Shanghai drivers 2, Bravo 0

In about 72 hours after being rear ended by a taxi at a merger between 2 express ways here in Shanghai I got a nasty ding on the left front bumper!  How, parcking lot bandit!  I was at the airport, Hungchao, to pick up my wife from her business trip.  It was raining out and I was lucky to find a good parking spot not too far from the airport enterance, or so I thought.  When we came out to the car I almost walked right past the car because of the nasty ding on the fender, our car ‘HAD’ no damage before.  It appears a white SUV or van backed into the fender as it was trying to manuver around the parking lot.  Yes, the car was in a parking space, not one of the made up ones many people here create but one with line on the pavement and everything.  The dent can be knocked out, but the paint will lose its adheasion to the metal underneth when they do that. 
Whenever I visited New York or Chicago I was always amazed at how dinged up and scratched up the cars there were, now I seem to have learned why.  Who ever backed into the car most likely didn’t realize it as the paint transfer was very faint and the dents (two of them) are about the size of a silver dollar.  It seems you just can’t have nice things around here.  There is nothing really we can do, no proof the dent wasn’t there before getting into the parking lot and no way to say when it happened if we wanted to file a report and make a claim on the insurance.  At least it was slight damage and nothing major broken, like headlights, mirrors, or a major hit that would make opening the hood difficult.  It looks like some body shop is going to like our car, 2 items to get worked on so far and we have been driving it for less then a week!
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