A Tale of Two News Events – Media bias is killing free thought in America

Two tragic national news events happened in the United States this past week and while very similar in motive they are not being covered equally.  I am referring to of course the shooting death of 23 year old Army Private William Long and wounding of 18 year old Private Quinton Ezeagwula while they were standing outside an Army recruitment center in Little Rock Arkansas on a work break last Tuesday.  The shooter was a extremist radical Muslim fundamentalists, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad age 23, who is now under FBI investigation and we have learned he went to the Middle East for training and cementing his radicalization.  The second is the shooting death of 67 year old late term abortion provider Dr. George Tiller as he was acting as an usher at a Wichita Kansas church this past Sunday.  The shooter was a extremist radical anti-abortion, anti-tax, anti-government Christian fundamentalists Scott Roeder age 51 who is shown to be disturbed after a life of failures and disappointment and seeking a target to vent his anger. As stated earlier both events are tragic, equally heartbreaking, equally devastating to the respective families and friends, and equally extreme examples of ideology and politics gone awry with deadly consequences.  Yet both events are not covered by our media equally, despite being equal on many levels.  I have become aware of this hypocrisy through not some investigative main stream press coverage, but by talk radio and my own investigation.  The media has now gone the furthest toward political shaping and news burying since their crusades to reshape America born out of Watergate.  Here are some excellent articles outlining the coverage differences and asking the real questions we all should be and yelling, calling, emailing, and demanding our media editors to correct.
Climate of Hate, world of double standards – OneNewsNow.com by Michelle Malkin 6/3
Two Days of Shootings Prompts Debate: How do we deal with extremists? – Seattle Conservative Examiner.com by Bryan Myrick 6/2
What is troubling is the above 2 articles are not from your typical outlets, NY Times, LA Times, NY Post, Washington Post, USA Today, Chicago Times, etc.  These papers are covering both stories, while Tiller’s murder is front page 3 day coverage, Long’s murder is buried back in sections reserved for ads and celebrity news.  I get that this is a politically opportunistic story, fresh off the Norte Dame abortion speech and the first such murder in decades yet is it any more news worthy or important then a Muslim extremist carrying out jihad against the US military on American soil?  Think about it for a second, objectively.  Crime against left wing pet project verses crime against right wing pet project.  Abortion verses War on Terror.  As former Vice President Dick Chaney stated, we have forgotten the pain, lessons, and reality of the attacks of September 11th.  We have fallen into September 10th mind frame and war fatigue.  I am not saying that the Tiller murder is less important, I am saying both are equally important and one is not more or less vital to our attention as a nation or a society.  Why do I say there is an imbalance?  I am living in China you know and right now our internet is like swiss cheese thanks to June 4th, or as the rest of the world calls it Tiananmen Square uprising and subsequent massacre.
Google News search (MS Bing is blocked here now) as of June 4 16:33 +8 GMT 
Search for “Tiller shooting” over the last week will return 1,122 articles
Topic News lists for “Tiller shooting” returns a total of 7,882 news with 6,885 national news, 218 blogs 
Search for “Long shooting” over the last week will return only 29 articles
Topic News lists for “Long shooting” returns a total of 1,769 news with 887 national news, 18 blogs
Digg search as of June 4 16:45 +8 GMT
Search for Tiller over the last 7 days returns 382 diggs
Search for Recruiter shooting over the last 7 days returns just 20 diggs!
As you can see one story, the one highlighting the liberal ideology and at the core of their political philosophy, is showcased, highlighted, and plastered everywhere at a rate of 7 to 1 in the news and almost 12 to 1 in blogs.  I don’t have to ask why, seriously.  The sad part is liberals like to pick and choose their celebrity causes, everything else is buried or token mentioned at best, highlighted by my numbers above.  Any cause, issue, or topic that covers or is tied to the conservative message is automatically silenced.  How can I say such an inflammatory and seemingly illogical statement?  I present exhibit A, our President, Barack H. Obama:

From one of the two articles mentioned above – “President Obama issued a statement condemning "heinous acts of violence" within hours of Tiller’s death. The Justice Department issued its own statement and sent federal marshals to protect abortion clinics. News anchors and headline writers abandoned all qualms about labeling the gunman a terrorist.” 

