I have finally reached the 150,000 mark in my statistics counter, the page hit counter I added a few months back is just shy of 1,000.  I was hoping to catch it at 150,000 and reset the other but it did not happen, 150,024 when I got an oppertunity to check.  For those who have visited, thank you and I hope you learned something, were entertained, or were assisted.  Just some interesting facts about what is popular on this blog…

Top 3 searches

   Toddler refuses to eat
   Chinese matchmaking
   Importance of body language
Top 3 search engines
   Windows Live (only 1 hit from bing, maybe because it has been blocked in China)
Most active linkings – Chinese blog service
   Windows Live profile page
   Search results
This blog was featured in one of the weekly blog features a couple of years back, when Live had its own Spaces protol, in that week traffic was really heavy.
The blog was set up as a way to show friends and family things about China, my life here, and pictures, this really has never happened
The blog was started in 2004 but deleted and restarted in 2005 as a project to outling life lessons
There has never been ‘advertising’ on this blog, no banners, just a small Amazon link to camera equipment and books (revenue generated… $2.50)
The largest part of the blog (photos) is commented on the least and veiwed the least
Of the 377 people in my network, only 54 have ever left comments or guestbook entries
The blog used to change themes with the seasons, for 2 years it did this, I got too lazy and like the current theme
Of the 14 categories on the blog, I have blogged on every one at least once!
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One Response to Milestone

  1. Brian says:

    JB:I\’m astounded at the number of views you\’re getting. I\’m technologically challenged, to say the least, so I probably don\’t do some very simple things that could improve my page views. Anyway, congrats on an incredible milestone indeed!!Best regards,Brian (the Roadexecutive)

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