Nancy Pelosi, you my dear are an incredulous liar and hypocrite

Remember Madam Speaker’s very public outrage at ‘sand bagging’ by the GOP and special interest groups for disrupting and organizing to shut down August town hall meetings with terms like ‘astroterfers’ and such.  Well, it seems the DNC and Obama’s own organizing group is itself Astroterfing with union members and liberal groups.  First of all, what evidence is there the GOP was ‘stacking’ any of the town hall meetings.  Second, most of these protests are organic and the frustration is real.  Sure the conservative movement of bloggers, radio and TV shots, etc. have been getting the word out and supplying fuel, but that is different then an organized group of paid participants like the DNC and liberal non-profit publically funded groups are doing to counter this, and did to disrupt any GOP event for years.  Below is some proof from my last stateside home.  The problem, just as the Congress, is the followers of these groups are not reading the bills or the literature that is factual, instead they are just accepting the word of mouth and mantra of their leaders.  So which will prevail, organic anger and disgust over government interference or organized and publicized Rules for Radicals tactics implemented by the extreme left to institute their socialists dream utopia down our throats.

The background of the below email by the liberal tax funded group Community for Change, Paul Ryan has introduced a conservative alternative health care bill.  The liberals are wanting to crush any opposition or alternative to HR 3200.  This is evident by the DNC going after “blue dog” and freshman Democrats who have been taking massive heat from their home districts.  Again, follow the money.  Who is helping out by donating to organizations like Community for Change?  Why does Acorn get so much funding in HR 3200 as well as other community organizing groups?  Why are the drug companies and labor unions in healthcare backing these bills?  The answers are not always where you expect them. 

From: Kelly Gallaher –
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 12:01PM
Subject: Paul Ryan’s Roadmap to Hell(th) Tour

Hi Everyone!

Congressman Paul Ryan is touring the 1st CD next week, we met yesterday and laid out a plan.  He has 17 listening sessions scheduled and it is our intention to overwhelm each session with reform supporters.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin (1st CD Dems), Organizing for America (OFA) and Community for Change are working together to promote attendance at these sessions.

Here are the plans: (Thanks you Meg for taking GREAT notes! and it CANNOT be forwarded enough!)

At each session, we will have 2 tables with a banner.  At the tables, we will have information on:

  1. “Organizing for Health Care” (a glossy 4 page brochure),
  2. Information on why Paul Ryan’s health care plan is wrong for the 1st CD
  3. Contact information for Ryan, Feingold, Kohl of OFA
  4. Sign up sheet for these interested in joining us
  5. Rally signs

If we encounter official resistance to our table, we will have bags to carry all the same information.  The rally signs may not be allowed in the actual meeting place.

There may be an opportunity for people to go online and print their own 8 1/2 by 11 sheet for display IN the session from

It is intended that people rally (keep moving) and carry the signs before the session.

We are scheduling 2 Teams each day. The teams will leapfrog each event, so we are set up in advance and ready to go before the previous event ends.  Each team will have a table and materials.  Team Leaders each day will be assigned to one or more sessions.  In addition, each team will have:

  1. Maps showing location(s) for the day
  2. Locations of fast food restaurants in the area
  3. Questions for key people in the session
  4. Information for those who might be interviewed by the media

Team Leaders will:

  1. Get tables and materials the night before (for the first session of the day)
  2. Get to the location about an hour before scheduled start time
  3. Set up and staff the table
  4. Be prepared to move the table (or take it down, if officially required)
  5. Stay at the table during the session
  6. Remain at the table after the session, until people have all gone
  7. Sometimes, the teal leaders will move to another session already in progress (particularly at the end of the day which have the biggest locations (Kenosha, Racine, Janesville)

For each day we will have 2 teams per day.

Here’s where you come in.  We’d like help staffing these tables, bringing supporters and attending as many sessions as you can.  OFA is very active in Racine and we will provide at least one person per session.

Please let me know if you can help.  We still need some team leader names in a couple of far flung locations.

We will be phonebanking active volunteers and reform supporters, but turning your people out is essential.

Here is the schedule! (not putting that here)

Eagle: Kelly Gallaher
North Prairie: Glenda Alexander
Sharon: Glenda Alexander
Genoa City: Kelly Gallaher
Paddock Lake: Glenda Alexander and Meg Andrietsch
Kenosha: Kelly Gallaher and Meg Andrietsch
Janesville: Kelly Gallaher and Meg Andrietsch
Rochester: Kelly Gallaher
Racine: Kelly Gallaher

For the Racine session, which runs until 2:30, we have reserved the room until 5pm, so the session can continue with or without Paul Ryan. (That is a bit of a secret, so don’t tell Paul Ryan!)

Thanks for reading this far.  If you call me and say “I thought it was Highway to Hell”, Meg will buy you coffee.

To volunteer, ask questions and submit ideas, please email of call me!

Thank you!

