Talking about: A family’s tale: from middle class to unemployed

I don’t know if it is my old age or my lack of patience with the main stream media but this articel really upset me.  I have never felt so marginalized with my government or the people of my country as I am now.  The libral utopia sorrounding all the facets of the nation has reached such a point I fear we conservatives will be rounded up and put into American style consentration camps if we continue to speak out.  At least I am safe in a communist country…
Ms Holahan,
In your MSN Money article "A family’s tale: From middle class to unemployed" posted on April 2, 2009, I see an attempt at a human interest story tied to the harshness and realities of our current economic crisis stumble and then fall flat on its face while thinly pushing an agenda for making the case we need more government intervention.  I could not disagree with you views or sentiment more on this case.  Why is it the main steam media, especially extreme left leaning outlets such as MSNBC, Washing Post, NY Times, etc., believes we can spend and tax our way out of this mess?  As a Money section article should you not be focusing your reporting and writing skills into a positive message or at least one that shoes help and assistance to the millions of American families like the Lipowski’s?
I ranked your piece 2 stars, 1 for original subject and 1 for style, no more were given because of the blatant slant, manipulation of the Lipowski’s for ideological gains, and continuing to hammer a doom and gloom agenda that pleads for more government, i.e. taxpayer, assistance to help these poor unfortunate souls.  Ms Holahan, why is it that reporting is not trying to help people like these by educating them to the existing services and outlets available or at least to give people in similar situations that there are avenues out there to assist or at least help cope with the dire situations of people in such dire straights?  There are church groups, food banks, mother/family support groups, additional local, state, and federal aid programs, as well as charitable organizations that this family could use if they knew about them.  Why are we seeing a tale of woe instead of the tale of a family that has woken up to the facts they have to live within their means, provide for themselves, and succeed in making the best out of our troubling economic times?  Why not showcase or highlight a family that has lost a job, sold a home and moved into an apartment, gotten rid of their extra cars, and taken other steps you actually do highlight in this article to show how a family is able to make the best of a bad situation by living in their means?  Why, because it does not push an agenda or highlight tools and organizations people can approach for much needed assistance.
The Money section should be left to articles that highlight the accumulation, savings, and intelligent use of money and strategies for said activities, not slick such as this.  I have read articles that outlined how families under such debt circumstances were able to lower their lifestyles, improve their quality of life, and slowly get out from under the burden of massive debt before, why not do this now, or at least lend your writing talents to outline how existing funded government assistance plans are available to help and promote lifestyle changes that lower peoples expenses and how to navigate and negotiate the creditors in such bad times.  The readers of this website would be better served with knowing which credit card companies were ranked better at transferring debt to their company and able to work with customers who were in trouble, discount food stores that offered massive savings on their items, how to set up a home garden for urban dwellers, faith based day care sponsored by area churches that can assist with lower cost alternatives, avenues to try in getting assistance for medications or health care of special needs children, and such. 
Would it not be better to outline part of the problem is that Richard is part of a union and that the union is impeding his ability to find work, they are laying more roadblocks into his ability to find work then our rough economic times, why not ask the real questions as to why he has to wait in line at the union hall, why he is so far down the union list, why the union is not providing assistance despite taking dues from him over the good years of earnings, and how much those dues were?  Why not ask Richard why was it he did not feel it was prudent to save 6 months net income to deal with job hardship or medical emergencies instead of taking family vacations to the Caribbean?  Why not ask why they have not asked for assistance for food, food stamps, food banks, or swallowing their pride and going to soup kitchens once a week to lower their food costs and free up some much needed cash?  Why not ask how long the stimulus plans signed into law will begin to impact the job market in New Jersey for the projects you did name? 
While my views are not balanced and I too have an agenda, I am not a professional reporter who’s job is to report fair, balanced, and impartial stories that allow the reader to review the facts and make up their own mind from there.  I have come to expect unbalanced and propaganda style reporting from MSNBC and other related groups since last year, however the creeping in of this style reporting into sections that deal with capital security in this time is just showing how politically motivated and shallow these organizations have become.  If I were not a man with a conscience I would just refuse to pay my taxes and apply for a job with the Obama administration as that appears to be the major job requirement.  Why not report on issues like that instead of pushing people into accepting that administrations fallacy of spending and programs can fix the mess we are in. 
Good day,
J(hidden for privacy matters)
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