Exhibit B, our press: George Tiller, a hero for people who care about humanity – The World Can’t Wait, Dr. Tiller, American Hero? – The Chattanoogan, Death of a Doctor, life of a symbol – Boston Globe, Abortionist Murdered, blame Christianity – Telegraph UK, Terrorism in Wichita – San Francisco Chronicle, Pro Life Activist Says Doctor ‘Reaped what he sowed’ Washington Post.  Yes these were cherry picked headlines from across the US and UK, but this is only half the picture, you see these articles all have a theme that either implies or leaves open a discussion for making Tiller a martyr or semi-hero for a cause.  The other side of the coin…
I present exhibit C, our President, Barack H. Obama:

the Recruitment center – “By contrast, Obama was silent about the military recruiter attacks that left 24-year-old Pvt. William Long dead and 18-year-old Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula gravely wounded. On Tuesday afternoon more than 24 hours after the attack on the military recruitment center in Little Rock, AK Obama held a press conference to announce his pick for Army secretary. It would have been exactly the right moment to express condolences for the families of the targeted Army recruiters and to condemn heinous acts of violence against our troops.  But Obama said nothing. The Justice Department was mum. And so were the legions of finger-pointing pundits happily convicting the pro-life movement and every right-leaning writer on the planet of contributing to the murder of Tiller.”

