After the dust settles, its beginning to look a lot like class warfare

Obama’s 5 day pledge will not be used on this legislation because it is deemed ‘emergency legislation’, not that that seems to be stopping him from upholding that pledge anyway.  The corrected, consolidated and merged House and Senate bills were online the evening of Friday the 13th, Obama will sign it Monday morning.  The documents are HUGE, Section A is 496 pages – 5Mb and Section B is 575 – 2Mb.  Going through it to find all the hidden earmarks, pork, and wasteful spending would take a week or longer!  You can’t trust the summaries or press as they are so slanted it is unbelievable.  The point is this, this bill is shaping up a clear cut class war.  The payouts and provisions are all aimed at aiding those dependant on government aid, buying more of their loyalty, forcing the middle class into dependency on the government for sustainability, and undermining the upper class in an attempt to redistribute their wealth completely (much the same way as happens in all revolutions where rich people’s properties are taken and given to the poor).  This is becoming more and more clear as I analyze the flapping head talk show hosts, blogs, and what the media is leaving out of the discussions on what is going on in this country now.  As I stated earlier, good thing I am in China, now I can apply the living in an authoritarian communist society to my home country.

Just breezing through the first 20 pages I came across a $400 million provision for WIC, the women, infant, and children for providing nutriesous and free foods necessary for development (milk, orange juice, cheese, cereal, etc.).  Working for a grocery store in rural Alabama for 6 years and I know about it all too well.  The provision states clearly that $100 million is only to be used for funding the program, the remainder is to be used when it is expanded to enroll more people.  This expansion is used to hook people on dependency on government aid, little by little.  One of my favorite talk show hosts said it best, its like what a drug dealer does to get new clients, he gives away free drugs to get you hooked and then he starts charging when you need it.  This package, while some is necessary and needed, is government crack handed out to hook us all.  $100 million to expand free lunch programs, provided the schools only use it for new equipment and have a population of students eligible for the program at 50% or higher.  Seeing public school enrollment is declining, as our population is, and school districts are having to close down schools would it not be a better use of funds to use it to; hire staff, buy better quality food, or expand the program to charter schools and alternative schools?

Increasing social services does not stimulate the immediate needs of our economy!  Increasing social programs does nothing to fix the problems of job loss, frozen credit, home value increases, or spur domestic spending which all the Democrats have acknowledged is what the real problem is!  All these programs are long term spending programs.  They all require local taxes to fund.  Where do you suppose this funding will come from in October, when this budget plan expires?  Oh, you did not know this bill is just for this fiscal budget year?  Surprise, we will get a peek at Obama’s wish list for the next fiscal year at the end of the month.  Back to the point, the funding for all this expansion of WIC, school lunch, Medicare/Medicaid, unemployment benefits, etc, will be coming out of local tax bases.  Yep, local communities will have to hike up property, sales, and income taxes to pay for the new expanded services.  This will bog down local economic growth and make the case for federal funding grants to the local communities cementing their dependency on and influence by federal government into local communities across the nation.  California and Wisconsin are already using their portion of the bill to supplement their deficit spending (remember all states are required by law to have balanced budgets).  This financial crack being handed out will make communities and people dependant on the government.  Once you do that the government will tell you how to spend that money.

What was Bill Clinton’s crowning achievement as president?  Come on, you know you can name it.  Letting Bin Laden go, Kosovo, White Water, the tech bubble, Monica Gate, Socialized Medicine, NAFTA, getting impeached?  Nope, it was workfare, the reform of welfare to make people who could work work to receive assistance.  Well that was just erased.  This bill, soon to be law, now allows tens of millions sit at home and collect a check with no job searching provisions or minimum hours of work at a job to receive.  Welfare is there as a supplement to allow you time to get another job.  If you don’t have to get another job and they expand it from 6 months to 10~12 months then what incentive do you have to look for work?  It is encouraging laziness and dependency on government aid.  What was lauded as a success under Clinton’s 8 years of hell was now killed by the very party that created it.  Making the middleclass slaves and then slowly turning them into lower class will help swell the ranks of those for an impending class warfare.

