Not your average 9/11 posting

I have not really gotten into the September 11th issue here.  There is an idea on the conservative side we should use the anniversary to remind the country of the horrific lengths our enemies will go to just to get our attention and voice their dissatisfaction against us.  Liberals want to use the anniversary to highlight the evils our country has continuously coerced the world into accepting.  Obama wants to use the anniversary to do the one thing her knows and knows really well, community organization via his national day of service.  Well, all of this is good in many ways but we are still realistically spinning our wheels over what happened and what to do next.

September 11th was something we never saw before.  The only thing close was Pearl Harbor.  The major differences were at Pearl Harbor it was a military on military attack and we know who did it, Imperial Japan, and we knew how to get revenge, war.  This attack was different, a stateless, faceless, loosely bound group of radical fanatics thusly we have had no way to deal with it – militarily, economically, nationally, emotionally, or personally.  Sure we have heard talking heads and ‘experts’ spew off this and that about motives, missed opportunities and warning signs, and even others who have gone too far is stating we deserved it (Van Jones, Rev. Wright).  This open ended lack of reason and acceptance have prevented closure more then the inability of our government to get the top leaders who authorized and financed the operation, the highest we got was the architect and initial planners.

Why am I bringing all this up?  Well, for one it needs to be and two, we have lost the meaning of the day just a few years after that day.  Yes, the families and survivors will never forget, and they will never forgive the results of that day.  For those who were there and witnessed the events and results of that day will also never forget or forgive those responsible.  My duties in the US Navy as well as tax payer funds paid for my training to understand and combat the intentions of fanatic terrorists, who are different then other terrorists, think IRA verses al Qaida.  I understand why they did what they did, the justifications and lies told to those who executed the act and those who assisted them.  Most Americans don’t and they should not have to either, but they should understand the amount of hate and ill will inspired this and that little if anything we can ever do will make those and the ones they inspired to ever stop.

In the case of Pearl Harbor it was easy to rally and solidify support of the entire nation against Japan.  This never happened with September 11th.  Sure, after the initial shock we had some common ground, but by January it was all gone as the bitter in-fighting and politicizing of the day and its aftermath began.  We had lost before we even started to fight.  Sure, we overthrew the Taliban in Afghanistan, bombed the crap out of some mountains and disrupted the networks of terrorists globally to such a degree they were forced to hide and go on the defensive.  Well, that ended quickly because we were fighting a new kind of enemy.  Our leaders had failed to explain to us the depth, length, and breadth these men and their associates were willing to go to destroy us.  They got side tracked with old scores, new opportunities, and personal vendettas.  This left a vacuum that took the solidarity out of the public and resulted in some of the bitter in-fighting we have seen across the nation since the Patriot Act.  We have lost trust and faith in our government and as a result we are now paying the price.

Those who lost their lives on this day, civilians, first responders, and innocent bystanders have thus had their sacrifice tarnished by our petty bickering and loss of focus.  Our country was attacked, our own symbols of strength and prosperity were taken down in front of us by using the very conveniences we took for granted, our lifestyle and freedom.  Our enemies were not attacking New York and Washington DC, they were trying to demoralize us and embarrass us to the point of giving up.  They want us to stay on our side of the ocean, stay out of the world’s affairs, stay out of the world economy, why, so they can fill the void and spread their message of hatred and fear.  This is the message that was lost.  We got side tracked over abuses of executive powers, letting politicians run wars, and trying to focus on enemies who did not need our attention at that particular moment.  We took our eye off the ball.  We have given the orchestrators of this horrific attack the upper hand and a victory.

Seriously, look at where we are today and where we were 8 years ago.  Some out there believe we can just say we are sorry, humiliate ourselves and apologize for past digressions and all will be forgotten and forgiven.  Well, that ain’t going to work, it will only embolden and encourage our enemy because they will then smell fear and weakness.  Strength is all they understand and respect, look at the historical record of the region.  We no longer are fighting against those who attacked us, most of us don’t even know who we are fighting, or why we continue.  We have disconnected from the war believing it is over because there is no symbol of the opposite side remaining.  Its hard to fight against an enemy that has no country, territory, economy, infrastructure, or tangible asset we can see, measure, and destroy.  The largest defeat is by our leaders who have decided to move past this issue because they feel it is now a back burner issue.  We have already hardened our defenses, made strides in securing our infrastructure to prevent a repeat of the exact same attack.  Well, our enemy is resilient and inventive, they will not use the same tactic twice.  Our ignoring them will not discourage them or convince them to go away.  We need to take this day, September the 11th, and use it as a day to remember those if lost their lives tragically, heroically, and unaware of why and we should remember it was all done out of pure hatred toward us as a people, country, and culture and those responsible will never concede or give up because they believe their fight is just and right.  It is of a basic primal fight, us and them.  We need to get our heads out of the sand and remember this on this day, else we invite a different attack, and if we allow that, it will be far worse for us all.

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4 Responses to Not your average 9/11 posting

  1. john says:

    There are different attacks on the drawing board in the states right now. There are jihad sleeper cells across the US and the FBI is in contact with most of them. The people of the jihad have one goal, destroy the infedels. They complete and total destruction of us.

