Vast right-wing conspiracy… part 2

Ah, the good old days of the Clinton administration.  Bill was constantly under investigation for shady real estate deals, girl friends or interns, or renting out the Lincoln bedroom and Hillary was shot down in flames over socializing health care.  It was at this time that she stated there was a vast right wing conspiracy to bring the Clintons down.  This was a defining moment in showing the Clintons as bitter and slightly kooky.  There is a reason why you can’t convict a capital crime on circumstantial evidence alone, ask OJ about that one.

I am not going to fall into the obvious trap of implying the same thing madam president was doing at the time of Billy’s impeachment.  Instead I am going to outline the circumstances slowly coming into view like the jagged rocks of a cliff in the fog on a shipwreck inlet. 

I could go on for thousands of words on Obama’s lack of experience, ignorance, stupidity, and incompetence but that will achieve nothing more then ire from liberal minded ones who are still basking in the glow of electing the first half black man who was raised by whites in Hawaii and attended Harvard and Harvard Law becoming president of Harvard Law Review (as far from being black as an Irishman raised in Alaska) to president of our fair republic.  I could write for pages about Pelosi, Reid, Frank and the rest of the government insane clown posse better known as the Democrat controlled Congress but again pointing out the worst approval rating governmental body in US history, worse then GWB over the past 3 years, will only incite the left to cry fowl and say I am part of the problem and not the solution.  I will save that for another blog on another day because all that stuff is just too good to resist writing about.

I will talk about the utter hypocrisy revelation of the month. that of Obama’s go to financial wizard, remember the new head of the IRS who was a habitual tax cheat, was the author of the loopholes allowing AIG to issue and pay bonuses to top executives.  I can go one better, the very Congressional Democrats who were loudest against the bonuses were the ones who also authored the initial bailout package to AIG and the lack of intelligent controls of the money, most of which evaporated.  Who were the largest contributor to 4 out of 5 Democrats railing against AIG’s bonuses, you guessed it AIG, check it out, its public record.  That is how the initial bailout funds were given, and lost, and how the second round ended up going to bonuses and such, now its a big deal. 

Puppet master Pelosi.  If Obama is not in Washington who is running the government, I will give you 2 guesses and Joe Bidden is not one of them.  The problem in Pelosi and the DNC’s plan is that Obama is a little too arrogant and gaff prone to pull off the empty suit role effectively.  The years of cultivation and planning are now jeopardized because the perfect pansy who could razzle and dazzle and divert attention is under the assumption he is actually in charge and calling the shots, the gaul and audacity of him!  Obama has scolded and chided the Democrats on the 8,000 earmark stimulus bill, wink wink, nod nod and passed it anyway saying while not perfect it had to be passed.  His role as diversion tactic eye candy worked as he stated we HAD to pass now worked well, but not well enough.  Pelosi, off the win of her insane SCHIP package does not know when to cool it, she is getting greedy and impatient and is pulling back the curtain so we can see the wizard behind the machine.  Now she is calling for a second stimulus, and all this when Obama’s budget is 13% GDP, GWB’s war time only got up to 5%, and the GAO is stating his calculations are now almost $2 trillion short!  Where will all this money come from, tax the rich! tax the rich! tax the rich!  Redefine who is rich.

Obama needs a “thinking on your feet” upgrade.  First he insults mentally impaired people and gets a pass Ben Stiller wishes he got for Tropic Thunder.  Then he makes light and jokes about the economy on 60 minutes, getting light press.  Follow all this up with his performance in the staged circus the White House calls a press conference (pre selected reporters and questions only please) and he states 2 items that hare lighting up the conservative blogsphere, first 1 out of 50 children in America are homeless and many are living under bridges, wow that is a lot of kids living like trolls.  Second he says that it isn’t fair for rich people to get a 39% tax deduction on charities, home mortgages, etc. and should only get a 28% deduction like the lower tax brackets, oh and no tax itemizations for the rich.  So if it isn’t fair to get the tax cut, why is it fair to pay the higher tax rate?  Fair is fair, people who pay higher taxes would get higher tax breaks in an equal proportion.  Raising the rate of taxes rich people pay but lowering the deductions they can claim is the opposite of fair.  The only thing that is more bazaar is his answer to the follow up question, you know, if the rich don’t get to deduct charitable contributions Obama thinks they will continue to donate at their existing levels.  Rich people give money to get the deduction, take away the incentive and they will pay less, there is no real motivation to give more, oh and conservative are proved to contribute more to charity then liberals, unless it was on purpose so the government can take over the running and operations of the charities.  Should rich people pay more taxes, of course, should they get proportionate deductions, of course because this encourages them to donate more or pay a higher mortgage, which provides more property tax revenue for the local community.

