Rant of the Month – April

Yes, its that time again, time for another rant of the month. Thanks to an early holiday break, Labor Day in the Communist world, this rant is coming before the end of the month.
Domestic issues – guns, guns, guns everywhere! It’s the ‘shark attack’ tactic of 2009! You remember the shark attack news blitz of the 2001, every week it seemed someone was getting bitten by a shark, well by the end of the year shark attacks were down significantly from the previous year. This time its guns, and my friends this is no coincidence. The radical left is giddy over their political win and the left wing elite are taking notice. In a time when newspaper sales are slumping and news agencies dropping like flies we are seeing gun violence plastered on page one articles, lead stories in news broadcasts, and linked up to online news services everywhere. First ask why all the coverage. Columbine is holding its big 10 year anniversary since the horrid day of that true tragedy. A filibuster proof and leftist leaning executive branch can offer the best chance to repealing the 2nd amendment in decades. And lastly, in our modern times do we really need firearms? I believe yes. Hunting is a vital economic industry for many states, a good source of food for many citizens, and a way for families to bond with themselves and the land off of which they live. Firearms, when stored and used responsibly, offer property and personal protection until police can arrive, vital in rural, high crime, and suburban areas where it can take a long time for police to respond, or you can’t call them. Lastly, the FACTS about guns tell the real story. Over half of gun incidents, shootings, are self inflicted, yet the deaths from these are reported as gun violence, again ask yourself why. The next largest section comes from accidental discharge, the old unloaded gun cleaning thing. Then we get to gun crimes. You are more likely to get killed by a bee mowing grass then shot to death. You are more likely to get killed by food poisoning at the local restaurant then shot to death. You are more likely to die from medical errors at a hospital then shot to death. Yet the news is telling us all different, why is that? Remember the old cliché, guns don’t kill people, people kill people? Well, its true. If stored and used irresponsibly a gun can lead to a tragic accident or stolen and used to hold up a store, but so can a hammer, baseball bat, kitchen knife, ice pick, pair of sheers, pipe wrench, plumbing pipe, section of 2×4, you get my meaning. Kids will play with anything and everything, run with scissors and lollipops, and ride bikes without hands. Criminals will use anything threatening to commit their crimes. If a criminal wants to kill you access to a gun will not stop them. 90+% of criminals who use guns obtain them illegally, period. The few who use guns in the news lately obtained them legally and there was no way to stop their intent, if they did not have guns they would have used other means, knives, bludgeoning, fire, auto exhaust fumes, poison, people are creative when inspired to be, and the pain and grief people who kill their families or groups of others will just move to the next most lethal alternative. We just need to enforce the laws we have in place better instead of monkeying with the Constitution because of a cause.
Science – It’s a Pandemic! So the news is trying to tell us, see above. The current swine flu going around is a major test to see how well the world lives in a post SARS and HN51 (Bird flu) world. What lessons were learned, will it follow the Hollywood script, how will nations and citizens react? Here is Asia is has hit New Zealand and Australia within 48 hours of first being reported in the US. It will be in mainland Asia in 12 hours I predict. China, Japan, and others are better prepared for this due to experience and practical realization. The US response was lethargic, unrealistic, and reminiscent of Katrina, too little too late. Why didn’t we start to monitor our borders better, our ports, get our metro hospitals into alert status quicker? The flu went from 2 locations to over 8 very quickly, why? Returning spring breakers. Of course if spring break had been used for its intended purpose, Easter break, then we would not be in the pickle but that is a different topic. The reality is kids went to Mexico, business men went to Mexico, and Mexicans came to the US. We are hearing the Democrats blaming the GOP for stripping funding, it was the Dems who offered to do this to ‘buy’ GOP support but that is little reported, but we are beyond pointing fingers (3 always point back at you!) and into reality. The US needs to use this opportunity to prove FEMA has learned from its Katrina debacle, the CDC has authority and power to protect the country, and we are better equipped and able to deal with a medical state emergency then others, sadly this is not the case. In China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan every passenger everyday is screened at the airport for fever, international especially. Here in Asia face masks are common year round, and I still see antiseptic gel dispensers in many locations where public gathering occur. In Mexico City public gatherings are postponed, why not in the US? Obama has pledged 3% GDP to science, that is good and well, but we should use more energy to prove we can cope with a global crisis when it occurs, from here it is looking like the news is trying to incite a panic, the president say to stay calm, and the DHS and CDC running in circles and politicians laying blame and not taking real tangible actions.
