Note to liberals: Actions speak louder then words…

I have been running into more and more Americans here overseas who are grateful to be out of the country in this time of uncertainty.  Why, they all cite the economy and the direction of the country.  For all the white washing, name calling, and blame shifting the media is screaming at the public to such a deafening volume, the reality is just not in synch.  I am not saying this as a sore loser conservative or doom and gloom nay-sayer but as an American who is watching the ship sink as it catches fire and burns on the way down.  This is the reality of what is going on.  Despite the love affair from all corners of the liberal community towards this new ‘golden age’ of American politics we are witnessing the total collapse of our free market economy and the beginnings to nationalization of all things to all people in the country.

The more the US government acts the more the markets go down.  Pelosi ramrods a bill, the market tanks.  Pelosi and Reid hold closed door stimulus deals, the market tanks.  Obama signs a bill into law, the market tanks.  Obama and his tax dodging economy geniuses make comments and testimony, the market tanks.  Obama tries to calm down the markets, yep it tanks.  Day in and day out I have seen my modest retirement savings plummet to near initial investment levels, despite pumping in more money to take advantage of low mutual fund and stock prices.  Since Obama has been sworn in we have seen little if any impact on the markets from any newly identified source.  We have had full knowledge of what has been going on since January; AIG, Citi Group, Bank of America, GM and Chrysler, all of it has had no shocking new or damaging revelations announced since January.  Global markets and currencies are not falling dramatically and for the most part are declining in a steady yet stable glide down.  Despite all this the markets have shed 23% of its value in this time, why?

I have stated on this blog I would give Obama a chance and some opportunities to show himself and his true colors before I began criticizing his leadership and administration.  That time is now officially over.  In less then 100 days Obama has taken a bad situation and made it drastically worse.  The levels of incompetence, ignorance, and sheer lunacy going on in Washington DC is making me seriously consider the unthinkable, that my beloved country will only emerge from this crisis as a pale shadow of its former self.  Obama, Pelosi, and Reid’s vision of America through their actions has done more damage and destroyed more progress in our country then Al Qaida has with all its attacks on our country, combined.  I am not exaggerating, look at the results since November and where we are today and look at the same amount of time from the USS Cole, African embassy bombings, and both WTC attacks.

I am not going to back down or sugar coat this criticism under the hopes and desires to have the Obama dream presidency turn a corner and we are all delivered to the liberal promised land.  Obama’s lack of real job experience is showing and this is being reflected by the confidence in our economy to recover and our country to return to a leadership position on the world stage.  We Americans vote in many ways on many things everyday.  The stark reality to the liberal dream is that nobody is buying it.  The more Obama does and the more information that is released on the direction he is leading the country into is being voted against every day in the Stock Exchanges, Corporate employment departments, local governments, and households across the nation.  Lack of confidence is causing the money to be saved and squatted on by all those who really matter in our economy, the ones who run our businesses.  If Obama is trying to break the back of the free market system and establish a nanny state or a society solely dependant on the government for survival then congratulations, its working.

The armature dealings go far beyond our economic mess, to secret letters to Russia leaked to the NY Times (a liberal mouthpiece so we know it came from the White House itself), to protectionism legislation despite calls from around the world it will result in trade wars and even England’s Prime Minister coming to DC and saying directly not to do it, to their lack of response to North Korea on its attention getting remarks on saying it wants a war with us, to Iran who must be laughing at us for the Russian back door policy disaster with the very country who is building Iran’s enrichment facilities, to his lack of showing China the respect and gratitude he needs to for the help we will need from them over the next 2 years, to his top officials engaging in a media war with conservative talk show hosts for no other reason then to posture for the next election to help make more gains in mid term elections, to Obama’s sour grapes response to Republican opposition to his policy and legislation when he does not even need their votes or support to pass these things because his party controls everything anyway, the Republicans are irrelevant and impotent in the government so just let them speak out and scream because it will not matter at the end of the day because they don’t have the votes to stop anything.