Obama is a lousy magician.  The first thing they teach you in magician school is to distract people’s attention with one hand while you do the trick with the other.  Obama was going to bring bi-partisanism back to D.C, then did nothing with Pelosi and Reid locked out Republicans from stimulus bill and omnibus spending bill authoring, resulting in the infamous 8,000 earmarks.  He was going to bring hope and faith in our government back, now more and more people are skeptical of socialism, taxes, deficit spending, and inflation.  Obama was going to rebuild our international reputation, closed GITMO, sort of, sparked a trade war with Mexico, was talked down to by Canada, Great Britain, and now the EU over our protectionism and isolationism legislation.  He was going to rebuild confidence and strength in America, now his brilliant tax dodging Treasury Secretary is agreeing with China in establishing a new international currency because confidence in the US dollar is at an all time low.  Obama was going to bring integrity to Washington, well 13 tax cheats, numerous lobbyists, beltway Clinton administration insiders, and Chicago machine cogs later we have an administration that echoes “the more things change the more they stay the same”, that is change we can believe in.  Transparency, well the 5 day review policy has already been blogged on by yours truly.  How about accountability, call Obama the president of a 1000 czars.  The administration’s usage of the unofficial official czar role, the most of any administration, is anything but accountable, no Senate confirmations, no elections, no committees, the president’s ear, this is so bad Democrat senator Robert Byrd has sent Obama a letter stating grave concern and outlining Obama’s historic overuse of the position that czars “inhibit openness and transparency, and reduce accountability” and later added “The rapid and easy accumulation of power by White House staff can threaten the constitutional system of checks and balances”, harsh words of abuse of presidential powers, something Obama always pinned on GWB.  Partial list of czars; health reform, energy and climate change, urban affairs, economic, AIDS, Drug, Stimulus (VP Biden), tech, education, copyright, intelligence, and all working directly for the president, bypassing existing channels and having no checks or balances.  While this seems like a good idea it provides a new layer of governance to move through and they have to share power with confirmed cabinet members.  Accountability.

Hillary is one smart politician.  By taking the Secretary of State job she has isolated herself and cemented her foreign policy experience and contacts.  She is no longer a Senator so she is not accountable to the citizens of New York State.  She does not have to defend or explain her voting record anymore.  If the Obama administration continues to self destruct and bring backlash to the party, she will be positioned as a golden candidate.  She is racking up the experience and contacts on the world stage.  She has gotten Obama and his groupies to pay off her campaign debt.  Man, those Clintons are smart.  Oh, and giving Obama most of their people for his administration and they can destroy if from the inside, and if you don’t believe they are above such dirty tricks, you don’t know politics.

I am pointing out the double speak of the administration and our Congress.  If you want solutions, real and not invented (all I can provide) well, we will have to wait until balanced budgets are realized and leprecons riding unicorns are seen on K street chasing out the lobbyists.  I can Monday morning QB the administration, but that is merely an exercise in futility, much like training for a week on the ISS.  Some things are obvious from the get go, a slow PC, a bad TV, shoddy craftsmanship, others take a while, the lemon of a car, bad furniture to bad clothing.  This administration is proving to be the latter, no need to take it back for repairs, its obviously broken.  We now have North Korea readying their second test of an ICBM, Iran exposed supplying terrorists in Palestine, Hugo Chavez mouthing off, Mexico setting tariffs over a trucking row, China submitting a vote of no confidence in the US dollar, and of course there is still Russia out there too, oh yea and a domestic disaster that was built and nourished by the Democrat lead Congress in place now and recent revelations and policies of ACORN and HUD that created the housing mess that sparked it all, and Obama was a cog in that wheel too.  The evidence of a vast left-wing conspiracy is not there, but it we conservatives were like Hillary we would call it so. 

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