The pot calling the kettle black

"These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves.  Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.  Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades." – Direct Quote: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer in a special OP-Ed piece in USA Today.

So first I am a suspected terrorists, according to the Department of Homeland Security, because I am a veteran, conservative minded individual, and I put my views out on the web for the whole world to view while Bill Ayres, the leader of the radical ‘60’s and ‘70’s domestic terrorist group The Weather Underground is lauded and celebrated by the likes of Pelosi, Hoyer, Obama, Ried, Frank, etc.  Second, throwing rocks and bombing military recruiting stations is seen as legitimate protest against America’s aggressive military campaigns in Iraq while shouting and a limited and few isolated instances of shoving is seen as being too aggressive and disruptive a form of demonstration.  Third, Senators are now taking questions for meetings with constituents in advance or holding telephone/teleconference meetings are good because they are afraid of dealing with people asking questions who get upset and loud when non answers or no answers are given, this was done for 7 years since the Patriot Act was signed.  The list goes on and on and on.  Pelosi and Hoyer listed some interesting items they are concerned with; burning effigies, mock tombstones, shouted chanting, disrupting meeting formats in her USA Today article.  Care to count the times Bush and GOP Congress members had to deal with the same treatment during the years since 9/11?  Care to ask Sarah Palin about hanging effigies in Pelosi’s own district?  How about the movie about Bush’s assassination by a disgruntled military member?  What about all the domestic flag burnings at GOP town halls protesting the war, megaphones shouting down speeches, and again on and on and on and on for the last 7 years of Bush’s administration.

Maybe Pelosi and Hoyer need to actually READ the Constitution they took an oath to uphold and defend they would know ALL Americans have the rights to assembly, air grievances to representatives, and speech among many others.  If Pelosi and Hoyer had memories longer then a gold fish they may remember all the boisterous and high profile condemnation they spewed and enticed their members to shout from the mountain tops when the GOP suggested opposing the war on terror was un-American.  Maybe Pelosi forgot her comments of praise and admiration towards the members of Code Pink who disrupted and shouted her down after she took Speaker of the House and still voted to extend war funding and not stopping the Iraq War as she campaigned to in her congressional bid.  She praised Code Pink as “…democracy in action” and how ‘excited by protesters’ she was in stating their anti-war moves by taking over her town hall meeting’s agenda with signs, shouting, and chanting.  Maybe she needs some memory drugs or exercises.  As I have stated many times on this blog I detest hypocrisy and this time Pelosi and Hoyer are not only being hypocrites, they are actually believing we American’s are too stupid or ignorant to call them out on it.  At least the White House realized it was a bad move on their part and quickly began putting distance between their comments and its stance in this great debate.

All of this is a great circus and ultimate slight of hand.  Why are we focused on defending the patriotism of people who have genuine questions or have issues they want their elected officials to hear?  Why are we focused on comparing and contrasting the actions of Democrats to conservatives, Republicans, and independents who are anxious to be heard?  Why are we wasting this time on if the anti-health care crowd is organized like the Democrats do when they show up to meetings through paid trips and time by unions, community organizations, NGO groups, etc.?  Why, because they know the bill is flawed and despite their rhetoric on truth of what is in the bill, NONE OF THEM HAVE READ IT!  Despite the White House circling the wagons and presenting a counter strategy to combat rowdy crowds we are still focusing on the crowds themselves.  Why are we not focusing on the real issues, the 1,100 page bill that outlines taxes, fines, and penalties if you DO NOT chose a healthcare plan?  Why are we not getting clarification on the ‘real-time’ access to participants financial records to determine eligibility?  There are hundreds of valid questions and concerns needing to be aired, not if some congress member had to see a poster of a swastika with a line through it insinuating the holder was opposed to nazis and fascists styles of governmental controls.  We are dealing with a part of our economy that accounts for 15% of GDP, a program the CBO weekly publishes report after report stating the program is unsustainable, too expensive, unable to fund without massive tax increases. 

For my Asian readers the title may seem odd.  It’s an old saying in Western culture that pre-dates the ‘throwing stones when living in a glass house’ saying.  In old days pots and kettles were used over coal or wood stoves and the soot and ash would collect on the items charring them black.  So when one says ‘that is the pot calling the kettle black’ they are saying the person is a hypocrite because they are doing the same thing they are voicing outrage against.  Obama campaigned on the premise that the Bush budgets were unsustainable and unacceptable, well he has exploded that 4 fold and that is just fine.  Pelosi liked protests when they were protesting against the issues she was against.  Hoyer was encouraging groups like ACORN,, trade unions, etc. to protest against the war, deficit spending, expanding executive powers but he is opposed to groups like the GOP or insurance companies and similar groups from doing like actions.  These people state we are afraid of the truth and the facts.  If so, why are they keeping the focus on those making up the debate and not the facts and truth they keep saying exist?  The White House, sensitive to polls and negative appearances, is doing what it can to erect a gulf between themselves and Pelosi.  There are liberal groups out there trying to get facts out, but they are rare rather there are trade unions and liberal NGO’s packing busses and packing halls to counter and silence the opposition voices, and that ladies and gentlemen is un-American.  We have the right to access to our representatives to air our grievances, not have them get frustrated and shout back that we just don’t understand when they have not read or understand what they are asking us to blindly accept.  The town halls are being structured as mass media presentations with legislators wanting to discuss talking points and only discuss how much we all need this, not trying to convince us all why we need this legislation.  They are not prepared to defend the very thing they are demanding we accept.  This arrogance is not the American way of changing the status quo.  We Americans are a skeptical lot, not the liberals who switch alliances as the wind blows, no the mass middle America and the conservatives.  We need to see logical steps of why this is better and why we have to pay more for it.  The truth is this will be the most expensive program in world history and we want to ensure it is what is promised.  Promised by people who refuse to read, explain, or able to intelligently defend it themselves.

So to those members of the DNC and talking heads who are all stating we who question the intellectual elites decisions for the rest of us are ourselves un-American and un-patriotic need to check your memories.  While there were those on the right who suggested those opposing the war or the policies of the president were such, they were wrong then and you are wrong now.  Just because you won the presidential election and hold both house majorities it did not give you a license to do as you please.  We the people are still in charge of the country and you.  We are the ones who decide the policies we want to follow.  The elections are not the beginning but the end.  We use the elections to rate your performance, not to give you a blank check for which to fill in without conciliations with us, the people of the country.  We are seeing a massively socialists agenda taking light, we will concede some ground for ‘progress’ but not the whole farm.  You see, to be American is not to agree or to bully your views onto others, but to debate and discuss through differences until an acceptable compromise can be reached and then let it play out until it proves a success or a failure.  Parts of this HR 3200IH are encouraging, but the parts that are not are so far out of acceptance they have to be changed or scrapped before we will accept it.  Remember there is no right to health care in the Bill of Rights, Constitution, or Amendments.  Our rights are extended only to the limit of self reliance, and this bill in its current form infringes on self reliance and that is un-American.

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2 Responses to The pot calling the kettle black

  1. john says:

    Saw Gingrich and Dean in a discussion over healthcare. The townhall meetings was brought up and the attempts to silence the protestors. Gingrich responded, when I was speaker I had a meeting with a machinists union, very loud, boisterous and disruptive group. i spent 3 hours with them opening a dialogue. gingrich did not try to silence them, instead he listened and dealt with their issues.america needs to find some media types that are closer to the center and bosses that will keep it their.

  2. Cherry says:

    Great post John keep up the good work.. cherrye

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