Welcome to Obama Care

Remember the good old days, back when the Republican party was the party of using fear and ignorance to scare Americans?  Well, the anti-Bush and his party has found this tactic works wonders for passing insane legislation, just as Bush did for the Patriot Act.  The anti-Bush, Obama, will use his spreading of fear and exploiting our ignorance for good, unlike that evil Bush guy, because the anti-Bush stands for all things pure, innocent, and righteous.
I have not waded into the healthcare debate because I have not had any booster shots in about 7 years.  I will risk the tetanus and dysentery at this point because it’s about time to start now before all is lost.  Should I wade in slowly or just ignore the stench and dive in?  I think I will take the practical approach and see how deep it is getting first, let me take off my watch and put up my hair.
All politicians love statistics, why?  They are easily manipulated and make them sound smart and as if they know what it is they are talking about, we all know better… right?  Take for example this latest push on Health Care.  Before the plan is discussed we are all warned of the doom and gloom, the dire straights, and the tens of millions of people who are on the verge of death each and every day in this country because they lack insurance, yes access to insurance.  Both parties like to present the number and play with it, slapping it this way and that to prove their points, or make their own dire predictions for and against. Why not let the numbers speak for themselves, numbers…
The Senate has passed the 1,000 page Obama Care legislation out of committee and the President is calling for a partisan vote, thank you Minnesota for that clown Franken, because they now have the 60 votes required and Obama has pledged to have this issue done by August.  So it seems we again have a group of people voting on something they have not read or looked at with an objective eye, we all know how well that worked the last two times it happened (omnibus and stimulus).  Before we look at the actual facts and figures we have to take a boring education moment to discuss, numbers.  Why, because the numbers associated with this bill are HUGE.
First off we have the number of uninsured figures being thrown around.  2005 Census figures have uninsured people in the country at 47 million, 2007 SIPP report states that in 2005 65.9 million people in the country did not have insurance for at least 1 month over the year, in December 2005 that fell to 45.2 million, and for 2005 those without insurance for the entire year was 27.6 million people.  Why are we talking about 2005? Good question, because the latest figures we have are for 2007 and they are not complete by academic standards.  So people like to burrow the 2005 numbers, because they are higher then the 2007 estimates and models.
Before I introduce the next set of numbers, let’s talk about numbers and the Obama administration.  Until this presidency numbers were not much in our daily lives.  300 billion used to be a huge number and Bush was assailed by Pelosi, Reid, and the main stream media for growing our national debt, remember the deficit is different from the debt, now in a mere 8 months 300 billion seemes passé.  1 trillion budget deficit in June, ho-hum. Why?  We can’t relate to anything over 10 million.  7 zeros is about all our brains can process with a quantifiable measure.  Sure we can say 500 million but we can’t relate to it.  Here is a quick exercise.  How many bricks are in a typical ranch style home?  10,000 maybe 20,000?  More like 7,000 for a 45 by 25 by 8 foot house at 1,100 square feet!  Try this on for size; the Empire State building has 10 million bricks in it, that’s it!  So when we get into the hundreds of millions we begin to lose our rational reference.  Here in China we have 2.3 billion people, Shanghai has around 20 million, that’s a lot yet it’s a small fraction of a billion, just under 1%.  So when you read the budget deficit has reached $1 trillion think of it like this: $1,000,000,000,000.00 or enough bricks to make 100,000 Empire State buildings, enough for 5 such buildings in each of the 18,443 urban areas in the US according to the US census of 2000 (10,016 cities, 4,431 towns, 3,770 villages, 147 communities, 79 urban areas).  The health care, or Obama Care, is expected to cost $1.042 trillion dollars over 10 years according to the Congressional Budget Office, the same agency gave 10 year projections on the cost, and in year 10 it is expected to cost $100 billion, interestingly enough year 11 balloons to $290 billion!  This is why I was saying we have to understand the numbers.  $1,042,000,000,000.00 for 1 single program alone!  So, just for Obama’s health care program, averaged over just 10 years every existing man woman and child in American will have to pay $3,473, and this payment will be through taxes, of course elderly and kids don’t pay income taxes so the figure will have to go up and costs will have to be made up in other places as well.  Oh, just for the record, in year 11 Obama Care will cost every man, woman, and child $967 for just that year with prices increasing each passing year, that is almost 25% the total cost for 10 years!
In America we have just over 300,000,000 or 300 million people.  Of this population we have heard that 45,700,000 or 45.7 million are uninsured.  That is 15.2% of our total population.  When the administration talks about uninsured they throw out the big number first, 45.7 million, because we can relate to tens of millions, but then switch quickly to percentages after that, why?  Fear! 45.7 million is a large number, we can all agree on that. Follow that up with a number like say, 26% and you instantly think of another big number, not 12 million which looks smaller.  This is what we need to look out for in this health care debate, number manipulation.  If you go to places like statistical websites or non-profits and non-partisan sites doing research on the topic you find the same thing, so we know the politicians are just spreading the disease, not generating it.  Here are some hard and fast numbers on American uninsured when it comes to health care.  Oh, the converse, 84.8% of Americans have health insurance of which 60% get theirs from their employers, the vast majority of Americans are covered if you look at it that way.
45,700,000 uninsured according to 2007 estimates or 15.2% of our total population
18,300,000 are between 18 and 35 (mostly part time workers) or 6% of our total population
11,900,000 are eligible for some form of government coverage or 4% of our total population
  9,600,000 are immigrants (5,600,000 est to be illegal immigrants; who will now get coverage) 3% of our total population
