And people wonder why consevative rallies are increasing

From a Milwaukee Conservative "tax payers" ralley the local newspaper quoted the ranking state Democrat with the following:

Mike Tate, the Wisconsin Democratic Party chairman, downplayed the impact of the tea party movement.
"These are extremist elements pulling together, distinct vocal minorities that frankly don’t believe in this country," Tate said. "They don’t want to see more people have access to quality affordable health care; they don’t want clean air and water. They fundamentally don’t understand how the American government, economy and capitalism work."

Liberals are classic, Democrats are priceless!  First and foremost, if people at these rallies, from tea party rallies to taxpayer rallies, are so un-American, un-patriotic, and don’t believe in the country of America then why are they calling for things that HELP keep America strong; responsible fiscal spending, business friendly regulations, fair media practices, having a represenative government and not appointed overlords who control things, a legislative branch who listen to those who elected them, strong leadership with clear objectives and plans and policies that do not spark trade wars, cower down to threatening states, and build ties through mutual agreements.  No these people are only exercising their constitutional rights, they have read the proposed legislations and agree that the measures are not in the best interest of their lives or the nation as a whole, how is that not believing in the country?  How does Mr. Tate know what conservative want?  He and his party refuse to listen to anything a conservative has said since Obama won the nomination.  Their party is now trying to institute conservative measures introduced last fall and trying to pass them off as new.  Who in America does not have access to quality affordable health care?  People who have been rejected by health insurance companies, and those who do not have a full time job that offers health insurance as a benefit, and finally those who do not want any for whatever reason they choose.  Of course we want affordable quality healthcare, but we want the market to do this through tort reform, cross state competition, and insurance company reform that works.  Now who on Earth wants to live in filthy air and water?  No one, so why make such an idiotic statement, because he is unaware that the resistance to Cap & Trade is based off of logic and not emotion, something many liberals can’t relate to.  Lastely, of course we know how America works, we know we have rights such as free speech, freedom of assembly, access to the government to address grievences right to bear arms, and that these rights are protected against the government BY the constitution, not provided by the constitution, read the wording, its there.  As for capitalism, we know very well how it works, its called unemcumbered business practices and free market trade where the best business cases and plans suceed and profit that drives more innovation and expansion.  Its the liberals who don’t understand by insisting government interference is required to make things "fair" through restrictions, regulations, taxes, penalties, and polities to hand government control of all aspects of a business instead of the prople who founded and grew the business.  EEO, affirative action, pay scale limitations, windfall taxes, union protections, etc.  The market is dominated by supply and demand, when the government tries to inject itself it messes things up, like cash for clunkers.  Later, after hearing critism over his public comments Mr. Tate released the following to Wisconsin Democrats:

Fellow Democrats,

Over the weekend I was asked to comment on the self described “tea baggers” who held an angry mob gathering in Milwaukee. (CNN Anderson Cooper came up with the term and its a refernece to a gay sex act.  No one is a self described tea bagger, that is a slander and leftwing term pinned by media arm of Obama’s administration, the main stream media)

Here is what I said: "These are extremist elements pulling together, distinct vocal minorities that frankly don’t believe in this country. They don’t want to see more people have access to quality affordable health care; they don’t want clean air and water. They fundamentally don’t understand how the American government, economy and capitalism work." (see above)

I meant what I said, and I’m not afraid to say it again. (there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity)

Just because you throw the biggest temper tantrum doesn’t mean you can silence the majority of Americans who want fundamental change in this country. (but it was ok for the last 7 years with people like Cher, Johnny Depp, George Cloney, and politicans as well as WTO demonstrators and people like Michael Moore who profit off of discontent.  No, all that was done post Obama, after Obama we reset all the history of the world.  All the shouting down, demonstrations, and violence done duing the Bush years was just A-Ok, because he was bad.)