Sports – Enough with the madness, please! The NFL wants to expand the season 2 weeks now. Come on, give us fans a chance to catch our breath and relax, have some family time, and just gear up for a new season. Currently we have NBA and NHL playoffs going on, MLB season is a couple of weeks old, and the NFL just completed its draft weekend and already pre-season coverage is gearing up. Why, revenue! They all want more and more of our wallets. Cable TV packages, season tickets, parking fees, concessions, memorabilia sales, official licensing rights. Come on, we all know it’s a business and people go into business just to make more money but can we stop this before it becomes pure insanity? What is wrong with a 12 game football season? Do we really need over a hundred baseball games to prove who has the best team? Can the atheist’s bodies really take these longer seasons plus harder competition seen these days? Sure, we can all choose to not watch but what fun is that? Sports for us is more then just watching people run around a field, it’s a time honored tradition and way to connect with our neighbors and share a sense of belonging. Why must it be manipulated to such a degree? I want shorter seasons, shorter seasons put more emotion into each game because that game means more. Less games means the time is cherished more because it happens less often. It also means we get more opportunity to spend with family and friends outside of the sports area (we started a family because we liked them at one point, better to keep that feeling then the alternative). In design there is a field of thought that has a strong motto, less is more, its time we applied that to our professional sports.
Society – All the talk in the news is on Obama’s first 100 days. A media created event from FDR to measure the president’s progress. Realistically its much ado about nothing. Bush played a lot of golf and vacationed a lot in his first 100 days. Obama is busy shifting the country from free market capitalism to government controlled socialism. The media is continuing their slobbering love affair with Obama. From morning news programs praising inauguration paper dolls, cable news lauding his and his wife’s every move and appearance it is still an utter love fest. Why, how many negative news articles can you recall about Obama and his administration since November? Come on you can do it; 5, 10, 15, 20? Criticism of Obama in the main stream media is about as token as Jim Carey was on In Living Color. The media’s glancing over his blunders, they lauded Bush’s incessantly, miss steps, they made Bush’s them week long events, and his policy contradictions, Obama gets a free pass while Bush got grilled, all prove that Obama is their darling and he can do no wrong. The media has a fundamental responsibility to be fair, objective, and apply the same standards to all. Thus far Obama gets softballs, free passes, and allowances no GOP person ever got. From the grilling of Palin and McCain to the Bushisms of W., the media has only showered praise and accolades on Obama. He can do no wrong, from praying in a Muslim temple, smiling with Hugo Chavez and Raual Castro, to pulling a John Kerry on Bush administration memo concerning interrogation tactics he gets accolades and 5 big gold star reviews with smiley faces. Where is the media of 6 months ago? Where is the picking apart of each facet of everything we say 12 months ago? Where is the critique and criticism of all possible bad outcomes imaginable 2 years ago? Where is the ‘sky is falling because of the war’ crowd now? Ask yourself why, it isn’t because Obama is perfect folks, its because he is their perfect answer to their perfect world.
Continuing on the social issue category, Iowa in now proudly gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that, yes Seinfeld rip-off. Now the 3rd state to allow gay marriage the zaniness seen in California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, with Vermont joining the sisterhood in September. This is telling for American society and world events on many levels. First off, sexual alignment is now equal with age, race, religion, and gender. The debate is one of tolerance. How far is American society willing to go toward tolerance? Our Constitution states all men are created equal and free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. The nation was founded out of flight from religious persecution, at first only Protestant Christians were allowed to own land and vote, then eventually Catholics, and then eventually Jews. The only religions never tolerated were my ancestors, not even during or after the Civil Rights movement. The first test of this was recognizing slavery as wrong and contrary to this great document. Next came women’s rights and eventually their right to vote. Then we had civil rights, which only applied to African Americans, Latino descendants had suffrage but not as blatant as others. Native Americans were not allowed many rights until the 1970’s which is the time equal pay for gender was instituted. Now LBGT peoples are achieving the last hurtle, marriage. But what is the meaning of this equality? Civil Unions, identical to Civil Marriages on the books for many decades, granted gays many if not all the same rights as marriage. Marriage is essentially a social contract between a couple explicitly stating sexual union and creating a path of survivorship and family bond as recognized by the church and the state, civil marriages are only recognized by the state as a justice of the peace marries the two, not a person of any church. So, in order for gay marriage to be actual marriage there has to be a church involved, and yes we have gay churches, not that there is anything wrong with that. In this drive for equality it is important to ask, where is the line? Is our discrimination against polygamy next? What about child marriage, both kinds? Sexting, is it to be a juvenile offense or child porn? What about nudists, sadomasochists, and the final big one… d-r-u-g-s. You see, all these fit the same reasons for gay marriage. It’s a society question, not a