  9,100,000 are in families with total income greater then $75,000 per year or 3% of our total population
Yes I know it does not add up, but these are the numbers out there from independent sources that both sides use.  This is all on the edges and not directly related however.  See, distracters.  So if you want to get to a good number of uninsured people in America when it comes to healthcare the best estimates are, drum roll please…  30,800,000 or 30.8 million if you knock off illegal immigrants, half the families making more then $75k/year and half the part time workers as well as 3 million off of those eligible.  Why did I exclude these groups?  A) Illegals are not eligible under exiting plans, B) half the families most likely are too cheap, C) half the part timers will graduate college or get their act together and join the 60% of Americans who get employee health care in a year or two, and D) Most of the poor will remain poor while a small percentage will move up in life or get a job because they were unemployed when the surveyor knocked (no statistics on how many were between jobs when surveyed).
This is still 10% of the population and still a major issue, however 10% is far less then 16%.  Now, is health insurance a right?  What is a right, something guaranteed by the Constitution to allow you to live your life and peruse your dreams on an equal playing field with your peers.  Health insurance is a privilege, not a right.  Getting a job is a privilege, having access to apply for the job free from discrimination is a right.  Access to health insurance is a privilege, having access to health care free from discrimination is a right.  Potato, patado.  As with all things government we need to look at the money here.  The bill passing committee has the following provisions in its 1,000 pages.  Unions are exempt (support), Government agencies are exempt (of course), there is a mandate included (you have to buy or get government insurance if your employer does not provide it else you get a fine, annually!), to pay for this health care entitlement program (think welfare) will require the 5.4% millionaires tax that is not just for millionaires but for anyone making more then $280,000/year (so it’s a quarter of a millionaire tax), 8% payroll taxes on top of your existing payroll taxes (increasing total payroll taxes above 30% for most people).  If you are a small business owner, and according to the IRS there are over 1 million who make or exceed $280k/year, and 60% of all taxes collected by the IRS are from small business owners well your tax margin is going up to 45%, welcome to Obama Care!  Just this entitlement program alone will explode the taxes and costs of government and will be hard pressed to lower current prices because it does little to nothing to fix the real issue.
There are 4 ways of dealing with an issue.  1) You can react to the outcome, 2) you can treat a symptom, 3) you can find the root cause and correct it, 4) or you can just plane ignore it.  Well, we have been ignoring it for years and it won’t go away (leaving the system as it is) and that was the old way.  Obama is doing a combination of 1 and 2.  Its great he is doing something but that something is the wrong thing because it does not fix the real issue, just throws more money at it.  We know what the problem is, health care costs, but we are just reacting to it with these current measures. What we need to do is a combination of 2 and 3.  Treat the symptoms and find out and resolve the root causes.
I know of few people that are fans of HMO’s, I hate them myself. Managed care is bad, so why is the government’s version of managed care any better?  Sure Obama says he won’t do that, just as he said he was not going to take over GM before and after he did it, and this 1,000 page pig DOES state there is a mandate so he IS doing it.  Can anyone name a single government program that runs efficiently and fiscally smooth enough to be successful?  Anyone, seriously anyone???  That is because there aren’t any.  Government only knows how to take money via taxes and spend money, not save it or reduce costs.  The measures would result in large bureaucratic agencies and committees mired in red tape.  This 5.4% millionaire sur-tax is actually going to people making above $280k/year.  If Congress could cut so much waste out of Medicare and Medicaid they why wait until now to do it?  When this passes on demand abortions will be fully tax payer funded, so we all support abortion by paying taxes.  We have little time and partisan politics pushing to get this thing done before the August break and the Dems have the power and ability to pass.
If we add up the cost of the stimulus, bail outs (TARP), Cap and Trade, and now Obama Care, well get ready for Switzerland style taxes folks, cause they are going up, up, up and up some more.  Obama has a deficit in June larger then the entire last year of Bush (including the initial TARP and bailout funds)!  We have national debts exceeding 1,000 billions of dollars with bond rates set to fall for the first time in many generations.  We hare in a spending spree that will crush all things prosperous to enslave the masses and make us all dependent on the government for everything.  Remember the liberals yelling they wanted the GOP out of their bedrooms, well  I want Uncle Sam out of my life; smoking, TV, radio, internet, unhealthy snacks, soda, drinking, doctors, electrical usage, cars available, land usage restrictions, education quality and content, government acting in contradiction to personal ethics, and shrinking job opportunities due to policies, and all this with a hand out and gun to my head stating I have to pay or die.  The government is now fully entrenched in all our lives, all because most people lost their reference to numbers.  Well, now we have to live with it and pay for it all, how will they pay for it when our nation’s income falls because revenue falls?  All those $280k/year millionaires may just decided to do like me and flee overseas, then where will all this spending be?  Numbers are great, but if you abuse them and abuse them bad then it is worse then you can imagine.  Better wake up and rally your friends with the REAL numbers else we will all be under the yoke of highest tax margins in history for generations to come.  Blue Dog Democrats are nervous on Cap and Trade and they are nervous on this, bug them, bother them, call them DAILY because if this, and its evil clone Cap and Trade, pass and are signed then we are slaves to the system just like those in Medicare, VA, and state run systems.  Pay a little time now or a whole lot of money later, its your choice America, act or react. 
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2 Responses to Welcome to Obama Care

