From Press Conferences to Commencement events

This has been a busy week in terms of political bombs going off across our social landscape.  To go in chronological order we will start with my favorite political figure, Non-stop Nancy Pelosi.  She has indeed went non-stop, to the dismay of the DNC and White House who have had to spend political clout to try to distract an increasingly waking press.  Nancy Pelosi’s press conference demonstrated a leader who is unraveling and fortunately for all of us, not going down quietly.  Pelosi lied and she lied big.  Even in her home town the newspapers comments sections have been overwhelmingly unsupportive of her and calling for her head.  Nancy is trying desperately to eject chaff and flairs but she is dead to rights and I hope all the cover the White House and others attempt fall short, this woman does not deserve to be 3rd in line for President of my country.

Nancy knew about the integration tactics used against al Qaeda operatives in 2002, fresh after September 11th, when she was just a Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee and had NO problem with it then.  When the war support fell away and the radical left cost policies came into majority fashion she pounded her pulpit in demands for prosecution and impeachment, then she wanted to call for war crimes against former administration officials, all this while knowing darn well she knew about what had been going on the whole while and either hoping to gain a political middle ground compromise or stonewall through ‘national security’ roadblocks raised by the current administration, well it all backfired.  The new Democrat appointed head of the CIA, the former head of the CIA, Dick Chaney, and others in the know are not backing down on his assertion Pelosi knew, and knew all, of what was going on since 2002.  Sure the briefings she is decrying now are classified but she was in the room, the charts and briefs made are clear, the words describing the tactics used are clear and even Pelosi’s aides have stated such, before being sacrificed under the bus by her bus and the party, a willing sacrifice for a greater cause.  The curious part is the sudden announcement of about face on the state of the second round of detainee photos and the restarting of military tribunals by the White House, distraction or coincidence?

As China has cut off access to YouTube until at least the fall here so my usual links to that are unavailable, however I have listened to and seen the 4 plus minutes video and she is so obviously lying from body language, voice temperament, and how flustered she is, not only in her delivery but her reaction to questions and challenges.  Not only did she lie, she accused the CIA of performing an illegal act by intentionally lying to Congress, something against their prime directives and illegal under our laws.  The CIA has extensive records proving who and what are part of the record, she is claiming the records are wrong.  Well, she wanted a tribunal to discover the truth, lets let that happen now, lets see what she really knew, when she really knew it, and at what point she felt to backtrack and take the classic Democratic stance of voting against something before voting for it made so famous by John Kerry.  This is simply just a political ploy to try to the issues of the tactics used and who authorized them instead of taking a politically advantageous stance and then abandoning it and railing against it when the tide of public opinion turned like a true Democrat and weak minded liberal.  She was all for the war after the attacks, but because we have not been attacked again she is now against the means for gaining that safety and taking a hard stance against the means that obtained that information.  Unfortunately she was complicit, she knew what was going on and instead of downplaying it she tried to use it as a key separation tactic, well you can’t do that if you are in the middle of it!  Her pants are on fire and I hope she fully burns for her stance on “torture” when we all know what our agents did is only considered torture if used by police on citizens, compared to what real torture like the kind John McCain lived with for years it is nothing more then a minor inconvenience, like no coffee at breakfast.

Over the weekend President Obama gave a commencement speech to the graduating seniors of Notre Dame University, a private Catholic University.  The issue at hand is not that Obama gave the commencement speech, really that is between the president of the University and the deans.  The problem is the honorary degree granted to Obama by the administrators.  The problem, for those who have not heard, is that Norte Dame, being a Catholic university, is a religious school that is supposed to uphold the principles and values of the Catholic Church.  Obama has only 1 real piece of legislation tied to his entire political career, the sponsorship of an Illinois bill that authorized and budgeted later term “partial birth” abortions.  Catholics see life as being sacred, a gift from God and something to be protected and seen as life at all of its stages.  Catholic Bishops and leaders have been in an uproar over this honorary degree, not the speech he gave.  Obama, ever the opportunist, used the event to call for a rational dialogue on abortion, to the Church there is no debate, they see it as murder, that is the principle of the Church, for right or wrong, what Obama was doing was coming into a Church based activity and spew government opinion and insult the very values of Catholics and those in charge of teaching those principles to the young students under their charge.

The problem is the state of the Catholic Church is set in stone, there is no dialogue or concession Obama can discuss with the church.  This goes to the problem of liberals on values.  Protestants started out as a liberal movement within the Church, the Catholic Church was very corrupted for quite some time, and things needed to change, that is another topic in Western Civilization.  However the position of the Catholic Church is not up to debate or dialogue, the position is crystal clear, no abortion if you are a member of the Church.  Is Obama trying to drive a wedge into the Church to splinter its unity and core?  Is Obama wanting to show the Pope that his influence in America is waned and essentially over?  Is Obama trying to use his popularity and appeal to steal away youth from the Church?  Is Obama just demonstrating to the radical left that religion’s pull and control over conservatives is diminished to such a point that it is a joke?  What ever his intentions, the problem is that we all know there is no debate on the views of abortion when it comes to the Church.