legal one. As our society becomes more and more tolerant we need to step back and ask when does tolerance become deviance? Where is the line and when do you know when you crossed it? What lasting societies before ours has thrived and survived in such a tolerant atmosphere? The reason I ask is that the more we push the envelope the more we paint ourselves into a corner instead of freeing ourselves. Eventually something breaks if you push on it long enough, this could result in anarchy or outright rebellion, which is never good for those in the fringes of society. We need to slow the change bus down a tad to see where it is going, if we are on a cliff on a dark and winding road we may want to exercise a little more caution before turning up the radio and letting all our hair down. There is such thing as changing too fast, that creates a back lash and that ain’t good for anyone.
International – Pirates of the Caribbean they aren’t, scoundrels and a serious threat they are. The Somali pirates finally went and did it, attempted to hijack a US flagged and crewed ship and it did not turn out well for them at all. Since then the crew got publicity, the captain lauded as a hero, the US Navy a saint, and the pirates dejected and sore. The pirates just attempted to hijack a cruise liner, thwarted by onboard armed Israeli paid security forces, mercenaries. The pirates may just provide their own stimulus to the world economy, private navies and high sea mercenaries. Shipping companies refuse to arm their crews and vessels, for good reason, but the need is still there, with hundreds still being held for ransom and millions of tons of cargo and shipping held as well. The navies of the world can’t make a difference, the governments will fumble and stumble their way towards nothing as it is a local problem that can only be solved locally, as usual. Maybe they should all apply for asylum in Iowa. Seriously, this problem is going to get worse before it gets better. The more navies that deal with it as the US Navy did the higher the risk and less attractive the pirate profession becomes. This is only 1 prong in a multi-pronged effort needed. The next is to get security on the ground, with security comes stability and that begets opportunity as business takes root and people can make an honest living. I do not condone killing, but I do applaud consequences for actions, extreme actions call for extreme consequences and if done by the letter of the law. Now the ship’s cook is suing the shipping company for sending them into traitorous waters without proper training. Only in America can you be a hero one minute and then sue your employer for making you one the next, or having your employer fire you to save money, as former US Airways pilot hero Sully. This cook needs a judge to laugh his case out of court, but then again all he needs to do is file in Iowa, I am sure a judge there will treat his case with fairness and respect it deserves.
Culture – Counterculture was the term used to describe the extreme left wing liberals in the 1960’s. You know the type, hippies, college campus elites who rebelled against the system and the ‘man’. Well, here we are 40 years later and guess what, they grew up and got real jobs, well most of them anyway. These counterculture people have went from fringe to mainstream. They are now professors, industry leaders, media moguls, politicians, presidents, and policy drivers. The 60’s love children and anti-establishment types are now the man. They are doing their elders and teachers proud, passing socialists and communist policy left and right and dragging the country kicking and screaming into a new liberal nirvana. Those of us on the outside, conservatives, are now the counterculture. We don’t know how to do what the lefties where doing for the past 40 years, until this year. The tea parties held across the country demonstrated that there is a groundswell of backlash brewing, pun intended, against the establishment. While the man is getting smitten in his new threads and digging on his rad new gig, we conservatives are picking up the dropped playbook and becoming surprisingly apt at using it. The tea parties were riled against on all fronts, mass media, celebrities, politicians, police, everyone. That goes to show how much fear organizing a dejected group can stir in the new guard. This counterculture is going to result in a new branded conservative group, hopefully not a new GOP. We conservatives need to shed the errors of our past and embrace the change and rise to the challenges of re-branding. Inclusion, tolerance, respect, and intelligence need to be the new ideals to build off of. We all know the liberal arguments for 90% of what they do is flawed, we only need to expose it for what it is, the rest will take care of itself. Stop the in-fighting and get rid of the GOP, where is the Bull Moose, Wigs, and past Sons of Jefferson now. The new counterculture will not be founded on drugs, sex, and rock & roll, but on values like; integrity, honesty, humility, and caring, on ideals like; tolerance, inclusion, intelligent debate, and issue driven policy, and on one last thing, approachability and empathy. We won’t be sticking flowers down gun barrels, we will be buying more guns for hunting and stress relief. We won’t be beating up those who oppose us, but use intelligent and honest debate to let them beat themselves. The greatest lesson we need to learn from them is humility, their lack of it will be their undoing, and if we grow from the grass roots the tea parties came from correctly, it will happen soon and then all things in the world with be right again, yes pun intended. Have a great month and God Bless America, even the lefty liberal insane part, because it shows us where we don’t want to be.
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7 Responses to Rant of the Month – April