History is riddled with examples of vocal fringe groups that have risen to oppose progress and success. From the red-baiting McCartyhyites to the Know-Nothings and the KKK, we have seen this story unfold many times in the past. Fueled by ignorance, racism and intolerance, these groups have done everything in their power to obstruct progress – often resorting to intimidation and violence.  (let’s talk about history Mr. Tate, the Ku Klux Klan was a relic of post War Between the States Reconstruction and was resurrected after D.W. Griffith’s 1915 movie The Birth of a Nation.  After WWI, the popularity of the Klan surged, and it became a political powerhouse in many regions of the country, particularly in the South, in the border states, the Mountain States, and the West.  Its local political strength gave it a major role in the 1924 Democratic Party National Convention. However, its participation was unwelcome by many DNC delegates, such as Catholics from the major cities of the Northeast and Midwest.  The tension between pro and anti-Klan delegates produced an intense and sometimes violent showdown between convention attendees, who were, yes Democrats.  It was the DNC who raised the KKK and gave it legitamacy in American politics from the thugs and racists it was initially started from.  How about ELF, the domestic terror organization who fight for environmental causes through violence and intimidation, recently they blew up 2 radio towers in a national forest in protest over land usage as well as their infamous SUV and home burnings.  How about the WTO demonstrators who trashed Seattle and contiune to bomb military recruiting stations, shoot soliders and plant bombs IRA style, and I am talking about in the last 3 years not Obama’s buddy Bill Ayres the Weather Underground founder turned professor and community organizer.  Least we forget the new Black Panthers who intimidated and threatened voters in November in PA and other states.  Or about the Demcratic Represenative from Milwaukee’s son going out and slashing tires of GOP campaign aide workers the day of the election to keep them from bringing people to the polls as they were doing, sure, its all a vast nationally coordinated effort by know-nothing racists who only want the very thing they are accusing your party of implementing in this country.)

We will not be intimidated, and we won’t back down.

This moment is too important. The American people voted for change in November, and our President is fighting to implement that change. We will not sit idly by while these extremists pretend to be mainstream Americans. Their views couldn’t be any more out of touch with average, working people. (Unfortunately the vast majority of them are average mainstream Americans as proven by interviews and your media constantly trying to debunk them, they can’t because unlike DNC sponsered and paid for demonstrations by labor and trade unions, PAC’s, and community organized events, these people are just fed up with the fawning press, radical leftist policies, and out of control spending coupled with arrogance of the legislature.  All of this is evidenced by falling ratings, subscriptions, and failing news outlets across the country, except for conservative slanted outlets – this isn’t healthy by the way.  No, these people have mostly never attended any political event in their lives until this spring and we are seeing more engaged citizens in government now then anytime in the past 60 years.  Mainstream Americans are not the radical leftist policy fawning sheeple you think, the sooner you realize that and tone down the hate speech and fear mongering rhetoric the better.)

One sign at the protest in Milwaukee over the weekend read “Obama, Osama: Both bombed the American people,” while right-wing, anti-worker pundit Michelle Malkin told those gathered “I’ve never been so proud in my lifetime to be part of this angry mob.”  (First off, you got the sign wrong Mr. Tate, it read "Obama, Osama, Both had Friends who Bombed America"  And that is from the FB pages of people from the Milwaukee rally and the susposed creator of the sign.  I have not found a picture of it, but I have seen similar signs during the November campaign.  Next, Mrs. Malkin is a NYTimes best selling author who is pro capitalism and worker, she is anti-union, anti-regulation, anti-excessive tax.  Next the comment was made as a response to the DNC constantly, and with aid of the main stream media, refering to conservative rallies as ‘angry mobs’, I guess Democrats don’t understand satire or scarcasim.  How is this any different then the First Lady’s ‘proud of this nation’ comment taken at face value?

What do Wisconsin Republicans think of this extremist rhetoric? As Republican candidate for Governor Scott Walker said over the weekend, “I’m with them.”

I have a message for Scott Walker and his extremist allies: You will find out soon enough that Wisconsin is not with you.  (To what Wisconsinites are you refering to Mr. Tate?  If you mean the teacher’s union, Mr. Doyle’s cronies, and the trail lawyers then you are right.  If you mean the majority of the voting public, well polls tell a different story.  Mr. Walker is just one of several prominate conservatives running for Governor, as well as Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke who was a speaker at the even, and is a black man to boot!)

You and I know that hate speech and misinformation isn’t what Wisconsin families need, and it’s not what America needs.  (Then STOP doing it yourself and demand your part stop doing so as well.  You have already stated 3 FALSE items above.  On this note, you know how many people have been arrested over the conversative rallies, 0!  If anyone were arrested for violence it would be plasted front page of USA Today, NY Time, LA Time, Washington Post, etc.  Instead all we have found in the media is people carrying guns, including a black man carrying a black assualt rifle, all of which was 100% peaceful.  The only violence and issues where when leftist DNC supported groups try to taunt and incite violence, like the liberal who bite off a senior citizen’s finger tip at a rally against health care, and he was not part of the rally, just asking for directions and to see what was going on.  Facts are a stuborn thing, so maybe you should not glaze over the past 7 years of history and try to resolve issues by being positive, not fearmongering and misinforming yourself.)

