Why am I pessimistic about the current American government???

I am finding it impossible to keep the silence any longer folks, seriously.  The state of our current government is eroding faster then cotton candy in my daughter’s mouth.  If I do not criticize and condemn the insanity in my nation’s capital I am not a true American.  I can no longer sit by and keep quiet while the far left Democratic Party runs my nation into her worst possible place in history.  Yes I believe that is what is really going on here.  How in my right mind can I say this and post it on the internet for all to see?

Joe Biden, on the campaign trail in September 2008, stated and lauded it is “patriotic to pay taxes” yet the administration he is a leading member of has had 4 people, nominated either withdraw or thoroughly embarrass the President for their failures to pay taxes to the tune of forcing the President to make a public apology for his “failures” and promise “to not screw up again”.  So far we have:

  • Tom Daschle -`HHS Secretary – withdraw for not paying $146,000 in back taxes
  • Nancy Killefer -`Chief Government Performance Officer – withdraw for not paying federal employee taxes of $900 for her nanny
  • Timothy Geithner -`Treasury Secretary – confirmed despite not paying $34,000 in back taxes for work at the International Monetary Fund
  • Hilda Solis -`Labor Secretary – confirmation stalled due to husband’s failure to pay taxes and a lean taken on their home, and all this is just the taxes part

According to Biden the president is appointing some very unpatriotic people to key positions in the government.  The math adds up to $180,900 of tax revenue not recovered for years, good thing Geithner is head of the IRS now, he can sweep it all under the carpet (yes I know all the taxes have been paid in full by now).  Add this to the President’s “new era of responsibility” pledge and the collapse of:

  • Bill Richardson Commerce Secretary – withdraw over pay-for-play investigation
  • William Lynn Deputy Defense Secretary – confirmed despite failing Obama’s own anti-lobbyist policy against former Pentagon workers who become lobbyists from working for him in 2 years time (Obama granted him a special waiver so its all good now)

It seems that shutting the "…revolving door that lets lobbyists come into the government freely" thing was just another campaign trail promise the leader of ‘hope and change’ will not be delivering on.  And all this is just with the Executive branch!

Below is a shinning example of why the lunatics are running the asylum over at the Legislative branch.  Remember my old friend Non-stop Nancy.  Well Madam Speaker is not only trying to instill fear and hate they way she and her ilk accused the GOP of doing during the campaign, she is trying to win the award for largest government employed idiot of the year with her actions since January 1st!  First Pelosi pledges the, then $700 billion, stimulus package will contain absolutely no ‘pork’, ‘ear marks’, or ‘bridges to nowhere’ in a January 12th CNN interview with Wolfe Blitzer.  We all know how much pork has been uncovered thus far in this now $900+ billion stimulus package.  The past week on ABC television Pelosi had to break the ‘no pork’ pledge by defending the ear marked hundreds of millions of tax payer funds for birth control claiming it will stimulate the economy… is this like saying, you know, like if people don’t have kids then they will, you known, have more money to spend money of stuff, or is she stating that all these poor people across the Bay of her home district of San Francisco, Oakland, are sapping too much tax payer money with WIC and healthcare costs?  Let’s not forget what came out of the other side of her mouth last month with her crowning achievement of Expanded Child Healthcare.  If she believes in the government handing out birth control, why did she insist on the child healthcare bill and why is she praising it so much?  Seems she was against federal birth control before she was for it, sorry John but the shoe fits.
See what I mean, insanity.  Add this to her and Joe Biden learning to count from the same place.  Joe things there are only 3 letters in the word ‘jobs’ and now Non-stop Nancy has stated that every month that goes by America loses 500 million jobs (she has stated this figure twice now, count that, 2 times Joe).  Seeing America only has 308 million people we are all losing our second and third jobs now!  The stimulus package keeps growing, from 700 billion, to 800 billion to now 900 billion.  Why are the Democrats so despite to demand this thing be passed now, immediately, post haste?  Why is the Speaker of the House, third in line to be President, not getting grilled in the media for her math, blatant contradictions, and inability to digest and use government provided figures the way Dan Quale, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and other GOP officials were?  There is a multi-layers snow job going on here and it is trying to cover up a whole slew of things.  Dems want to scare the American people the same way they accused McCain/Palin of doing all the way up to November.  They want to scare us so bad we pass legislature that will line their pockets, cement their re-elections, and push their socialists and Marxist agenda to the point of budding.  They don’t want people to have time to poke into the bill, that is why we are all losing 2 jobs this month for every man, woman, and child in our country! 
They are using the politics of fear and panic to pass their agenda, yet they claimed that is what the GOP did with all the things done post 9/11, hypocrites the whole lot of them!  Add in the ‘turn that frown upside down’ air Pelosi and her counterpart Harry Reid have with their support of and adoption of Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s Chief of Staff) quote “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before. This is an opportunity.”  That is what this is folks.  The Dems are worse then a stampede of bulls in a china shop, they are beyond insanity with their spending and beliefs that government is the solution to all our problems.  Strap in and hold your breath, the next 4 years are going to be a lulu!  Enjoy the show! 
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One Response to Why am I pessimistic about the current American government???

  1. Cherry says:

    I agree with you 100% I wish I could say in words on my blog exactly what you said . I am tired of the doom and gloom politics of Nancy P., Biden, Obama and Reid. They thought the Last admind was corrupt, Ha HA HA. Is it ok if I copy and paste to my blog your statement. Cherrye

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