One great spring day!

Today was the warmest, brightest, and overall best day of the year in Shanghai, relatively speaking as pollution and smog settled in after lunch turning the brunette tinted blue sky into a bright light pink haze that obscures everything after about 3 miles.  Today was a day that I would have loved to call in sick, if I were that kind of person.  The cold, gray, and damp months of a Shanghai winter are gone, well for a couple of days anyway.  Friday will be the same, only a ting warmer.  The wind is strong but not strong enough to clear the air of our impending smog blanket we rarely are without here.
Why am I taking the time to discuss this mundane event?  Its one of the little things you have to stop and be grateful for in our modern world.  A breezy, warm, sunny spring day.  It’s a shame it will rain and get cold again on the weekend, keeping my daughter and myself inside, it is still cold and flu season.  But we take what we can get and here we were given an otherwise wonderful weather day, until about 3PM anyway.
As the talking heads and leaders of the world all begin to could the dark clouds on the horizon and spew the gloom and doom amplified and echoed in the press across the world, I hope we all can find a little perspective in something completely meaningful and worthwhile that is in the ‘real’ world.  Sunny days, common courtesy, getting home a few minutes early, well behaved kids, whatever.  All the negativity going around it is easy to get caught up in.  Find something worth focusing on that is positive, these days we really need it.
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One Response to One great spring day!

  1. Tracey says:

    LOL why do you think we have a thing called Spring Fever? Spring is AWESOME! l would hate living with that smog. ln southern Ontario we get several smog days per summer (5 to 30) and those days are hard to take. Always combined with heat and humidity, l try to stay inside with the AC because l can get a headache pretty fast out there. BUT not thinking of those now because we\’ve had beautiful spring weather for almost a week! Cold is back for a while, but spring should be here soon. lt\’s a little easier to see the positive when the weather cooperates!

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