Barack Obama has not had a real job in his life, much less a real leadership job in any facet of the definition of the word and we wonder why the world is crumbling down around us despite all the wonderful words and platitudes Obama spews from his golden tongued font.  Talk is cheap, actions speak louder then words, if you talk the talk you better be able to walk the walk, proof is in the pudding, a bird in the hand is better then 2 in the bush.  No matter how you want to put it the leadership of the nation is NOT happening.  The direction the country is being steered in is NOT working.  Confidence in our country is NOT there.  Throwing money into the abyss in hopes it will fill is NOT working.  Saying a single company is too big to fail is NOT the right answer.  The Democratic vision of how to fix this mess is NOT resulting in anything coming close to the neighborhood of success.  Yes it has been only 4 months since Obama won the election and 2 months since him taking office but how far are we willing to let things drop before we demand a different direction?  Guess what, by the time Obama hits 100 days we are dangerously close to seeing some of the largest companies in US history fail which will cascade far beyond what anyone can imagine.  Here is something else for you, George W. Bush is not to blame.  His administration fell asleep at the switch over lending regulations, this stimulus plan authored proudly by Pelosi and Reid and signed into law by Obama will be judged by its real impact.

Obama’s eloquent public speaking skills have not steemed the tide of unemployment as over 1,000,000 jobs have been lost since Obama took office in January.  That is the reality.  Nationalizing healthcare talk and banks have not loosened up lending or instilled confidence in companies to stop laying off people.  Delaying tax cuts and promising to bailout irresponsible homeowners who bought more home then they could afford has not spurred investment in small business expansion, creation, or investment into the very companies who are cutting back expansion and laying off workers left and right.  Obama’s public charm and intoxication of inspiration has not worked on those very groups who employ or create jobs in our country.  Obama’s building bridges and rebuilding our international reputation has not paid any dividends or promises of partnerships but has drawn warnings and promises of retaliation for his Buy American pledge from our staunches allies to at arm length partners.  Canada, England, and Asian countries have all lectured Obama on this policy and yet, he is still going down this road.  No, word are truly cheap, the cost of taking the wrong actions appear to be the wealth and economic power of our country.  If Obama does not stop this insanity and Pelosi and Reid stopped with losing the majority of seats in Congress then is seems we will see the real cost of all these wrong actions.  Talk is cheap, the actions taken are showing no way of fixing the mess we are in.  There is something worse then inaction, the wrong action and that is what the far left liberals have pushed for and achieved at this particular moment.  Our governments actions are causing much more harm then good and as the liberals sing songs of praise the ship is continuing to sink, but now the fires are beginning to burn and it may be too late to save the mess now.

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2 Responses to Note to liberals: Actions speak louder then words…

  1. Jeffrey says:

    I would normally not comment on this kind of a political blog, but I feel this is incredibly unfair. You see all the things that Obama may be doing wrong – and maybe he is, but he has inherited a mess. I don\’t think anyone could turn this mess around in the time frame you suggest. What would you do? Throw money Republican style – without pork? Does that make it any less of an abyss? I don\’t think that\’ll make a big difference. The stock market is failing because our economy is crumbling. The whole planet is a mess – because someone slept at the switch, as you say. Compare Bush\’s last 100 days to Obama\’s first 100. Who started, and way to late if this kind of thing could possibly work, to flush money down the corporate welfare bailout hole? That started with Bush. Don\’t forget that. Obama is in a a no win situation, and the best he can do is minimize the damage to the burning, sinking ship. He did not scuttle the boat nor did he torch it. One could speculate that the Bush fiddled while America burns and sinks. I feel your pain – trust me – I do. But for the last eight years we have nothing but an absolutely incompetent leader. He is already rated as the worst of all living presidents. I am not saying this as a liberal as I\’m in the middle. I am saying be fair. Anyway, I\’m not trying to start a fight. But I think we will never see eye to eye on this issue. The good thing is that you have many other good things to say that I will be happy to hear. But politics is not going to be one of them.

  2. John says:

    Hi Jeff, no need to apologize for your views with me and I can seperate my political views from other views. The point is that the leadership being shown is not instilling enough confidence for our markets to do what the other countries markets are doing. While you are correct no one can fix such a mess in such a short time I am laying as much blame on Pelosi and Reid as Obama, it is just he is the lightning rod for all of this to all the American people. I have very detailed ideas, but it is moot to discuss them as I am in no position to influence anyone and I know people in power would ignore them anyway, and no they are not Republican, I am conservative but not Republican, closer to Libertarian so federal spending would be minimal at best. And to be 100% fair Nancy P and her crew have been in power for 4 years already and they have maintained a worse approval rating then Bush had due to their insistance on party line politics because of their dislike of him and his silly little war. While we may not see eye to eye on politics, that is fine. America is built off of passionate debate and compromise to acheive well rounded workable solutions, unfortunately we aren\’t seeing that and have not seen it for many decades. Only when people argue their points and flesh out their concerns and ideas can a common ground be found and solid workable ideas realized. I just ain\’t seeing it in DC now when we need it the most.

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