Remember the good old days of president Bush when the Democrats were screaming about raising the deficit spending from 3% to 4% of our GDP to fund the war?  Remember when Regan created a recession and deficit spending of 3% of our GDP to fix Carter’s catastrophe?  You will now because this bill puts our deficit spending at 13~14% of GDP based off of pre-recession GDP figures!  That is like having a sub-prime mortgage loan with a teaser rate of $900 a month and after 4 years jumps to $3,600 a month… oh wait many can relate to that because that is what cause the housing melt down that tripped off this whole mess in the first place!  We have increased our deficit spending 3 to 4 times!  Why were the Democrats screaming at Bush for increasing it a measly 0.5% 4 years ago and happily going with these gross increases now?  We are putting ourselves on a collision course and the reasons are eerily pointing toward a new class war in the country.

How can all this spending be paid for.  If you take all the war spending since it began 6 years ago, throw in the homeland security spending for good measure, you still don’t match the spending in this bill!  The Democrats seem to hate spending money on war, but spending it on re-analyzing the results of the 2010 census findings and other things that don’t fix our economic problems outlined above is totally fine.  Just as SCHIP was lauded by Pelosi and she defended its birth control measure by saying it was a stimulus provision, no cost saving provision, no, well she blew it off anyway.  The Democrats love to spend money and could care less about oversight.  Case in point.  Obama’s ridicule of a bank’s planned annual event to Las Vegas, for an employee recognition and senior executive meeting to review and plan the next year’s strategies, and his fervor against another bank’s marketing budget at the Superbowl, to gain more clients, deposits, and loan candidates.  Because these banks took TARP funds he want to tell them what they can’t spend money on.  Its their fault for taking the funds, but if they take federal funds does the government have the right to tell them how to spend their money?  Really?  If so I want to tell all the unionized school teachers in America where, when, and how to spend their paychecks, vacations, and personal expenses.  They receive tax dollars.  How about the Post Office.  With this new 2 cent increase I don’t want to see them spend anymore on advertising, overtime, use 30% less fuel, and get rid of all unhealthy foods on government property because I fund their healthcare too!  See, when the shoe is on the other foot it feels different.

Our deficit spending is funded by; taxes received over the next fiscal year, treasury bonds sold to private, public, and sovereign wealth funds (countries), and deals involving trade and currency exchanges.  This tripling of deficit spending pushes the bonds down to historic lows eroding the confidence they can even be repaid!  Private investors are not going to buy them, they just lost 50% of their wealth when the markets collapsed (if they were lucky) and the bond rates now are less then 0.6% return on 10 years!  Businesses won’t be getting any bonds for the same reasons.  Japan and China (#2 and #3 economies respectfully) are hurting and can only buy a small fraction of bonds as they are in recessions and problems of their own.  Global markets are all down and digging in by spending less as investments.  Some want to see the dollar fall as it will increase their currency or GDP rates.  So the only other option is to just print money.  Without a value based on it the value of the currency will fall, simple supply vs demand.  As demand for US dollars falls supply will skyrocket, making inflation and possible devaluation a stark reality.  The US dollar may become just like the Mexican peso, worth less 24 hours after it was printed.  All that money will mean little if prices go up to match the realistic value of the currency.  Remember the good old days of Carter and his triple doubles, double digit inflation, unemployment, and national debt increases?  Well, get used to it because here we go again.  Funny thing here.  This bill is trying an old formula that has failed in every communists and socialists country over the past 60 years yet we feel we can make it work this time around.  China abandoned government run businesses 30 years ago and adopted a more capitalistic approach, the results… from 3rd world to 3rd largest economy and still growing in a global recession all in 30 years, it has never happened before.  It seems China and American are two passing ships in the night, each going to where the other has just came from.

