Internet services continue to be blocked

China has added a new wrinkle to the internet services blocked here.  Twitter has been down for 2 weeks, and without phone support from China I am unable to tweet (which is of small issue for me at this time).  Facebook is also a large casualty so for my friends on Facebook, at least I have RSS feeds configured to pass along all these blog posts directly to my FB page, can’t go there but can still post.  More oddly though is the access to is acting really odd as outlined.  Oh, I almost forgot, Blooger /Blog Spot from Google is also down and has been for months.

I can access digg, even log in as long as I don’t click on the big Log In button, if I do it disappears and does nothing.  Next, even if I log in via other site links, I am unable to submit anything to digg.  From Firefox I have the digg toolbar installed and it hangs at submission.  If I try to submit a link after loging in it hangs at submission, and finally if I add the quick submission protocol ahead of the actual address it just goes to a gray screen with loading and does nothing.  What is odd is that I can eventually log in, just unable to submit.  I have tried from various computers in various locations so I know its not a IE8 or FF 3 issue or a firewall or router issue.  When logged in I can still vote and digg articles, just not submit new articles.  I don’t know how its being blocked so I have few ideas on how to sidestep the blockage.  At least its a continuing learning process.

So the newest tool I use to mark and research my monthly rants is now unavailable, so I am going back to the old style – notebook and paper.  So while China is playing hide-and-go seek with web sites and tools in its ever progressing work to keep the Internet seen by all inside Chinese borders is clean and free from porn, and politically sensative content.  All of this makes life in China more problematic for those who utilize the web for news, research, and entertainment.  I have given up on watching US TV shows here, proxy is too slow and seems to error out too much, and accessing liberal websites for research to know what those crafty Democrats are up to.  At least I can access news and events, for now anyway.  So to recap, twitter, Facebook, and digg are either unavailable or not able to use as normal.  How long will all this be down, who knows?  Its never boring here.

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One Response to Internet services continue to be blocked

  1. Hylic says:

    it\’s quite unfortunate that all those popular websites are blocked. as far as i can remember blogger has been blocked since i registered 3 years ago…i cannot log on blogger ever since…youtube is blocked several months ago, and it\’s not likely it\’s going to be released. for twitter and facebook, it\’s quite sad that they are blocked as well…what a loss for us…there are some chinese SNS webstites being blocked as well. let\’s hope live space won\’t be blocked. the thing is they cannot block enough websites, since new sites are emerging all the time. but it\’s we who use those website suffer in the end, always…

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