Google and FREE MP3, only in China

Living in China has just yielded a new bonus, free music.  The big 4 record labels and slews of smaller ones have given up fighting MP3 downloads in mainland China.  For all my readers here, rejouce!  Now you favorite Chinese, Asian, US and UK artists are available for FREE downloads from Google at high quality and FAST record company servers.  The music is DMR free and can be played on any media player. 
I have spent the past weekend downloading the entire Aerosmith catelogue as well as hundreds of others all without having to fear RIAA lawyers or crapy low quality found on Baidu, the Chinese #1 search engine.  For all my outside of China readers, sorry, Google apparently has found a way, possible via the Great Firewall, to prevent your downloading of these songs, not even Hong Kong residents can download them!
Its nice to get away from politics, if only for a moment, and focus on something that is enjoyable and free, legal, and wholesome.  The record companies say they can’t beat the Chinese downloading thing so they are offering better quality and features by partnering with Google to help drive more traffic and revenue via advertising on the song download pages.  Why oh why has the price of a CD only went up since 1990 while all other technology prices have fallen since then?  We now have the answer, customers were willing to pay, well it ain’t so here. 
The more Chinese people download the more songs they will load into this new business model, so tell your friends and share the links, its a great day for a music lover as I no longer have to pay per download, restricted to what device I can listen to music on, copy to, or use.
"We will provide free, high-quality, legal downloads," Google China President Li Kaifu told CNET News. "Not providing music was a strategic mistake on our part
One note, some of the songs are in Quick Time format, so you may need appropriate software to download those paticular songs.
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One Response to Google and FREE MP3, only in China

  1. John says:

    No need to worry about the QuickTime link, if you just right click and select Save Target As… on the download button after the sone download window open in Firefox or Explorer it will be saved as an MP3, so no worries there. So far I have found the songs listed are not complete but as more people use the service I am sure that the record companies and Google will offer more and more high quality downloads to wrestle more market share away from Baidu.

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