainly in areas where situations are in extreme circumstances.  3) When was the last time big government benefited the American people?  Under Jimmy Carter we had double digit inflation, unemployment, and loan interest rates, all caused by big government spending and programs.  Bill Clinton was smart enough to not institute any radical expansions of the government but his policies translated into a tech bubble that resulted into arguably one of our nation’s worst economic times in history.


I will stand behind my new president and support him, until he goes over the line and then I will use my first amendment rights.  I never recall hearing any liberals saying they stood behind or supported George W. Bush at any time in his presidency, other then when they were scared and afraid after the terrorists attacks of September 11th.  I am adult and practical enough to give Obama a chance and to see where his version of change, which he never outlined or defined in his campaign, will take us as a nation.  I am fair enough and trusting enough to allow him to walk out as far on that limb as he likes, but I will scream bloody murder if he tries to go too far.  For the past 8 years not 1 liberal has ever said such words.  I will not publicly state how ashamed, insulted, or disgusted I am in the will of the people like Cher, Johnny Depp, and their Hollywood ilk who did so for 8 years never giving respect to the office, the people who voted, or the institution.  As an American they have that right, but these words, actions, and attitudes are one of the fundamentals that separate liberals from conservatives.


So why am I, and 46% of the country so pessimistic when 52% of the country is optimistic?  Alexander Tyler of the University of Edinborough.  In 1787 he wrote of democracies, through historical study and analysis, that there are 8 stages and on average democracies have a shelf life of 200 years to pinnacle and then a fast reversion to the stage that spawned it.  At 232 years old we need to investigate which stage we are in.  From bondage to faith, from faith to courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence to bondage.  Socialism and Marxism are dependency and only vigilance and wisdom with dedication and sacrifice can we reverse the tide of these natural progressions.  This is the meaning behind Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote ending “… the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed, from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure.”  Meaning, the government needs to remember the people are in charge of the government, not the other way around, and if it becomes tyrannical, we the people will revolt and change it by force if need be.  I am pessimistic because we have lost our prosperity edge and are either in complacency or apathy right now, socialism will only breed dependency.


The Congressional results have me very worried the most.  Pelosi and Reid are the real puppet masters and they will be the ones doing the work and putting the papers on Obama’s desk to sign.  The Senate did not get to the magic 60 seats needed for a filibuster proof representation, yet, but the minority is much weaker with 57 to 43 split.  The house saw more gains and now reflects a 256 to 178 split giving Reid the power he needs to introduce more leftist and Marxist legislature.  I find it odd how the Congress with the worst approval rating of any government body in history was given more power and more free reign to run about doing more of what they were before.  Pelosi and Reid and already pledged their agenda to get as much Marxist and Socialists legislature authored in their first 30 days so by the time Obama is sworn in a nice fat stack of bills will be on his desk for signature into law.  With such a majority they will rubber stamp any and all Supreme Court Justice nominations he makes plunging the court into a liberally minded majority and setting us up for decades of legislation from the bench.  I am afraid the liberals will not be able to resist the temptations and have the morale fortitude to going completely crazy and plunging the country into a Socialists and Marxist nightmare.  The conservatives did not do this when they had the majority in 2000, they kept things moderate.  I don’t have the same confidence in the liberals in showing restraint or respect for moderation.


Operation Ram Rod; the passing of the Fairness Doctrine, mass redistributions of wealth, dismantling free trade, growth retarding regulations on industry and capitalist institutions, expanding defunct and deficient government programs, economic segregation from the free world economy through tariffs necessary to bring back manufacturing and labor intensive jobs to the country, Constitutional changes and definitions to limit some rights and redefine others, big brother style programs and entitlements that foster a society of dependency and reliance on government for basic survival, the erosion of our core value and belief that founded our nation, taxation without representation!  This is what I am afraid will happen.  The intent has been made known, the pieces are now in place, and Obama has never voted against his party before so there is no sense he will begin now in preventing this country from sliding into another Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Vietnam, North Korea, Syria, and others just to name a few.  Funny how countries implementing capitalism have succeed while socialists countries continue to fizzle or flounder, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Columbia, just to name a few.


If we fall too far left the fate or our nation will reflect that of eastern and central Europe.  Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, France, Portugal, and the like are all nice places to visit, but their economies are crap.  Mired in double digit inflation and unemployment with high taxes and low productivity is it any wonder their populations are aging and birth rates have fallen to the point they have more people drawing entitlements then people supporting the system?  When you take natural competition out of the equation and hamper prosperity and growth then desire to succeed and drive to ‘get ahead’ die and society becomes lethargic and lazy.  Are the people in these socialists havens known for innovation, being industrious, hard working, shrewd business people, or anything associated with prosperity?  Nothing against them but if their countries were so great why are they not the most immigrated to country in the world and not America?  This is my greatest fear, we will end up falling into the league of nanny state countries where our status and influence are dictated by others and not our own.  We have to take away a few fundamental truths about the dangers of falling into extremism.  It is change, undefined and unexplained, that is the agent for its rise, it always is seen as the best alternative to the oppression of the time, it is accepted and defended by the masses at the time, and it is never realized how destructive it is until it is too late.  There are clear cut examples of ‘agents of change’ being elected who ended up being extreme examples of bad choices who took there power too far, I have no indications this will happen, but it goes to show how dangerous unbridled change can be.  The steps from apathy to dependency and dependency to bondage are not clear cut or advertised in neon yellow.  


We have a new president, I will support his common sense policies and decry his socialists and Marxist policies as my right and duty as an America.  Just as the lefties did against Bush since the Patriot Act and Iraqi War and more.  I will not however act like a lefty and call Obama a moron, idiot, complete failure or other disrespectful and idiotic words because he was elected by us all.  Why can the left call Bush an total idiot and cry foul for people calling Obama an inexperienced idiot, sounds like hypocrisy to me.  The shoe is on the other foot now, so all the attacks, derogatory comments, and spiteful actions the left did for the past 8 years they can expect now, but won’t get because most of us conservatives have a thing called morals that dictate our behavior.  The difference is we base our opinions on actions and logic, the left uses rhetoric and emotion to base theirs.  I wish Obama and his administration well and hope for the best for America’s sake, my children’s sake, and the sake of all freedom loving people in the world.  God bless the United States and help protect her from herself.

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4 Responses to Congradulations America, your voice is heard

  1. Brian says:

    Good stuff once again!!
    Let\’s keep smilin\’ and hope for the best.

  2. J says:

    That \’pert near sums it up. Well said! It does appear we have arrrived at delicate juncture in US history. Conservative leadership is needed. Expect to be ridiculed. Common sense will and must prevail. As you stated history is on our side but, what do state schools teach?

  3. Dora says:

    Hi! I am a new comer. I\’m a college student and my major in English,but i don\’t good at it. I\’d love to read your article.I think no matter who   is the president,if only he would do something for people and country,he is a good one.

  4. Bobbi says:

    Well said. I agree with you 100%.

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