  2. Grandpa Dewey says:

    You are right, we are fighting amoungst ourselves, I believe this is what the enemy wantsus to do, then when the time is right they will hit us from all sides. I have said it many of times before within ten years America will not b the same as we know it. It is not the same now as it was thirty, forty years ago.

  3. LAIRD says:

    Again I enjoyed the main theme of your blog, and as usual I have a \’but\’ or three!1. "think IRA verses al Qaida" – from where I sit there is absolutely no difference between the two killing machines – both bankrolled by american dollars at one point or another in the last 30 years, they kill civilians for sadistic kicks. 2. "we overthrew the Taliban in Afghanistan" – that must be news to our troops still fighting there!,The invasion changed one corrupt government for another – recent vote rigging, [ copying Bush\’s accession to the white house?], should not be a surprise to anyone. 3.The american people SHOULD be made to understand why, why why ! Because I honestly do not think you can do a "Vietnam" this time. The evil genie is truly out of the bottle – these insignificant tyrants have been put centre of the stage by successive political errors. For the first time in centuries they have a common foe! Whereas Europe took the brunt of Nazism, [Hitler was supported I might add in certain parts of the USA], America is seen as the focal point for there jihad. 4. As for "hardening your defences" – well getting a visa is 10 times harder – . . . but if crossing the southern border is easy for economic illegals a terrorist will ill intent would have no problem !! Or is that too cynical???

  4. John says:

    Thanks for the comments and points Laird, as always. I won\’t fault you on your fourth point. This differenced between the IRA and al Qaida is not in their goals, results, or even motivation, its in their means. While the IRA was willing to do what ever it took to get the job done, they were Catholics, loosly of course, and would not consider suicide a viable way of acheiving their end means. Al Qaida on the other hand is more then happy to manipulate their foot soliders into conducting numerous suicide missions as they have, no thanks to past US policies in the US since, and to be honest before, Carter. This practice is \’shocking\’ to most of the people in the West as we value life differently and do not have the levels of hopelessness that can be leveraged to rationalize such an act. And one last point on this point, the IRA was fighting to rule a specific country, the jihadists are fighting a holy war that can only end with the distruction of the West, and that my friend is traced back to Europe and the purge of the Moors from Spain after the Curcades, America can\’t be blamed for that one.On to your second point, prior to 9/11 who was in charge of and ruling ALL of Afghanistan, thats right the Taliban. We overwhelmed them and a more legitimate (notice I did not say legitimate) government took over. Sure we dropped the ball when we took out Saddam and his Bathist thugs but despite all the mess over the past 6 years life in Afghanistan is better now then under the Taliban, sure there is a war going on there now and yes people are dying, but (yes I have to use a but here or there too) women are much better off, there are more open and pationate debates, mostly civil, goind on and all the mess there now would not be reported, condoned, or tolerated under the Taliban who would rule with an iron fist that would have ended up killing more just to intimidate and maintain power. The reason there is still fighting there is, well Iraq. I feel that was done to have a stable platform from which to fight, too bad the best laid plans were never told to those in Iraq who resisted. We never should have lost focus and sight of Afghanistan and are paying the price now. Unfortunately for America, we have a very bad track record of Democrats able to finish a fight or even walk away with any dignaty, I hope this time is different on that one.One point number 3 we are in agreement, however it is not to avoid another police action style war but to get Americans off the illusion that people may hate the politics of the nation but still like the people. I know there are people in this world that hate the USA for every reason, some half way valid, some not. Some are envyous and wish they could have what we have, others just want us out of the way so they do what they want. There is ideological evil in this world and we, as a people, need to remember that. It has been too long since we left Europe and all its prejusdices and hatreds behind to remember just had bad it is. Heck over there you guys can\’t go a full soccer season without people getting killed just for being fans of one paticular team, much less what country, area, village, hair color, etc. We have our issues with race and gangs and such, but being so isolated between Canada and Mexico has isolated us too much from the hate and ill will of the world for our own good.Finally, if Mexico, or Canada for that matter, were such a viable avenue for terrorists then they would be coming here by droves. The rality of it is Mexico is one of the most devoute Catholic nations on the planet. A) Jihadists would stick out like a sore thumb B) Drug Cartel don\’t want US military next door to their operations, they are\’t as easy to deal with (bribe) as Federales C) They would drink the water and die before reahing the border D) How would they communicate with Mexicans, many Mexicans have problems outside of the big cities understanding each other. Seriously, you are being a little too cynical. Yes there is a huge gap, but Mexico is aware of this and so are we, as are the Jihadists. For whatever reason they are steering clear of this entry point. The point I was refering to, entry for people, shipping, etc. have given us a sense of false security and only marginally improved our defenses. We are still very vulnerable to an attack because we refuse to accept the reality of the situation, see #3. We have made it much more likely to stop another 9/11 style attack but that is useless against a foe who is constantly upgrading their plots and plans. The theme of the post is to say we, as Americans, have to remember the attacks, stop fighting amongst ourselves, and focus on the common foe and their tactics to defeat them. Otherwise we have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory because we have short attention spans and no will to see things through anymore. We as a nation have lost our core, our identity, our gumption, and our common ideology that binds us together.

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