This administration never disappoints – but you won’t hear about it in the main stream media

Buried deep in the LA Times Blog section of their website, on the Top Of the Ticket – Politics, Cost to Cost With the L.A. Times blog an interesting article by Ashley Powers outlines the possible beginning of the end for the honeymoon between the liberal press and the Obama administration.

What makes this article interesting, besides being published on the LA Times website, is the fact that the liberal press is beginning to report on the utter blatant hypocrisy of the Obama administration.  If the media treated Obama with the zest and zeal they did when G. W. Bush was in office, and their radical blog ilk like Salon, Huffington Post, etc then those of us in the ultra small minority of the web could drop this and go directly onto policy and alternative solutions.  But because no one else has been doing so thus far, someone has to.

According to the article, remember back in the good old days of February, when we were losing only 250,000,000 jobs a month according to Nancy Pelosi and TARP was the headline of the month, well back then Obama stated "You can’t get corporate jets, you can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer’s dime." when his press corps found out about an annually scheduled awards event to recognize banking employees and give them access to the company’s executives by one of the bailout recipients?  Soon afterwards corporate sponsorship for stadiums and sporting events evaporated, still going on with golfing events being cancelled due to lack of sponsors, and other banks cancelled scheduled trips.  Now of course there was abuse of tax payer funds and misuse of government funds but the president used it as a chance to climb up on his freshly minted bully pulpit and preach to the evil barons of corporate America oh the sins of spending, capitalism, and the free market economy.  Well, now the shoe is on the other foot.

It has just been announced that the Lecturer on All Things Morale will be the headliner for this years fundraising event for his good pal, Harry Reid, the House Majority Leader.  Powers states “… what better way for a new Democratic administration to symbolize cutting out excess in a time of hardship for millions of Americans than to hold a mega-fundraiser in Las Vegas, that urban personification of understatement, for a guy with millions in hand already and no one to spend it against?”  This is no BBQ at the ranch where people will pay a few thousand dollars for a plate of ribs and fresh air, no it will be a HUGE orgy of entertainment and liberal slickness held in the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and feature party faithful Bette Midler and Sheryl Crow on May 26th.  Remember Obama raised over $750 million last fall which is reported as being more then the bonuses AIG paid out and Obama forces employees to pay back!

Now we all are aware of the HUGE carbon footprint for Obama’s Earth Day speech in Iowa, and his $375,000+ photo op for Air Force 1 shadow and 2 F-16 escorts over the statue of liberty, promised to be held from the public but leaked after the price tag was made public, by the NY Times by the way…  So how much tax money is being spent for AF1, fighters, air and ground crews, security, shipping the presidential limo and convoy, police overtime for the local residents tax bills, Michael’s wardrobe (at least Sarah Palin’s was bought by the GOP, Michael’s is paid for by us – how can you prove it isn’t?  Oh, lets not forget Obama’s federal paycheck we fund going to Vegas slot machines, blackjack and craps tables, etc.  Will Barack charge Reid a speaking fee?  Will the mayor uphold his pledge to give Obama a piece of his mind?  Well, at least Obama has a valid excuse for going to spend and raise more money then spent on AIG, BoA, and others chastised back in February, they are trying to keep themselves in power to save the rest of us by providing the leadership and example of how to sacrifice and scrimp in this economy until we are healthy enough to spend freely again.

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