We need fundamental change in this country. And with your help the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will continue to fight back against this right-wing extremism.  (Ahhh, here it comes, the reason behind all this hyperbole, a sales pitch!)

Your gift of $5, $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford will help us cut through the incendiary rhetoric and move Wisconsin forward.

Together, we can rise above the scare tactics, temper tantrums, name-calling, and false claims to bring about the change we need.


Mike Tate Chair,
Democratic Party of Wisconsin

This exemplefies the degree to which the DNC is out of touch with mainstream America.  Are there racist elements within the anti-Obama crowd, yes, of course, just as there were extreme elements who bood Bush during his last inaguration, burned him in effigy in Seattle, and incited violence at events he attended.  The racist elements are small, less then 5% at the greatest.  The anti-American sentiment is rehashed GOP tactic utilized against those who did not support the war and anti-terror measures, quite effectivey.  Unfortunately this tactic does not translate well to domestic issues.  There is a big difference between people withhold war funds and people trying to stop runaway government spending and expanding into all sectors of our lives.  The DNC is trying its best to apply Rules for Radicals to the current conservative movement but it isn’t working well.  They continue to try to tie the people carrying guns with the Oklahoma City bomber.  They continue to try to tie in the anti-nazi signs at rallies to people supporting facists ideas in the crowds. 

As stated before the DNC is in trouble when they have to pull the race card.  They are doing this daily now.  The media can’t resist reporting on a race issue, they never have before and now it is more.  With sinking rating and dwindeling subscriptions they have to sensationalize the news just to keep from losing what they already have.  The messages coming from the DNC are mixed at best.  Carter is saying its all about Race, Obama is dismissing it.  Pelosi, Tate, and others are saying its about race yet all indications and evidance point to the contraty.  Despite things like record gun and ammunition sales, you are not seeing gun violence erupt at rallies, there is no FBI or Secret Service accounts about assination plots.  All the warnings are being blared 100 times a day, yet nothing is found to be going on that is illegal or wrong.  Obama’s slide in the polls has appeared to stop, but one partisan poll by CNN, one of the most liberal news agencies in America, is not enough to prove that.  

Obama won the election by less then 10% margin.  The change people voted for was accountability, transperency, and cleaning up Washington DC by getting rid of the insiders and changhing the way business was done, well let’s look a the results.  Obama has installed a record number of ‘czars’, over 30, yet his cabnet is nearly still 1/2 empty.  Over 10 appointees did not pay taxes until congress investigated them.  Only Chicago insiders and extreme radical leftists are getting key jobs capible of making changes.  Legislation is being rammed through the process without being read or even written.  Lobbyists are enjoying better days in DC then they had in 4 years.  The administration is out of sync with itself, basically having to throw the VP under the White House to keep from retracting every word he states.  The Secritary of State is making low level foreign policy appearances, while back door deals are the order of the day.  The only change people have seen in DC is from an extreme right wing foreign policy agenda to an extreme left wing domestic agenda.  Things like Obama getting into the New York Governor’s race by demanding the incumbent refuse to run to keep the state Democrat is leaving a bad taste in many people’s mouth.   Actions like this show a federal government trying to push itself and its policies down to the local levels, and this isn’t resonating positively with local Democrats who think they should make the choices for themselves, which sound American to me.  This is why people are upset, poll numbers are falling and the trust in government and media is at historic lows.  Why else are books like Malkin’s Beck’s etc. NYTimes best sellers despite never being reviewed by the Times?  The ‘Fairness Doctrine’ is back in the limelight because conservative talk radio is more popular then music programs now.  There are underlying reasons for this and the fact that the DNC is resorting to lying, cheating, and trying to regulate and legislate to stop it proves they are out of touch with the message.  That message is that their policies are NOT popular, they are NOT trusted, they are NOT resenating with main stream Americans, so why are they continuing to push them?  Al Gore made a good point during a presidental debate stating the defination of crazy was doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result, well, the DNC is doing just this now.  Mr. Tate needs to review what is going on across the state and the country before he opens his pie hole again and spewes the very things he is ranting against, hypocrite.


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  1. john says:

    Read the other day Hussien Obama would consider bailing out some newspapers…..a great thing, half of them liberal press the other half conservative press…a government mandate. chuckle.

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