All went well except for the weather

Its 1 day since the longest eclipse of the centuary and I have processed the photos.  For the months and weeks before the event I had been researching equipment, exposures, apatures, angles, etc. to ensure I got some great pictures.  I did not invest in a larger lense due to price and seeing the 200mm lense I have is good at getting moon shots I figured I could live with the results better then dipping into savings for a 400mm lense, they are very pricy.  I did not get the filter I wanted, having to resort to 2 plate filters that may have caused ghost images due to the angles required but it was the best I could do. 
The last two days before the event I got the bad news, the clouds were rolling in and a low pressure system was forming.  1 day before and it was clear, rain was on the way but expected to hit around lunch time so I was hoping the skies would remain clear, for the past 4 days it was clear or scattered clouds with deep blue skies abound, no such luck.  Last minute efforts to get to the closest place with good viewing, WuNan, was awash so I decided to not wake up early and drive past the cloud cover just to get the shot, because despite having my driver’s license I am not familiar enough with the roads, maps in Chinese, to get to a good location with a good chance of staying in a prime viewing area and little to no clouds.  I accepted the situation.
Despite all the clouds and rain falling at 9:30 am, I did take some pictures from home, and while not spectacular (they look like night shots) they are a window into what it looked like for those of us here in Shanghai.  Its a shame we missed such a spectacular event due to weather.  At least I got some extra time off, took a vacation day, and got to do something I loved in the mean time, take pictures (even if just of clouds.  I took all the pictures in purely manual mode so I am getting better with using my camera and even in setting it up (until the rain forced me inside).  The pictures were processed with a feature from Nikon Picture Project I have not used before so it allowed me time to try out a new feature.  While not special, the pictures did turn out well, see them here:
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