Exhibit D, our press: Suspect may have had other targets – Philadelphia Inquirer, Accused shooter at recruiting station may have targeted Atlanta – Atlanta Journal, Dead soldier’s family sought quiet in Arkansas – Associated Press, Suspect in Soldier Attack was Once Detained in Yemen – New York Times, Army recruiter killed in AK; Muslim convert held – USA Today, Islamis Juihad Comes to Little Rock – Canada Free Press, Another day, another political murder in America – Oregon Live.  Again these were cherry picked, but after reviewing 50 headlines not 1, not a single 1, had any mention or hint that the American soldier who died and the one who was wounded were heroic, symbols, or even focusing entirely on them.  Now I know you can’t judge a book by its cover par say but a headline is what makes you want to read a story and these two are stark contrasts.
Again, these two murders were WRONG on every level as taking life is not allowed in any respectable religion.  There is no way to justify the killings.  Yet in one case the victim is lamented and praised, in the other the victim is a faceless, soulless symbol of an unpopular war no one seems to care about anymore.  Let’s look at the coverage of the two killers.
Scott Roeder is a 51 year old white male who is fundamentalist Christian who is described as unstable, and devoted to ‘right wing’ anti-government extremism, a fierce opponent of abortion, and began strictly following Old Testament teachings.  All the news will say is he is a fundamentalist Christian or a right wing Christian, but they will not or refuse to say which devotion or sect he belongs to, yet.  He is painted as the type Napolitano was profiling in her lauded DHS report on right-wing extremism, see the media is conveniently connecting the dots for the lemmings in the country.  Roeder is your atypical twisted ideological fruit cake who snapped and targeted someone to take his rage against society on.
Abdulhakim Margahid Muhammad, aka Carlos Bledsoe, is a 24 year old black male who is a recent convert to Islam and is reported to have trained in Yemen in radical Muslim teachings and extremist views including jihad.  He has confessed to converting to Islam after September 11th and was in Yemen for a year teaching English in Aden and Sanaa in 2007 before being detained and deported for a visa violation in 2008.  He has internet records showing he searched out his target location specifically and was detained with 2 rifles and a pistol.  Muhammad is your atypical twisted ideological fruit cake who methodically and intentionally targeted and carried out an act of religious war against the country his teachers had turned him against, again a right-wing extremist but the media is not going to use those word with Muhammad.
The killers are so identical yet one is treated as a nut and tied to ALL conservatives while the other is treated as a lost soul and hapless victim of ideological identity crisis.  Both men were fully aware of what they were going to do and planned their actions out very carefully, to such a degree of premeditation that there is no way mental illness or lapse of better judgment can be hinted at in a trial.  The victims could not be worlds apart.  One was one of but a handful of doctors in this country willing to perform late term abortions, those where the baby could survive if delivered.  The other a young soldier who was back home recruiting to extend his home leave from overseas operations.  The politics of the situation is irrelevant, neither should have been killed or targeted for any reason.
Our government has perpetuated the greatest sin of this case.  Obama’s lack of quick and forceful condemnation against an attack on our military is stone cold sober in its volume.  His lack of compaction or empathy to the family, Army, or jobs of recruiters in this country is crime in my eyes as a veteran and die hard American.  The Justice Departments decision to post US Marshals at abortion clinics across the country for security is fine and good, what about recruiting stations in New York, twice bombed, and others across the country attacked and vandalized as much if not more then abortion clinics?  Oh, its right to protect a politically aligned group but wrong to protect a politically opposed group.  This looks like blatant prejudice against Christians and the military by lack of words and actions to one group but quick and decisive words and actions to another.  The press has an excuse, headlines sell advertising and they are all hurting now.  They also have an ax to grind and as a free press they have that right, even if their responsibility is against it.  Obama is only showing leadership to the groups he favors, to the others he is showing indifference and callous by not showing anything.
Due to all of this a nation will morn and debate the life and times of one victim while the other is just another body bag on the heap for an illegal war started unjustly and led indifferently by a leader who is more committed to social activism then to protecting American interests and way of life by ensuring our security and safety at home.  Chaney stated we took the fight to the enemy to prevent them form attacking us on our soil ever again.  For 7 years this worked, we let our military become the target and fight on foreign soil so our people and country would not suffer the ravages of war.  We are now seeing the enemy emerge from within and not addressing it or placating our enemies with humility tours and elegant speeches will not change the facts.  Our enemy, Islamic extremists, is bound and determined to kill us, and there is no middle ground or compromise to them because to them we are the embodiment of evil and sin and no amount of actions or gestures will change their minds, look at Osama bin Laden’s speech ridiculing Obama on his visit to Saudi Arabia.
Abortion is a real issue, it is not black and white no matter how we want to look at it.  Jihad is a black and white issue no matter how many shades of gray we try to paint over it.  Our press has a responsibility to report fair and accurate facts followed evidence so we can come to our own conclusions.  Our government is supposed to be for the people by the people and it is supposed to be the model of leadership for our nation and society by treating us all equally and fairly.  Both have been failing for more then 10 years and we have let them get away with it for too long.  This is not a conservative or liberal issue, it is an American issue.  We deserve better and should demand more, more of our leaders, more of our press, and more of our neighbors.  We should not see to tragedies as these that are so similar and painted with the same brush be handled so differently and as opposite sides to the same coin.  This is why I am mad as Hell and why I continue to write and voice my views as vocally as I can, because someone needs to when no one else will.

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2 Responses to A Tale of Two News Events – Media bias is killing free thought in America

  1. Jaclyn says:

    The war and its effects is a sore spot for the current administration. Obama made a stand on the war promised to pull our forces out in 18 months promised to bring sons and brothers home…yet in reality things are escalating and getting more out of control it\’s not just Irag anymore it\’s not just Bin Laden anymore and I think that the current administration is just trying to keep us blindfolded so we don\’t see the precipice coming ever closer. If he went on t.v. and sent his condolences to the families of these young servicement it would be too much of an admittance that they cannot protect us from a threat that they still don\’t understand. I thinkthey are hoping that it will blend in with all the bombings that are so frequient that the American public is becoming numb so maybe we\’ll be too numb to recognize the fact that it is not in some dirty middle eastern country but right here. Those who don\’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it…and those who don\’t want to ackowledge something just don\’t utter it.

  2. V says:

    Thanks for sharing with us and draw the attention .I do not know things in the U.S. but , in China , most of the presses have their own position in the politics standpoint , left or right , pro- govermental or anti , positive or negtive . yet most of them are not 100% honest and objective . They have lost the integrity of respecting the truth

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