Kelly Gallaher

Now I know that organization is not illegal or immoral, it is indeed admirable and necessary to gain a strong voice to counter the special interest and lobby groups.  However the organic uprising by Americans to voice concern against legislation that lays the ground work for a huge intrusion into our lives by the government, taking over control of 15% of our economy when they have demonstrated inability to run any social program fiscally responsible, and finally the blatant heavy handed and arrogant attitudes by the Congress in stating they don’t need to read the bill, they know what is better for us then we do, trust them, and doing something now (no matter how flawed) is better then doing nothing.

Sure, the death panels are not outlined in the legislation HR 3200, they are found in amendments to other bills, like HR1 – Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus Bill) that outlines $1.1 billion federal tax dollars to fund the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research.  The Council, created by former Health and Human Services Secretary Nominee Tom Daschle, for creating the Council is to empower an unelected bureaucracy to make the hard decisions about health care rationing that elected politicians are politically unable to make. The end result is to slow costly medical advancement and consumption. Daschle argues that Americans ought to be more like Europeans who passively accept "hopeless diagnoses."  According to Joseph Ashby from American Thinker in his August 15 article ‘Death panel’ is not in the bill… it already exists  How about word from Obama himself?  From the ABC infomercial: "that at least we (the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research) can let doctors know and your mom know that (taking this treatment or procedure) isn’t going to help. Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller."

How about Obama stating no federal funds for abortion, well according to Time and AP reporter Ricardo Alonso-zaldivar reported in Time – Health Bill Includes Abortion Coverage  The recent Capps Amendment to HR 3200 is reported to "… allow the public plan to cover abortion but without using federal funds, only dollars from beneficiary premiums. Likewise, private plans in the new insurance exchange could opt to cover abortion, but no federal subsidies would be used to pay for the procedure. "It’s a sham," said Douglas Johnson, legislative director for National Right to Life. "It’s a bookkeeping scheme. The plan pays for abortion, and the government subsidizes the plan."  And again Time releases another article exposing the sneaky way the DNC is trying to get abortions funded federally by us all in their How Abortion Coverage Could Affect Health-Care Reform by stating “it does find a way for the Federal Government to expand the coverage of abortion services through a government-run program — the so-called public option — without spending what it defines as federal dollars on abortion. Instead, the only money the public insurance option could spend on abortion that does not involve rape, incest or the life of the mother would be money collected from members dues; or, in the words of supporters like Elizabeth Shipp, of NARAL Pro-Choice America, the plan "could only use private funds to pay for abortion services."  The member dues, or premiums, to pay for expanded abortion coverage would be segregated from the federal tax dollars by keeping the money in separate internal accounts. The problem is that all those who sign up for the public option would have to pay into the account for abortion coverage, an amount "not less than $1 per month," according to the legislation. So in effect, anyone who wanted to sign up for the public option, a federally funded and administered program, would find themselves paying for abortion coverage.  Add this to House Rep Stupak (pro Choice Dem) “Obama’s statements during recent public events signal one of two things: either he does not fully understand the current House bill”, which Stupak maintains has the effect of publicly funding abortion, or "if he is aware of it, and he is making these statements, then he is misleading people."

So let the President do some REAL fact checks on death panels and federally funded abortions and then let him explain why he is asking us to accept what he said was not in the bill.  If you want a prelude to what our new socialized medicine will look like, look at CARS or Cash for Clunkers program, it was only 30% funded, ran out, put auto yards, parts dealers, and mechanics out of work and removed millions of cars of which tens of thousands are viable out of the used car market.  If the government can not run a car sale how can you trust them to run 15% of our economy and your and your families healthcare and well being?  How can you trust the president and the Congress when they say one thing and we find them doing the opposite in other places.  Sure the bill HR 3200 has no death panels but they are in other pieces of legislation akin to 3 card monty or the shell game?  If they are lying about what is in the bill then then why should we be surprised they are doing what they complain about at these birthers, astroturfers, insurance lobbyists etc are stacking the town halls when we now know they are doing just that.  Keep up the pressure and keep the Dems honest, or as honest as they can be.

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2 Responses to Nancy Pelosi, you my dear are an incredulous liar and hypocrite

  1. kelly says:

    U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan, R/WI issued a public apology to organizer, Kelly Gallaher for his office involvement in circulating an email written by her that contained personal contact information to GOP media and radio hosts. Gallaher and colleagues received threats, hate mail and calls to home and cell phones.Gallaher’s attorney’s are investigating possible misuse of public property and constituent information.Details at:

  2. John says:

    Kelly Gallaher has been caught threatening a Racine restaurant owner with a boycott unless he kicks out a group of conservatives who gather there weekly to discuss the state of regional politics over coffee. Due to this and further actions Ms. Gallaher is unworthy of any sympothy or support as she is continuing to persue her radical political based agenda of harrasment and name calling while hiding behind her \’working mother and concerned citizen\’ facade, totally shameless.

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