Photo Album space issue discovered

Ok, I have to continue the previous blog’s gripe about Live Space’s update, this time regarding the photo gallery.  Previously the policy was, you can upload up to 350 pictures per month, at 1024×768 resolution.  Now you can upload 25Gb of photos.  While this is a huge amount of space I can burn through that in 6 months.  I was curious if this new limit applied to my currently posted pictures… it did not! Yea.  Then I noticed the album page had toatlly changed.  The albums thumbnails looked like poo, very grainy and pixelated.  I clicked on my latest album and it had a nice little message to update my album to get better looking thumbnails.  I did and they increased in size and resolution, they looked really nice.  It was only applied to that album, so I did the next and then the next and then I noticed it.  My space meter showed that i had used 500Mb of space after "improving" the thumbnail quality of just 3 albums (although one does have around 300 pictures in it).  So, if you update your photos you use up your new quota and there is nowhere on the page that tell you this.  I have around 110 albums which means over 1,000 pictures so if I update them so they look nice in the new Photo page I will have no new space for adding new albums.  I fear they will get rid of all the albums not updated over the course of the month, the time I discovered they were updates all of MSN’s services, hotmail, messenger, live, etc. 
To my friends who post a lot of pictures, be aware of this "new" space requirement and how it applies to "updating" your existing albums just to make the thumbnails look better.  On a second note, the new Album gallery looks and functions like CRAP!  It is no longer attached to the blog, meaning the theme is different, the page the albums are on is differnt, longer load times, navigation is differnt, and it completely takes you away from the blog.  Selecting albums is a little easier but, navigation in the album is not easier and being on a different site it detracts from the work all of us have done to make our blogs more complete and personal, now it is just a link to a page like Flicker, Kodack, or any other web based picture site.  I have seen many many many negative comments on the Live Team’s blog and will be adding my own after I take a few days to cool down and to discover what else is all jacked up here.  THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD!
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