Just back from Li Jiang China

May labor holiday, 3rd wedding anniversary, 1,700 photos, climbing up to 15,354 ft (4,680 m), finding out about stupid Li Jiang airport security policies, and a half week in thin atmosphere is now over.  It will take me more then a week to get the photos shrunk down to web size and posted.  I have a ton of work to catch up on despite only missing 2 days of work and 1 day of public holiday.  My wife and I were welcomed home to a changed lock on the apartment complex front gate, since resolved with our neighbor saving a set of keys for us.  Ah, travel. 
It was nice to unplug from the internet for a week.  It was nice to leave pollution and urban living behind for a week.  It was nice to get up into clouds to finally kick this stupid allergy/cold I had if only on the last day of the trip.  The best part was spending our third wedding anniversary with my wife in a great location, just as wonderful as going to Thailand for a week last year.  My wife and I have never spent a Valentine’s Day together due to our jobs, so when we get time to relax together it is wonderful.  It was also nice to see majestic mountains and sights equalled only to Lahasa and Tibet anywhere in the world.  I was also nicely suprised to find I have little to no effects to high altitude despite being in really bad shape and getting older then the last time I went to a mountain top in 1987.
Our daughter will be returning home this week, she recovered nicely and received much better medical treatment in Guang Zhou then here in Shang Hai, odd as this is one of the top tier cities in China and our experiences with healthcare here is not positive at all.  We will have to start getting her ready to meet her new little brother or sister this winter. 
It will be a busy week but there are things that need to be discussed.  Obama celebrated his 100 days with a glowing media circus that reflected more of the main stream media’s slobering love fest despite over 100 gaffs and real problems of his 100 days that they would have skewered Bush for but they gave Obama a blind eye and an A+++ with big smiley faces and gold stars despite blinding evidance to the contrary.  The H1N1 flu media scare is beyond reason as they try to keep themselves relevant by scaring the crap out of Americans, killing the pork industry, and setting the stage for rushed passage of a failed ideology of the past century farce of nationalized, or socialized for us intelligent people, health care in an attempt to keep the love fest going.  All the while it has become taboo to talk bad about Obama.  He is the second coming, he is the golden boy, he is the answer to all ills and troubles in our lives.  This is not healthy to free speech, free thought, or freedom as a principle and ideal by which we Americans live our lives.  The media refuses to hold Obama’s feet to the fire, point out the inconsitencies, falicies, double talk, and utter hypocracy of what Obama says and does.  This is too important to not address as only bloggers, right wing idiots and talk radio hosts, and those who realize Obama is a false profit are doing this.  The NY Times, LA Times, USA Today, Network TV and Cable TV outlets fail to cover, well someone has to be a voice of reason, the more of us conservative who do this time and time and time and time again as it needs to be done as it was for the last 8 years.  Where are the Obama daily calendars with Obamaisms?  Where is the coverage showing his lack of speech when his teleprompter is off?  Where are the hard and real questions about his policies that are impact of them on freedom and free market capitalism that the dismantle and threaten to distroy? 
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2 Responses to Just back from Li Jiang China

  1. V says:

    Hey John ! Great pics from Yunnan. I guess you enjoyed more green sights on the way , tks for sharing and providing the chance for me to review the memory again .Best wishes to your families .

  2. Rose says:

    hehe, I\’ve been there (Lijiang, Shagrila, meili snow mountain… ) last winter. Great memory!

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