Obama addressing the nation’s youth

I have less then 15 minutes to address this so it will be short.  Today Obama will address our nation’s youth via television address.  For starters I have no problem with this, presidents have done this for years now and there was nothing sinister or troubling about it then, so I would think the same would hold true this time.  Now the President’s staff has gotten into trouble by releasing a long agenda and setting odd goals that were a little open ended and resulted in conservatives interrupting them in the wrong light.  The problem is not the messenger, it’s the message.
Obama is going to take 30 minutes to tell kids the importance of staying in school and studying hard and that if they put their minds to it they can achieve their wildest desires, even becoming president.  Well it does not take that long to say all that but he will be addressing more specifics I am sure.  The kids he is addressing are K-6 so his message will not be all that complex or sophisticated; remember this is America in the information age and not Germany in the 1930’s.
Keeping your kids out of school and protesting this address is comical.  For one people should be more concerned with what is in the text books and the agenda of the school administrators and teachers then the president, we all know what he is about.  If 30 minutes with him on TV is that dangerous there would be no opposition to him or his ideas by now.  We need to expose our kids to different points of view and arguments so they can begin to learn how decisions and opinions are formed and voiced publically. 
We should not be up in arms on this address.  We should only act after the address and only if the message is inappropriate or somehow improper.  Obama seems to be just as polarizing as Bush, and for that he continues to play the part of the anti-Bush he so loves and craves.  I remember in college how distraught and upset all the liberals were in my department after the Patriot Act was passed, we were in the library science department.  People knew I was a veteran and a staunch conservative and would flat out say ‘Bush is not my President, I didn’t vote for him’.  I hear the same thing from some hard line GOP people today, so I have to ask them ‘who then is your president, how is he passing his agenda to the nation?’.  For better or worse Obama in America’s President.  We don’t have to agree with him on everything, or even most things.  He is however the will of the voters, for now, and we are stuck with him for 3 and a half more years.  Now I may not agree with his policies or things he is doing and trying to do to the nation, however I can still give him the benefit of the doubt on his official duties until after the fact, for if he messes up, or makes an astronomical error, in my opinion, then I will call it like I see it.  Thus far I have been critical of Obama on things he has either done, said he was going to do, or set forth in motion events that will result in things I do not agree with.  This is the difference, I can give him the benefit of the doubt on things he has not demonstrated a violation of my trust in yet.  He wants to make education a priority in the nation.  Until I hear or discover his exact plans I will give him the preverbal line to do with what he wants, if he miss uses it and ends up out in left field, well I will call it like it is then.  So chill out and let’s see what he is going to say to the kids today.  Remember his comments will not ring as truth as much as what the teachers are doing to the kids for 8 hours a day.
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