China STILL blocking MS Live and other services

As of this morning, Monday June 8th 9:00 am here in China, the great firewall of China is still up, since early last week twitter, YouTube (much earlier) and most of Live’s sites are still unavailable.  I have been blogging via the email blog feature and it is working ok, no categories and some formatting issues but better then nothing.  I have not been able to get to anything other then Live’s Home page, My Live, and hotmail.  All other services, Profiles, Spaces, Groups, bing, and even RSS have been down and down consistantly.  I have jumped on this page via my work VPN just to log a report. 

I belive the issue with bing is its new, so China is unsure how its results will be returned and how it links and displays cached pages.  Live was taken down, as well as twitter, to prevent coordination of memorials or gatherings for rememberance for the June 4th Tinannamen Square protests.  China did not officially mention this nor have I been able to find a date they will allow these sites back open and accessible.  YouTube has been down for a couple of months to prevent the 50th anniversary of the Lahsa, Tibet, uprising that was put down.  The Chinese government fully censors the internet, some pluses (little to no spam, porn, gambling, etc.) but too many bad, no free voice, thoughts, ideas, to share and work out.

Live is a large service for Microsoft’s online presence.  It is global and is growing.  For some reason Facebook is still available as is Google search and Google News.  It seems Microsoft’s decision to follow the Congress’ hearings conclusions has been remembered and repaid by shutting off access to many of thier social networking sites from all mainland Chinese auidances.  I don’t know how businesses will traverse these politically and commercially laden minefields in the future.  I hope they open the services up, because checking on stats and comments and notes on my profile don’t need to done on my company’s dime and VPN connection.  Proxify, and other proxy servers are well known by the Chinese and are unavailable within 10 to 15 minutes from publication.  I still have not been able to watch online TV due to location problems.  This is becomming really painful for nothing more then living in a country that is parinoid of free thought and ideas.

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4 Responses to China STILL blocking MS Live and other services

  1. john says:

    Fear of Fear is tough to deal with for many people. Those who have control issues really throw down the clamps. The vice grip works for a short time but the mind cannot be controled. No one that I know has had any success controling people. It is but an illusion. People allow others to control them by their passiviity. There are som many bullies that think thye can tell all what to do and if you rebel The response is a black eye. Frredom of expression will always be there and sometimes it is underground. The more the government tries to control the bigger the revolution will be. …. Thanks John and have a great week.

  2. Jaclyn says:

    Well Ayn Rand described it well in Atlas Shrugged when she described people own virtues being the method that gives controllers power. When people start putting aside the contradiction in their life you get a situation like the uprising in Tibet. "If things semm to contradict each other…check your premises." I hope that you and your family are well under there and I hope that you keep blogging, It\’s good to see the ideas that are unsquashable.

  3. John says:

    Thanks for the support, in just over a week I have finally been able to access my blog without having to utilize VPN or proxy services. I hope this is the end of the ban, will not hold my breath though…

  4. V says:

    I am not a big fan of politics , but I think to block the sites and people \’s sight is really stupid and childish . It would be much better to face the past and apologize to the dead . ……timid party

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