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune wrote an excellent article that outlines the real issues between the Church and Obama’s stance on pro-choice policies.  The article, Thoughtful voice all but lost in Obama-Notre Dame drama, he correctly opens the article with the statement “This controversy has been spun as Catholics opposing a president offering a commencement address at Notre Dame. That’s not really the issue. What most are angry about is that a great Catholic university is conferring an honorary degree upon a politician whose position on abortion is in absolute conflict with Catholic teaching.”  Any attempt to state differently is absolute distortion.  Further down in the article Kass continues, “(Mary Ann) Glendon was to have received the Laetare Medal, described by Notre Dame as the most prestigious honor awarded to American Catholics. But in a completely non-nuanced open letter to Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins, Glendon turned it down.  In her letter, Glendon said that she did not oppose Obama speaking to the graduates. What bothered her was Notre Dame conferring an honorary degree on a president who supports abortion rights.”  No matter the buzzwords, digressions into intolerance or hate speech the left tries to employ, the case is clear, and no amount of talk can cause the Church to sell out its morals, beliefs, or principles and any thought to the contrary is against the Constitution.  Catholics don’t want abortion outlawed, they don’t want their government to fund or encourage it, which is exactly what Obama and the far left want, to tell the church what beliefs, morals, and principles to subscribe to because they know far better what is good for Catholics then some old German guy living in Rome.  How can I dare say this?  I don’t have to, the liberal press has, in Chicago papers “…suggested that it was "an extreme embarrassment" for a Catholic university to confer honors upon a pro-abortion-rights president. For this grievous sin against Obama, mayoral brother Billy Daley attacked the cardinal in a Tribune op-ed piece, calling the cardinal’s stance "an embarrassment to Chicago Catholics."

Here is the real kick in the teeth for the radical left, they are losing the ideology of their message.  First of all the facts are that Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff identified as ”Roe” in the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion now opposes abortion so much she went to Notre Dame to protect against Obama’s honorary degree, and was allowed to leave without being arrested which would have been major bad press for the pro-choice crowd.  Next is that the recent Gallup poll released just before the weekend.  In the poll 51% of Americans identify themselves with being pro-life, only 42% identify with pro-choice, this is a first in American society since the Roe v Wade decision!  Only 14 years ago the same poll had 33% pro-lifers in America, that means over 14 years of the left organizing, publicizing, and demonizing the pro-life crowd they have gained 18% of public opinion, that is a huge turnaround for a secular country where religion is increasingly under attack.  Those believing it should remain legal in all circumstances has fallen to 22% from 34% in 1995 and is now at its 1972 levels when polling on the issue began.  The polls conclusions state that “It is possible that, through his abortion policies, Obama has pushed the public’s understanding of what it means to be ‘pro-choice’ slightly to the left, politically,” the poll found. “While Democrats may support that, as they generally support everything Obama is doing as president, it may be driving others in the opposite direction.

In the Philadelphia Bulletin’s article, Obama Outside Mainstream America on Abortion Marjorie Dannenfelser, Susan B. Anthony List President, “believes Mr. Obama’s pro-choice policies are putting the White House at odds with the U.S. public. Since taking the oath of office, the president has worked to increase abortion services with the latest example being his call to remove a ban on taxpayer funded abortions in the District of Columbia.  The president has also lifted the ban of funding overseas abortions and has moved to rescind job protections for health care workers refusing to participate in abortion procedures. During the presidential election he campaign in favor of the Freedom of Choice Act and said the abortion issue was above his “pay grade.”  “President Obama and the pro-abortion majority in Congress are in a collision course with public opinion on abortion policy.  What we’re debating right now – taxpayer funding for abortion – dramatically outstrips public opinion.”  Encouraging news for conservatives in the upcoming 2010 elections is that “the poll found the number of Republican-leaning Independent voters who consider themselves pro-life rose 10 points, from 60 percent to 70 percent, since the last time the poll was taken in May 2008”, according the Bulletin article.  It seems that the distaste for radical policies like tax payer funding of abortions, expanding the acceptance and reach of abortion dialogue as an accepted alternative to pregnancy, and policies like the Freedom of Choice Act and the President’s late term abortion victory are turning off more Americans then they are encouraging them to side with the left.

Now is the time to begin picking the pieces of the armor away that are cracking in the DNC and in Obama.  His popularity will quickly nose dive as he makes more and more concessions on liberal ideals and corner stones of policy.  What conservatives need to do is not sell out their core and values but tout them and capitalize on them to offer a solid and stable solution to the shifting sand and rule by popular opinion that this government has been showing us since 2006.

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