Back in town after Chinese New Year 2009…

The family has been back in Shanghai for 3 days now, unpacked and recovered from the Chinese New Year holiday.  I have many thoughts and things to discuss but finding the time to get them all out will be a struggle as always.  Here are some highlights from my observations during the largest human migration on the planet.
  • Global warming is only warming the poles.  Kentucky is frozen, Wisconsin has gotten record braking snow, ice, and cold for the past 3 to 4 years, and my 4th Chinese New Year here in China was spent freezing around a space heater in Guangzhou where outside temperatures were below the average 15 to 20 degrees Celcius (40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit) for this time of the year, the highs were barely hitting the 14 degree mark.  The first two years it was beautiful there with temps in the low 20’s C (60’s F) as the lattitude is close to that of southern California.  Last year there was almost snow, there was snow in Shanghai, and this year it was cold and down there they don’t have heaters in the rooms as it has always been so hot.  Now we have the worst snow in England in 6 years, record breaking winter storms and conditions across much of the globe yet we are seeing the poles melt.  Global warming is getting really funny as before long all us humans will have to move to the poles to live and work and let the rest of the planet freeze in a block of ice for half the year.
  • China is a powder keg and Obama better realize it NOW.  The Chiense government this week demanded the military pedge and maintain its loyality to the Communist government in power here.  Why would they NEED to do this you may ask?  Last years snow and transportation meltdown stranding tens of million migrant workers for the annual holiday season, last year’s violent and nearly covered up Tibetan riots with this year marking the 50th anniversary of the original uprising that was crushed and reports of people already being detained to prevent a repeat, 20 million factory jobs alone lost in the last 6 months, 300,000 infants poisoned and 6 dead from a failed cover-up involving a disoraganized and ill equiped food product safety administration, the continuing distrust over the Sichuan Earthquake response and reasons that resulted in the deaths of over 80,000 and leaving tens of millions homeless and with broken families (activists are jailed for speaking out about poor construction and compensation for shattered families in a country with a 1 child policy and now scientists have published reports in scientific journals claiming research points to the cause being all the damming and obstructing of waters in the region), continued food inflation in a region that saw rice shortages the last 2 years and with less employed this year looks to be even worse!  You see China is unique because of the numbers here.  More people smoke in China then live in the USA, more people in China are on the internet then in the USA, if just a small fraction of people in China get upset it is a HUGE deal.  With well over 1 BILLION people you can see why the government is always cautious and paranoid, if unrest ever broke out in just 0.5% of the population, it would outnumber the Chinese PLA nearly 10 fold! 
  • Obama is getting mixed reviews and it ain’t just in the US of A.  Obama shooting off his mouth and claiming China is to blame for the American financial crisis and our sick factory sector is not sitting well here as you could imagine.  China is wanting to know how free market capitalism and trade is to blame and they in paticular are to blame just because they have cheaper labor.  I have to agree, the fault is with the American consumer who told the world who they favored when the stopped buying American made goods in the 1990’s and the flood gates for cheaper produced goods followed.  Obama better get out that silver tounge, because he has dug himself a hole with his campaign speeches and rhetoric preaching protectionism and isolationalism and his cabinet taking pop-shots at China for the past month.
  • Speaking of American politics…  The honeymoon is over.  I have kept my yapper shut, for the most part, to give the big O a chance.  Thus far he is screwing the media, pulling the wool over the eyes of the people who voted for him, and is plunging the country into a failed social vision that will most likely lead to a huge Cuba like situation and NO I am NOT exaggerating.  The Treasuary Secretary Tim Geithner evaded taxes for years, so has the former Democratic Majority Leader and Health and Human Services pick Tom Daschle, along with numerous other political missteps have shown even the blind Obama is not running a NEW, CLEAN, and TRANSPARENT government.  We are on the way to government take over health care, thanks to the new child insurance law just passed AND the removal of morality clauses on steam cell research, to be followed up with government take over of our banking system and private enterprise free markets (Obama already made a decree that private businesses have to enforce pay limits for CEO’s and top executives, forcing more American companies overseas to keep top talent with them and not their competitors in Europe and Asia.  Gitmo is closed, sort of in like a year or something.  The war is Iraq is over, sort of in like a year but with the troops going to Afghanistan instead of coming home.  There will be NO PORK in the stimulus bill, sort of as $825 billion is slated for things like ATV trail improvments – $25 million, Washington DC Federal building renovations – $34 million, Government car fleet refreshing $600 million, adding more funds to Head Start school breakfast programs, climat change studies already funded with 5$~6 billion, STD training to jr high students, and that is not even scratching the surface.  Add this to his now infamous pictures in the Oval office with shirt sleeves rolled up and finding out it is because he likes to turn up the heat and work in a "warm office", there goes fiscal and environmental responsibility.  Lead by example is working out great.
  • Kids grow REALLY fast.  My daughter will be 2 very soon and in the past year she has skyrocketed to 1/2 my height and despite not liking meat or eatting as much as other kids her age she is full of energy and fun.  That is all I have time for today, but I will get more out soon, once I can get a real routine set up.
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