A weekend in Singapore is too short

I am back in cold, gray, rainy Shanghai.  I was able to snap off about 650 pictures between 2 cameras, didn’t get any video, and spent a vast majority of the time with the family, the real reason for the visit.  My wife is doing well, but a little home sick as working in Singapore is more stressful when your family is a 5 hour flight away and getting there for a weekend takes too much time and money to be practicle, at least she is half way done with the assignment now.  The 3 nights and 3 days was not even close to enough time to really see much of the small country that is mostly a city. 
We went to some malls, the zoo, sight seeing down town along the river, took a "duck tour" and met some of my wife’s co-workers at a dinner.  A few quick things about the trip.  If you are going to fly, fly Singapore Airlines!  Their inflight servies is the best I have ever seen and the little things they do make the whole trip more enjoyable.  Leaving their airport is a bit odd, but it works and works better then most places I have been to in Asia.  Singapore people are very friendly and English is spoken widely, the only other place with really friendly people I have found thus far is Thailand, and they border Singapore on the north. 
The zoo is great, too bad we saw less then half of it but it is too huge to see in 1 go with a 2 year old, she needs her naps.  The zoo, for the most part, is a free ranging zoo when they can get away with it, meaning there are few cages and the animals are in a more natural habitat.  My daughter even petted a kangaroo and was close enough to pet an orangatan if she wanted to.  The Singapore Flyer, a ferris wheel, is taller then the Longon Eye and is second tallest in Asia, behind the one in Taiwan I saw.  The largest fountain in the world is in there Wealth Center, 5 tower complex, and I was able to go inside it.  Just like Thailand, Singapore allowes you to get credit on taxes items over $100 Singpore dollars at customs when you leave, provided you have the form and receipts.  The days are close to being even with the nights in length, it rains alot there, and despite being really hot and tropical you have to have a ligth jacket because everyone blasts the AC there.  The "duck tour" was actually on a LARC, Light Amphibious Resupply Cargo, craft.  I know this because in the Navy I was a LARC commander so this was one of the few times I got to ride on one without driving it, it was fun and different.  Our daughter loved the entire trip, except saying good bye, she got lots of complements on her flying manners on the way home, she was cranky on the way there.  I hope to get back to Singapore soon but with more time to see more sights.  More and pictures coming later on.
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One Response to A weekend in Singapore is too short

  1. Bobbi says:

    Sounds like you enjoyed your trip in spite of the weather. Singapore is a great place to visit; however, I wouldn\’t want to live there. Bet you\’ll be glad when your wife\’s assignment is over. Waiting for the pictures. Oh, I loved Thailand except for the humidity. Bobbi

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