All this circles back to the positioning of class warfare in the country.  The Democrats, drunk off of their huge wins this past fall, have placed a 40 year in the making wish list up before a president who is going to sign it into law after the public, who will be paying for it, gets less then a weekend to review and inform their Congress members how to vote on it.  40 years of far left wing ideas, philosophies, and scams will become a reality, all with smiles and pats on the backs while the president told the nation, with a straight face, that this was necessary and had to be done now, because waiting another week or two would doom us all to, well whatever the Democrats version of a non-religious Hell would be.  These measures will place the yoke of dependency on the middleclass.  These measures are aimed at going after the rich.  While not rich, a fan of the rich, nor a believer that rich people are anything besides scum, I feel in out country that if you work hard and are persistent you should get rewarded accordingly.  What about Paris Hilton?  I would love to see her on WIC and food stamps, but only as a result of her family disowning her or cutting her off permanently.  There is a gambler’s saying that applies here, scared money don’t make no money.  The reward of a high payout is worth the risk, this is what created the rich people in the first place, they were willing to go it alone when it looked worst.  Are we saying now that they are bad for being successful?  Are we no longer rewarding success?  Are we now going to say that those with money have to support a system that has declared war on it for no other reason then what they make in a year?  Sounds pretty un-American to me.

The investments of this package do 3 things.  It boosts popularity by those stead fast loyalist who already receive entitlement and feel their plight is the fault of others.  It purchases the loyalty of the middleclass under the guise of short term assistance until things improve.  It sets up a system so bloated and large the amount of resources required to maintain it exceed what we can afford and this will push the middleclass into the rank of the entitlement receivers.  That will leave just the large companies and the rich to fund the rest.  Of course the government counts on them staying where they are out of some sense that America at that time is still better then Dubai, China, Vietnam, Brazil, India, hell even Canada, Australia, and others.  Not only will pay caps on top executives create brain drain in those companies, the top tier talent going where the pay and benefits match the work, class warfare and assaults on our elites will create wealth drain faster then the government can take it.  Rich people are smart in one area and one area alone, retaining wealth.  If they can’t do that here there is nothing preventing them from jumping ship.  They employ the smartest people to manage their money, loyalty and nationalism only goes so far.  Unlike France during their revolution, the world is smaller and easier to navigate in today.  This year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.  Other countries have blood soaked shifts of power or wealth throughout their recent histories too.  The US, and to some extent Russia, do not operate this way.  This war will not include poor peasants running into mansions and looting them, no that will be left up to the government.  Tax increases, road blocks for investments and business operations, death taxes, luxury taxes, and the like.  This war will backfire on the Democrats and cause a mass exodus where other countries will get the tax dollars we will miss.  Then we all are left holding a very big and heavy bag.  Remember that little war at the turn of the last century?  They passed and implemented a ‘rich’ person tax to pay for that war, on telephones that at the time only rich people had, well, we still pay that tax today each month. 

As I have stated earlier.  Liberals tend to be very short sighted with their ideals.  All this stuff looks like it was cooked up in the 1960’s and now has the chance to see the light of day, however over that time they never got past the ‘would it be radical and cool if we did “x” – never thinking through what would happen next or because of it.  Those of us who are left will look around and wonder how it all happened, well this is it.  Remember Mr. ‘it’s patriotic to pay taxes’ Bidden kept lowering his definition of rich from $250,000 household income to $200,000 and then to $150,000, well you should because it may have to go lower, meaning all those nice taxes above could be coming your way.  That is how class warfare is conduced, full frontal assaults on the supply lines and resources used.  It may be bloodless but the effects are just as devastating.  Pelosi and Reid have rammed 40 years if unfilled X-mas wish lists into the first real legislation Obama will sign and doing so as to ‘not let a good crisis go to waste’, yep that sounds like this is on the up and up and we have all that hope of change and transparency happening here.  Just as Wisconsin found out when their ‘tax Hell’ drove thousands of tax payers to Florida and Arizona (who were grateful in receiving new tax bases) and are now left with a $3 billion deficit, you can only tax so much before those getting taxed will leave.  A strategy to take down ‘the man’ and stick it to ‘the rich’ is getting underway, power to the people and those ‘the man’ has held down for too long, we are with you brothers and sisters, our time has come, we will get all we deserve now, follow us to the promised land of equality, harmony, lollipops, unicorns, and chocolate rivers.

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One Response to After the dust settles, its beginning to look a lot like class warfare

  1. Bobbi says:

    You\’re right, John, the Clinton\’s were socialists from their college days and Obama wrote in his books about Socialist ideals. Now we have all of the Clinton hangers on just a hanging on. Americans have socialism now whether they want it or not. Voters should dig deeper before voting, change, yeah we\’re getting change, but it\’s not for the better. Bobbi

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