A letter to my Senators – Budget, Spending, Power concerns

Senator Feingold and Kohl,
I hope this letter finds you well.  I am writing this letter out of grave concerns and much distress over the condition of legislation passage in our government.  I did not fall for nor vote for any of this ‘change and hope’ nonsense that is being witnessed every day on the steps of our capital and across our nation.  The President has not lived up to most of his words on integrity, honesty, transparency, or accountability and yet he and your party are still taking his popularity to peruse passage of massively destructive legislation.
I have seen the Democrats, through Obama, state that GM was not being taken over by the government and then two sentences later hear the plan on how the government was taking over the auto maker including the terms, goals, and outcomes to be achieved, he did the same for Chrysler.  This week we have also heard how any financial institution that received TARP money and want to take PIPP monies will be mandated to enforce pay scales from tellers up to senior management.  The Treasury Secretary is also trying to place road blocks, known as stress tests, in place to prevent said institutions from returning the funds to avoid the government mandated controls that came with it.  In light of this I am afraid that the stimulus and omnibus bills rushed through both houses and signed in haste, violating the President’s own 5 day review campaign pledge, have more and more hidden and governmental encroachment language in them that gives the federal government unprecedented and far reaching power into the personal, professional, and business lives of our citizenry.
Senator Feingold, I do not want to sound like an alarmist but I am seeing truly damaging legislation flying through the government without any consideration to the People.  We are seeing news reports of Democrats stating they did not read the legislation prior to voting on it!  Now I know this is not the case with you, however I am concerned many of your fellow legislators have forgotten one single and simple fact about our government and its process, all branches represent us and our will.  Can you please bring this up on the floor that legislators do not work for lobbyists, special interest groups, campaign contributors, friends, or political allies, but for the people in the districts and states to whom put them into office.  Can you please inform them that there is a growing tide of mistrust and concern against not only them, but the government as a whole now because of their reckless and wanton actions.  This concern is beyond conservative and liberal and is transcending party affiliation because it will change the way our nation operates and may not be able to be reversed.
There is no indication that the massive spending, debt, and deficit spending will collapse and require higher taxes to be heaved upon more and more segments of the nation as they find funding shortfalls due to grave miscalculations.  Social Security is the larges issue as millions of Americans will begin drawing it and leaving the tax base at the same time.  The welfare measures instituted will encourage people to stay home and not seek work.  The stimulus package has little if any project spending that will begin to impact any local community this year, much less next year.  There is already a coalition of states demanding greater autonomy that is up to 11 states in pushing the 10th amendment dangerously treading close to an era not seen here in 160 years.  Our Federal government has seemed to forget the lessons from which it was founded that of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
This government is a union of states, and the amount of intrusion into everyone’s lives by that government is causing serious reservations on the validity of the Union as we know it.  My fear is that the continued lack of opposition or moderation of the Democrat party will only embolden them to continue pushing the nation further to the left to the point of pulling apart the very fabric that makes up this nation.  We have already seen the hand of government sweep into the financial sector, now the automotive manufacturing sector, and that leaves many wondering what is next and how far will this go.  We are seeing an international backlash toward our monetary and trade policies that will constrain our mercantilism philosophies for decades.  Our own businesses are revolting against proposed taxes that will cost millions more present and future jobs and hamstring their ability to compete fairly overseas.  We could begin to see a mass exodus of wealth, power, and revenue generation for friendlier and more fertile grounds.  This we can not have.  What actions are open to me, a citizen, with no real voice to be heard above that of the liberal lobbyists and special interest groups to take to show my dissatisfaction and fear for my country?  Can you please talk to your Republican and Democrat colleagues and show us, the citizens of Wisconsin and the United States, that our government is still owned of us, by us, and for us and our children? 
Thank you for your time and considerations,  God bless America
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2 Responses to A letter to my Senators – Budget, Spending, Power concerns

  1. John says:

    To be fair I have received only 1 reply, that from Senator Kohl, at least after 8 days I know he reads his emailApril 10, 2009Mr. JWest Allis, Wisconsin 53219-1071Dear Mr. J:Presidential budgets can have enduring impact; they set the stage for thousands of negotiations, big and small, that will follow in the months ahead. But our founding fathers were also very clear in giving Congress a central role in directing the nation\’s finances, and that is the sobering task we undertake in the weeks to come. It is a profound responsibility and I welcome your advice regarding President Obama\’s proposed FY2010 budget. On February 26, 2009, President Obama released a preliminary outline of his budget. Since then, our country has experienced a $2.3 trillion decline in the budget projections. Our nation is facing serious economic problems and our focus must be on creating jobs, growing the economy and shoring up our financial systems. The President understands that and his budget reflects those priorities. I support the goals set by the President\’s budget, yet I believe that we need to accomplish them in a fiscally responsible manner. This will not be easy when our country is facing the gravest economic crisis in 70 years along with the need to run a deficit to get our economy back on track. We need to make sure that we don\’t find ourselves in an enormous fiscal hole years from now. We cannot hand our children a massive debt with interest payments so high they won\’t be able to invest in anything else. The budget passed recently by the Senate helps prevent that from happening. The Senate-passed budget resolution will cut the national deficit in half by 2012 and by two-thirds by 2014. It also anticipates $825 billion in tax cuts focused on middle-class families and three years of alternative minimum tax relief. The President has talked about going through the budget line by line to uncover wasteful programs, and I look forward to being part of that effort. These values – deficit reduction, fiscal responsibility, government accountability-are common sense ideas that I know most Wisconsinites agree with. These values need more representation in Washington I plan to help carry that banner.Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. I appreciate having the benefit of your views.Sincerely,Herb KohlU.S. Senator

  2. Zhangkai says:

    Maybe your goverment needs to consider many problems, and to handle this problems they have no better plan

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