Home for the holidays, and longer!

At the end of this week the wife and I will have a special reunion.  Our daughter is moving back home for Christmas and perminately!  She will soon be two, God time flies, and that means she will be old enough for some day care facilities here in Shanghai.  Over the past 20 months we have missed a lot of our daughter’s firsts.  Over this time we have visited as much as we could afford, financially and time wise, and we have been amazed and listening to her activities on nightly phone calls to Coco’s parent’s home.  Living in a different culture and world then I grew up in has taken some getting used to, but this will mark a very special event and time in all three of our lives.
We have spent the last 6 weeks piecing together her room and it has been ready for about a week now.  I know the adjustsments for all 3 of us will be great.  My daughter will have to continue learning her native Chinese while now being exposed to my foreign English, my Chinese is still pretty bad and I don’t want her picking up my bad Chinese habbits.  Her routine will be totally upset, new school, playmates, city with sights, sounds, and smells all unfamiliar.  She will now be with her parents and not with her grandparents, who have done a wonderful job, and will have a new role and routine to get into.  It is much colder in Shanghai then Guangzhou, and she will have to spend all of her day at day care and with a nanny for a few hours in the afternoon until we can come home.  Reality is we can’t afford to have only 1 of us work as Shanghai housing and day care is very expensive, but family shuld be together and now we can spend evenings and weekends together.  On a good sign, she has said she looks forward to moving here with us and that her grandparents should stay in Guangzhou, well, speaking is a not quite right, but that is what it was translated as meaning.  Just a few days left now.  Now I can really say it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
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One Response to Home for the holidays, and longer!

  1. V says:

    sofa ? ahhha ! Early Merry Christmas to you and your family ! Once you three get together , it will be christmas everyday !

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