  1. john says:

    The gun attack is a scary attack, for if a piece of the Constitution falls, it makes the rest of it very vunerable. The anti-gun group is very small, less than 30%. That puts lots of liberals in the pro-gun camp. I read the other day that a group of democrats talked with Obammma about gun control and advised him to drop the issue, which he did. About every country in the free world has access to some type of gun. It may be a shotgun but it is a gun. The biggest thing is the dismantleing of the constitution, to start doing that will set off way too many people and there will be some serious problems. I did the miltary thing and understand why the right to bear arms is so important. The despots and dictators are the ones that want to control guns. If they control guns they will control everything else. I know of no one that wants to live in a dictatorship. I do know of a lots that want to be dictators.You ever read any of Orwells stuff; "Animal Farm" or "1984"?Keep plugging away

  2. John says:

    It has been years but yes I did read Animal Farm and 1984 and did book reports on them, even some similar books about societies that had heavy government contol of every aspect of their lives and their attempts to leave, suggested to me by a civics teacher. Our Constitution is a broad and suprisingly intelligant document for being written 230 years ago and as timeless today and it was then. We are at a time with "intellectual elites" are poised to dictate how the masses live their lives, those who don\’t see it have become blind and deaf to the realities before us now. Only by making enough noise enough times and continuing to challange people to defend their views will the falacy of this praise for this administration evaporate like fog in mid-morning.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Not bad – much less ranty than usual, and I actually agree with some of it. I would be one of those "liberals" that would ask Obama to drop the gun issue. See, I\’m not all bad… On the other hand, I see you are fond of the slippery slope argument, and that\’s just not pretty at all:In debate or rhetoric, a slippery slope (also the thin edge of the wedge or the camel\’s nose) is a classical informal fallacy. A slippery slope argument states that a relatively small first step inevitably leads to a chain of related events culminating in some significant impact, much like an object given a small push over the edge of a slope sliding all the way to the bottom.[1] The fallacious sense of "slippery slope" is often used synonymously with continuum fallacy, in that it ignores the possibility of middle ground and assumes a discrete transition from category A to category B.While the logic in a slippery slope argument is invalid, its conclusion may still be true.At least you didn\’t say anything about bestiality. I give you credit for that.