  1. LAIRD says:

    There are lies, dam lies and statistics! However it never ceases to amaze me that two of the wealthiest countries on the planet and bastions of their idealogies, do not have a decent healthcare system for all their citizens. A cut in the american \’defence\’ budget of 10% would cover most of your expenditure. Just get rid of the guys counting paperclips in the pentegon ! We should not believe that millionaires anywhere contribute to a nations taxbill !! Most of there cash is in off shore bank accounts where they pay no tax. They are the guys who have caused the current recession, meanwhile European and American middle class foot the bill.

  2. John says:

    ITs funny how those in the UK complaign about the single payer system they have yet Obama believes we can do it better, trump it up to Yankee arogance. Of course he isn\’t saying its a single payer system but if an employer refuses to pay for their employee\’s health care they get a scant $750 per employee fee, much less then annual premiums with a HMO. So if you are a small or medium sized company what makes more fiscal scense, to pay a small fine or massive premium? It would be nice if all employers would act out of some ethical imparitive but the cold hard reality is businesses are started to make money and that means controlling costs. So with the mandate that ALL American HAVE to have insurance, employer or government, and if employers take the cheap and easy route then only the largest of the large companies will offer coverage and the massive bulk of the citizens will be on government run care, except for the unions and federal, state, and local governments. This will mean the government system will be a single payer massive pig requiring the most doctors, nurses, and facilities. The unions, largest fortune 500\’s and governments will attract the best and brightest of these leaving shortfalls in the government run plan, we have seen it happen in other countries. This will have to result in rationed care and a situation where the average middle to lower income people will have to suffer through massively long queues, rationed care for the most reoccuraning procedures, and government agencies weithing the cost benifit annalysis on if you should get on the list for this or that procedure, only imminate life threatening circumstances in those most viable will happen, we see it elsewhere so why will it be different in America.Sure we could cut the defense spending by 10%, but they will never get rid of the pencil pushers, they will cut things like airplanes, ships, tanks, or helichopters. All personnel staffing will remain due to the home districts where those responsible for the cuts are (dashing their hopes for re-election), only the workers who produce planes, tanks, ships, and helos and their rich government contractors are left… see my point? We massively cut our military forces in the late 1970\’s after Vietnam and all that did was further deepen the recession and unemployment during the oil embargo under President Carter. No, the real problem is not paying for this pig, the real problem is the reasons behind the high costs. Greedy HMO\’s, high malpractice insurance, insane litigation judgements, bottom line for-profit hospitals, skyrocketing medical school tution (all higher education tution is too high), high drug and equipment costs due to ancient patent laws, and so on and so forth. With the baby boomers starting to retire the system is about to get overwhelmed which will only give a green ligth for Congress to sound the crisis alarm and raise taxes for their influx. Its a sturbornly bad situation but as I stated America is taking the wrong approach with believing if you throw enough money at it the problem will go away. Its how we dealt with sub-prime mortgage companies, banks who facilitated them, and people who bought houses they could not afford. Its how we dealt with an insurance agency that tried to cover the financial markets and bought into the insane risky area of rebundeled mortgages. Its how we dealt with an automotive manufactoring industy that was hamstrung with unsustainable union labor and penton costs while its domestice run foreign competition plants were able to make 3 to 4 times the profits while paying 1/2 as much for labor. Its how we dealt with a swell of unemployment that doubled in 6 months time to levels not seen in 70 years (and continues to rise because only 1/250 of the money has been spend and the rest will only be spent in 2 years time) with pledges of shovel ready jobs that never materalized. Its how we are going to fix the planet by upgrading our power grid and subsidising energies that at current levels current energy costs 1/30 and 1/60 today what it will tomorrow. Its how Democrats think they can fix anything and everything, just throw money at it. After 70 years of dependency on welfare and government food handouts to poor we have not seen them better their lives, so forgive me for being a little crass or dissmissive over their plans today because from my own observations and research into my own country I can see they have a track record of massive failures and no sucesses when it comes to fixing economic problems. Only by fixing the root cause of high healthcare cost inflation will we fix the mess, the rest is just throwing money away, money that will take 4 or 5 generations to pay back when added to all the other crap these idiots in charge are doing.

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