  4. John says:

    Thanks for pointing out my flabby and sloppy usage of informal logical arguments, my informal logic professor would be looking over his brow and tapping his foot toward me for the slippage in my adhearance to arguing from a strong position. I must point out a couple of things though. First, a slippery slope, as your definition points out, falsely concludes one actions leads to another, I state a possible progression based off of worst case senarios because there is no evidance that restraint is evidant in our society. The problems we are facing, as a society, is that the further and faster you go out on the edge the more likely you will fracture the limb, silppery slopes are best used to drive a point, like the conclusion of poligamy. At what point will we emulate the Romans, Greeks, Trojans, Spartans, and other past Democracies and Republics? When the society reaches a liberal acceptance point it can no longer support the weight and collapases. Society is based on a group who is aligned though common language, food, religion/beliefs, and taboos. This is becomming strained in out society to the point of stress lines becomming aparant to anyone who steps back and looks at it objectively. While Obama uses straw man arguments of "the policies of the last 8 years" when Congress has been in control for 4 years now, using a slippery slope doesn not invalidate the conclusion, as the below definition states. 40 years ago arguing the acceptance of mixed race couples would eventually leed to gay marriage would be concluded as a slippery slope and false, well now it is not false. It is irresponsible to think people will not try to justify pushing further then where we are today, it happens all the time with oppertunistic groups and lawyers. The orthodox Mormons can claim religious discrimination and the cases of gay marriage to state a case for poligimay. Some Southern states allow marriage as young as 14 with parental concent already, so the slippery arguments are not so slippery as they first may appear.

  5. john says:

    A slippery slope argument. … Global warming, if it happens this will happen and shit rolls downhill from there. Global is now climate change and then there is the carbon tax/credits debate. Listen to a liberal discussion and you will find a slippery slope. There are no facts, lots of assumptions and they are connected. If this happens this will be the result. Ride the liberal slippery slope into Dante\’s Inferno. The little boy was being chased by a bear….The bear went slidding by the boy on some slippery gooey brown stuff. Thje bear found the liberal slippery slope.Have a good day john

  6. Jeffrey says:

    John, do you really think that legalizing interracial marriage has led to gay marriage/unions/whatever? And polygamy? And 14 year olds getting married? I don\’t think you get it. Perhaps women getting the right to vote started this all. See what happens when you let women vote? Oh, maybe the Emancipation Proclamation is the root of all this evil. God help us, what Pandora\’s box did we open? First we outlaw slavery then next thing you know every man will want to have the right to marry at least five sheep. I see how this could happen. You\’re right, it\’s not such a slippery slope. NOT! Why are Republicans always pointing the finger? The last four years of Bush\’s term congress had no effective power. Nothing useful happened. When did Bush start using the veto? Could that be on Stem Cell research???? Now, if the liberal congress can\’t get something like that through, I BLAME BUSH! Congress tried – I give them the credit for the attempt at something futile at the time.I could tell you why I think that\’s the case, but you would just "point that finger, and wag it in the air" and blame anybody else that thinks differently from you, because conservative republicans never, never, EVER take responsibility when they are at fault, and always claim the credit on something good. They play the blame game, and steal credit when it isn\’t theirs to take. They are basically the most selfish people on the planet and only think of themselves first. That\’s why I am a liberal who supports your right to keep and bear arms. Because I am thinking of you first. I know I am unusual in this time. But maybe we can change. Maybe we can quit living in a perpetual state of fear.

  7. John says:

    It seems Joe Bidden has been spreading more perpetual fear and miss-information rialing up feathers. Now Jeff, I know I have said this before but it seems I must restate the point, I am a Libertarian, not a Republican and I do not subscribe to their platform for the main reason that they have become part of the problem, too much government, taxes, and playcating to liberal Democrats. Moderate Democrats are fine, just as moderate conservatives, however it seems circulat arguments are straying you off point. Bush did not authorize the Afghanistan War, Iraq War, Patriot Act, War Funding, or other of his right or wrong decisions, that all falls on Congress, the same one Non Stop Nancy sat in on and authorized water boarding on and to this day refuses to pass a resolution stating it is a crime, but then we all digress. Bush is gone, history, done. In 20 years after the dust and everything has setteled his works will be judged by history and I believe he will be a medicore to slightly above average president with his worst legacy being setting up the largest stage for governmental growth and spending in world history for any government. Oh and by the way, he financial housing mess was started by regulations on HUD, Democrat policies of Freddie Mac and Fannie May, and the work of groups like ACORN and others making irresponsible lending comon place to people who could not afford homes. Nancy, Reid, Frank, et al were there, Bush should have vetoed those pieces of legislation.I am not suggesting Lincon, an evil Republican, started the gay marriage fiasco. I am stating that gay marriage is a social issue, legislating social issues is not the rhelm of government. Our government is to ensure discrimination and fairness is maintained legally. Civil unions provide that. Marriage is a religous ceremony, so because of seperation of church and state should be upheald here, we have civil marriages for straight and gay couples already in place. If a law is flawed there are avenues in place for the law to be changed. The Christian Conservatives are feeling pressed, so they are working within the confimes of the law to try to make their changes. My concerns on the issue is that through over 7,000 years of civilization and 3,000 years of Western Civilization we have never seen a society with no solid center and morale base survive. Ameirca is a melting pot, this is an advantage however we must have a common goal and social common ground from which to identify with. There is a point where pushing the envelope will cause a tear, I am afraid gay marriage will be the first step into that direction because it will lay the ground for those other silly things I mentioned. Just like leftist judges who want to release drug offenders from prisons to ease prison over crowding or carbon taxes to curb energy consumption.As for finger pointing, what has the left been doing since the first Patriot Act was passed? It seems more fingers have been pointed at Bush, Chaney, McCain, Palin, and the GOP for all the ills and problems in America. "Failed policies of the past 8 years" sounds like finger pointing to me. Obama, just as Bush, promised bipartisanship and both have failed to deliver on that promise. Obama wants to get the GOP to adopt DNC planks and policies. All the GOP is wanting to do is temper the tide of 40 years of radical liberal policies, now they don\’t have to thanks to the RINO Spector and clown Frankin. As for responsibility in politics, when was the last politican who did this, Kerry, Clinton, Ducakas, Johnson or Nixon, Ford, Regan, either Bush? Actuatlly the most selfish people on the planet would fall to the DPRK and PRC rulers, they are very jealous, selfish, and childish to a degree many Americans can not understand. I feel the GOP needs to step down and let a better conservative representative party with more approachable ideals and policies take the stage, too bad the Wigs are no more.As for thinging of others first, thank you for the settement, honestly. I served in the BSA for 7 years providing community service projects and leadership on numerous projects, for 7 years under Clinton in the US Navy defending the constitution of the US while he was playing \’hide the Cuban\’ with intern Monica, and now by representing my country by showing people in foreign countries what Americans are really like as a civilian. We true conservative follow a strict chain of loyalty of God, Country, Family, Community, and Self. Now I would love to talk policy, because then we get to the meat and potatos of real freedom in US society, the ability to flesh out differences to a point of common ground solutions. Unfortunately the President is taking over business left and right, increasing governments size and reach into citizen\’s lives as never before in our history. The Vice Preseident, when he surfaces, contradicts and confuses with his statements causing confussion as to what is really going on. The Speaker of the House and the House Majority Leader are stating there is no compromise, no debate, and no need of oversight or even transparency as things are now done close door and contrary to Obama\’s transparency pledge. This may not be scary to you but I am not so trusting when there is that much power left unchecked in our government. But again this and other arguments are purely circular as they solve nothing and provide no solutions. My rants are my voicing out topics I feel need attention, debate, or just airing. I will say this however, I am not alone in my thinging and there more like minded, some more extreme and some less, out there. The TEA parites have given conservatives hope, hope we can believe in and the energy we need to make positive change in 2010, but then again, only time will tell.

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